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Paper Gold is really ‘Cyberspace’ Gold! Why?

November 5, 2014

Today’s gold/silver commentators refer to two markets which govern prices of these metals. One is the PAPER market and the other is the PHYSICAL market. Is this the correct terminology for today’s markets? I would suggest NO! In reality, what we call the ‘paper’ market is really our digital/cyberspace market. Today, traders can dump tonnes of silver/gold on our electronic markets with no delivery. Many call this ‘uncovered’ shorts and/or ‘naked shorts’. Today, this is often done via an algorithm/robot and at select times during the trading day. Here is what Paul Craig Roberts recently stated: “The fact that the price of gold is determined in a paper market, in which there is no limit to the supply of paper contracts that can be created, produces the strange result that the demand for physical bullion is at an all time high, outstripping world production, but the price continues to fall! Asian demand is heavy, especially from China, and silver and gold eagles are flying off the shelves of the US Mint in record quantities. Bullion stocks are being depleted; yet the prices of gold and silver fall day after day.”

Screen-shot-2014-11-04-at-12.59.45-PM.png (634×428)

Notice that some 47 tonnes (16,559 futures contracts) of ‘naked shorts’ were dumped on the Globex electronic markets between 2 p.m. and 2:10 p.m. This so-called PAPER gold dumping is totally within ‘cyberspace’ (using our virtual cyber dollar as the pricing unit). We could also call this operation an ‘imaginary’ sale of gold as NO delivery (of physical) is involved.

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 1.01.51 PM

This chart shows another cyberspace dumping (probably via an algorithm trade) of some 25 tonnes and then another of some 38 tonnes. All this is computer driven and all is within cyberspace (our imaginary space now used for trading futures). These charts are from the website of: 

What we need to recognize is that we now live with TWO markets which create our prices for silver and gold. The so-called PHYSICAL market is currently a victim of our CYBERSPACE market (what many call the ‘paper’ gold/silver market). All the ‘prices’ for silver and gold are now derived from our ‘cyberspace’ markets and our ‘electronic’ trading. Much (most) of the volume of trades can now be executed via pre-programmed ALGORITHMS. The spot price of both silver and gold is now determined within our computer screens via our CYBERSPACE markets. These markets are electronic and contracts can be dumped in this ‘imaginary’ market to slam silver/gold PRICES. Who is aware of this? Did you know that all ‘prices’ are now metaphysical and within our CYBERSPACE  (electronic) markets?

Is it now possible for the ‘price’ of silver (let’s say) to go to ZERO? Could this happen now that ‘prices’ are determined within our computer screens (within cyberspace).? Answer is YES (but unlikely). In reality, our DOLLAR is now a cyber dollar (an imaginary unit) which derives from the Consciousness of our banksters. Cyberspace is an ‘imaginary’ space where most global currencies now trade. We call this the Forex markets. Some 5 trillion of cyber currencies trade daily within this ‘imaginary’ space. All global currencies are now mostly CYBER units (there is no ‘paper’ involved) and there is no ‘printing’ involved. Central Banks (like the Japan Central Bank) can create new CYBER units ‘out of nothing’ and ‘type’ these units into CYBERSPACE (where all banking accounts now reside). Were you aware of this? Cyberspace is where currencies trade and reside! Does ‘cyberspace’ have any physical substance?

In reality, all cyber currencies are ‘imaginary’ currencies and these units have NO physical ‘substance’. There is no physical location for these units as they DO NOT EXIST. Try to find/locate/discover/observe/hold a cyber dollar! Can we reach into cyberspace and ‘grap’ a cyber dollar? Where is it…in reality? Why do many THINK that our dollar, yen, euro, pound, krona, etc. EXIST? I would suggest that many THINK that these units ‘exist’ because we see ‘numbers’ (representing these units) within our computer screen. Look at your computer screen financial accounts (right now). Notice all the numbers which appear to represent your MONEY. Are any of these ‘numbers’ REAL (physical/material). I would suggest, NO! All of these ‘numbers’ (representing your MONEY) are within ‘cyberspace’ and ‘imaginary’. All these ‘numbers’ can be declared to be units of nothing (no longer legal tender).

What we now need to recognize is that our entire debt based Keynesian financial system (multi/multi trillions of cyber units) is within CYBERSPACE and all can be eliminated with one decision of our Central Banksters. All can go to ZERO with the click of a computer mouse and/or a Conscious decision of these Central Banksters. The ‘dollar’ price of SILVER and GOLD could go to ZERO. Prices are metaphysical! Prices are units of consciousness! Prices derive from human decisions! Prices are imaginary! I am now buying physical silver coins (1 ounce varieties) as these physical coins will still EXIST after the ‘price’ goes to ZERO (some time down the road). THINK and learn about the ‘nature’ of reality! Enjoy! I am:

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