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Democracy and Real Freedom – mutually exclusive!

October 28, 2014

America votes again on November 4, 2014. Will the newly elected leaders create a better world for the individual (the general public)? Can real ‘freedom’ emerge from a belief system called DEMOCRACY? Thomas Jefferson didn’t think so! Another political entity which is promoting world ‘democracy’ is the Council of Europe. This group of 47 nations is holding their World Forum for Democracy, November 4-5: The Strasbourg World Forum for Democracy is an annual gathering of leaders, opinion-makers, civil society activists, representatives of business, academia, media and professional groups to debate key challenges for democracies worldwide. The insights gathered during the World Forum meetings inform the work of the Council of Europe and its numerous partners in the field of democracy and democratic governance. Do these forums and promotions actually lead to equality and justice for the individual, however?

More than 20 Korean Americans are running for election on November 4. This is America in 2014. Will these well-intentioned leaders create any real ‘freedom’ for all 320 million Americans, however? Can ‘democracy’ actually produce a ‘free’ world for our planet? What do you think? 

The Council of Europe consists of 47 countries (820 million people). They promote ‘democracy’! Is this leading to any real ‘freedom’ for the 820 million under their rulership? 

What we need to recognize is the underlying experiences produced by this belief system called ‘democracy’. Let’s define the concept of ‘democracy’. A democracy is a country in which power is held by elected representatives. We can continue with the recognition that usually some 51% rule over the 49%. This rulership creates special interests and group think for those in positions of ‘power’. In the United States of America we espouse the concept of ‘democracy’ and we currently have rulers who have 40% approval (President) and 9% approval (Congress). Does this represent what emerges from a belief system like ‘democracy’? America initially started with a belief system called a Republic. This so-called Republic was not a real democracy as the people did not choose all their representatives or the laws which governed over them. Yet this is what our Constitution desired for America!

Can a body of elite rulers (such as the Council of Europe) create any real ‘freedom’ for the masses (general public)? Can the elite rulers of America create any real ‘freedom’ for Americans?

America initially defined a Republic as: a state in which the head of government is not a monarch or other hereditary head of state. In fact, our first President was not publicly elected by the American people. Special ‘electors’ selected our President and subsequent leaders under this concept called a Republic. Thomas Jefferson viewed a pure ‘democracy’ (in contrast to a Republic) as a type of Mob Rule…as the uniformed public would usually select a leader who would create special ‘favors’ for select voters (at the expense of the majority). Voters tend to vote for ‘favors’ (usually economic favors) from rulers and this creates (over time) a type of Mob Rule for the general social community. Today, our leaders espouse this concept called ‘democracy’ but the results experienced (in realtime) are mostly a type of Mob Rule for special interests.

Personally, I agree with Thomas Jefferson. Democracy can not create a ‘free’ MIND or a ‘free’ individual! The concept of ‘democracy’ was rejected by America’s Founding Fathers! Why?

Currently, our elite rulers on this planet desire to promote the concept of ‘democracy’ as this allows the elite to maintain their control and rulership over the masses. It also allows these elite to promote their concepts of control over the society at large. There is no way that the general public can experience real ‘freedom’ under any type of ‘political democracy’. 6000 years of human experience proves otherwise! We can look at all the democratic nations on this planet (right now) and witness the confusion, mob rule, political corruption, economic corruption, and special favors created for those who bow to their selected rulers. Is this ‘freedom’? Does ‘political democracy’ lead to any real ‘freedom’ for the masses? I don’t think so!

What we witness on planet Earth are rhetorical expressions of ‘democracy’ from the elite but the people continue to suffer under these elite controllers/manipulators/rulers. We witness our Secretary of State, John Kerry, espouse more ‘democracy’ for Ukraine, Tunisia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. but what emerges from these elite rulers is more group think, subjugation of individual rights, criminal activities at the highest levels, political corruption via new laws not followed, and more economic inequalities for the overall society. Take the time to follow the new elections and then ask yourself if world conditions are improving for the masses. Can any real ‘freedom’ emerge from this belief system called ‘democracy’? Why this paradox? Why does ‘democracy’ not work and why is it a myth when experienced in realtime?

John Kerry espouses the rhetoric of ‘democracy’ but is rhetoric what the Mob elects rather than realtime results? How do we eliminate the elite from their positions of ‘power’ and ‘control’?

What we need to recognize is that rulers are mostly governed by their individual ‘human nature’. Human nature is selfish, flawed, and filled with hubris/pride. Rulership reveals both the light and dark side of ‘human nature’. If we reflect on our own leader/ruler/administration we can discern the paradox between ‘intention’ and ‘performance’. We witness ‘intention’ prior to an election. We witness ‘performance’ after the election. The Mob which elects a leader/ruler often falls for the leaders ‘intentions’. These ‘intentions’ get the elite leader elected. Thomas Jefferson and many other realtime philosophers recognized that the Mob will generally fall for ‘intentions’ and ‘rhetoric’. Words which are positive and progressive seem acceptable to the Mob.

Human nature (out of power) is mostly benign! Human nature (in power) reveals its hubris/selfishness/egoism!

Discernment and wisdom, however, is usually not evident within the Mob mentality which elects a leader/ruler. Personally, I fully agree with the mindset of Thomas Jefferson on his view that a ‘political democracy’ is really a type of Mob Rule. What great wisdom this man held! I would also state that a Republic is not a final belief system either. Both a Republic and a Democracy allow the elite to rule over the common man. What we really need to promote is SELF GOVERNMENT! Self government is where each person rules over himself/herself with NO political rulership over the MIND of man. The elite are removed from ALL power, control, rulership and the individual then becomes SUPREME! There can be no real ‘freedom’ without SELF GOVERNMENT! Give this concept some reflection and thought! Enjoy! I am:

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