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David Stockman Video – Watch! Watch! Watch!

November 17, 2014

If you want to understand where we are today economically, watch the above interview with David A. Stockman. As an informed pundit of economics and finance, I find this interview the BEST of 2014. Watch to learn about economics, finance, bubbles, politics, and human nature. I commend David Stockman for revealing the fundamental ‘truth’ of our situation. David was an insider in the Reagan Administration and he has an uncanny perception of how our Keynesian (Casino) system operates.

Personally, I have been teaching economics and finance for some 45 plus years. I have discovered that few pundits really understand how our banking, finance, system works. David A. Stockman is one who is revealing the insider knowledge which few discern or understand. Congrats to David A. Stockman for his revelations. Watch the above interview and think about what he is saying. I listened to this interview and find that it is the BEST of 2014 from all pundits which I have reviewed. Take the time to listen to this interview and watch a second and third time (if you desire to understand our situation). Have a good day! I am:

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