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Thanks to Manipulation – Silver is a Buy!

November 3, 2014

Trading algorithms are dumping futures contracts (called ‘naked shorts’) on the realtime markets at record levels. Short selling of ‘uncovered’ futures contracts is slamming the ‘price’ of silver daily. This is bad for many, yet good, for me. I am now buying as much silver (in one ounce coin form) as I can. I do this as a matter of philosophical principle…not because I think silver will save our economy. Silver represents our historical money/currency. Thomas Jefferson and our Founding Fathers created a money/currency based upon the foundation of SILVER/GOLD. Silver ruled over trading and value until 1834. Then gold became predominant and silver played a secondary role. Today, we have abandoned this silver/gold foundation and created ‘imaginary’ cyber currencies (with zero value). This will end badly, however, the majority in our markets currently support these ‘imaginary’ cyber currencies. I, however, will not buy into this fantasy/casino mentality! Why?

This event is great for learning about all kinds of ‘automated’ trading strategies, algorithms, options trading, etc.!

The evolution of money/currency started with barter. Barter produced the concept which we call VALUE. Value was recognized as subjective and imaginary. This resulted in our markets creating MONEY. Money has always been a physical item (derived from Nature). It is only recently (1985-2014) where technology has produced computerization of our markets. Computerization has created what we call Cyberspace. Cyberspace has allowed our Centralized authorities to create cyber currencies from their inner Consciousness. Today, QE is a form of cyber money which evolves from the Consciousness of Central Bankers. Bernanke, Kuroda, King, Draghi and others have popularized this concept called QE. I call this concept Official Counterfeiting. Morality, however, is relative and QE is accepted by those in power. For me and many others, this operation is Counterfeiting!

Trading via the computer and via algorithms is what is now in vogue!

QE and/or Counterfeiting, however, does not produce any REAL wealth. All it does is DISTORT values and prices. We witness this in our global stock markets and we witness this with all the mathematical Algorithms now trading our cyber currencies. Algorithms desire changes in ‘prices’ so that cyber profits can be realized. Selling a commodity like SILVER short creates algorithmic profits. Dumping ‘naked shorts’ on the Futures market (now the electronic Globex exchange) creates cyber profits. Slamming the ‘prices’ of gold/silver/oil can also create huge cyber profits for select Centralized Authorities (or their proxies). Who is wagging the ‘tail of the dog’? Could it be select programmed ALGORITHMS? I think so! Algorithmic trading is now ubiquitous within the trading community. I soon leave for Las Vegas to witness this phenomena at the Money Show event.

Automated trading moves ‘prices’. Traders, today, focus on ‘price’ and ‘change’ in price! Profits emerge!

Trade Silver via a robot on the Futures Market! 

The latest commodity trading robot hits the streets in a couple of weeks and joins the recent fad of automatic trading tools set to help you make your millions. As with many of these tools, such as Amber, Bulletproof, Fap Turbo and GPS Robot, they provide an authenticated method of trading commodities on the Forex market. This latest tool has been developed by Antony and Ronald (and brought to market by Mark and Steve) who have been called trading robot guru’s over the past few years as they have specialized in this niche. As with many of these programs the claim is that you can sit back and make your money, with claims of high returns for little effort, which is of course, never the case. So here we take a closer look at the tool and see if it will live up to its’ expectations. See this web page:

Trading robots are more effective than live (human) traders! Why? We now have computerized markets!

The Las Vegas Trading Show will demonstrate live trading strategies and computer platforms which utilize mathematical Algorithms and robots for successful trading. The select traders of our Nation will demonstrate all the new strategies. Larry Williams will show how mechanical systems, traded automatically, on a trading platform has created a 90% accurate outcome. Yes, the trend today is towards ‘automated’ trading using algorithms, trading platforms, robots, and black box strategies. This video provides some detail on why our current automated markets are destined to fail: Watch and learn! We now live in a world of cyberspace, cyber trading, cyber currencies, and cyber finance. This is not understood. Manipulating ‘prices’ is the goal and strategy for making cyber profits. Silver is currently a victim. Enjoy! I am:

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