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‘Cyberspace’ – not understood at Silver Summit!

October 25, 2014

I just completed my fifth visit to the Silver Summit in Spokane, Washington. The event was somber and many investors admitted that they had lost up to 70% of their mining stock portfolio in the past year. The speakers at this conference were realists and revealed a strong desire for reality and truth in their presentations. Personally, I appreciated this realism within these speakers! The one perception (which I noticed, however) which was lacking within the psychology and philosophy of every speaker was a clear understanding of the concept which we call CYBERSPACE. None of the speakers seemed AWARE that our ‘dollar’ is now a CYBER currency. None seemed to be aware that ‘cyberspace’ is NOT the same as space/time reality. All seemed to think that our ‘dollar’ is a ‘printed’ entity! Why this lack of perception? Let’s review and think about this new concept called CYBERSPACE.

It is easy to get LOST in cyberspace! This space is really ‘inner’ and not the same as our Space/time reality!

One speaker who seemed quite confused on the nature of cyberspace was Mr. Jeff Berwick. Jeff is a strong backer of an alternative currency called Bitcoin. Jeff admitted that he likes Bitcoin because it is outside of government control and is a currency which is within his BRAIN (it can not be held in one’s hand/lost/or stolen by a thief). He felt that the ‘value’ of Bitcoin was an objective factor which made this virtual coin a strong alternative currency. His perception of ‘value’, however, seemed confused. The other speakers on this panel (David Morgan, Michael Berry, and Christopher Marchese) who also spoke about alternative currencies did not question Jeff’s logic and/or his philosophy about the nature of Bitcoin. All seemed confused on the ‘nature’ of Bitcoin and the ‘nature’ of cyberspace. Why this confusion and lack of understanding? Let’s explore!

Jeff Berwick seemed confused about the ‘nature’ of cyberspace and Bitcoin! He viewed Bitcoin as within his Brain! Is this a correct perception? Also, what is an Algorithm? Are these concepts objective?

My personal sense (after asking many questions) is that all these speakers at the Silver Summit view our ‘dollar’ as a ‘printed’ currency (within their personal ‘mind’) and not as a ‘cyber’ currency. The ‘words’ coming from their libs were that our ‘dollar’ is being ‘printed’ (excessively) yet this currency is real and within space/time reality. Questions coming from the attendee’s also seemed to reveal this same perception.  I, personally, would challenge this perception of reality and this logic. In reality, ‘cyberspace’ is NOT within our space/time reality (i.e., out there) and we should actually view cyberspace as an ‘inner’ space (an extension of our inner ‘consciousness’). An alternative currency, like Bitcoin, is NOT within the same reality as our planet, moon, sun, or stars. Bitcoin (as our ‘dollar’ today) is now within a different reality (which we should call ‘virtual’ and/or ‘cyberspace’). Let’s define ‘cyberspace’ further!

Cyberspace can also be viewed as an ‘extension’ of one’s Consciousness!

Cyberspace:  the electronic system of interlinked networks of computers, bulletin boards, etc. that is thought of as being a boundless environment providing access to information, interactive communication, and, in science fiction, a form of virtual reality. The ‘virtual’ space created by interconnected computers and computer networks on the Internet. Cyberspace is a ‘conceptual’ electronic space unbounded by distance or other physical limitations. William Gibson coined the term in his novel Neuromancer (1982) to describe an advanced ‘virtual’ reality network. Comprised of hundreds of thousands or more of connected computers, servers, routers, switches, and fiber optic cables. It permits critical infrastructures to work effectively and serves as the “nervous system” of the global economy and societal health and wellness. This definition helps somewhat but it is still confusing to many!

Cyberspace governs our Global Worldwide (interconnected) Internet! Our financial system is also now within Cyberspace! Our mathematical concepts (such as ‘algorithms) are cyber operations!

What I am writing and doing at this very moment is presenting my inner conceptions and thoughts (my words) within ‘cyberspace’ and/or ‘virtual’ reality space (my computer screen). These thoughts and words are derived from my inner ‘consciousness’. I then ‘type’ my words and thoughts, via the keys of my computer, into this ‘virtual’ environment called cyberspace. You are now reading (within your ‘consciousness’) these very words and thoughts. This, to me, is a better description of ‘cyberspace’! What Jeff seems confused about is the ‘nature’ of this virtual space which we call ‘cyberspace’. Cyberspace, to me, is not the same as our space/time reality (our planet, moon, sun, and stars). What I observe in our space/time reality is actually ‘out there’ and is independent from my ‘inner’ space which I call my ‘consciousness’. Also, my Brain should not be viewed as the SAME as my inner ‘consciousness’!

The ‘outer’ universe is different from our ‘cyber’ universe!

My Brain does not store a virtual coin such as Bitcoin. I would suggest that it is my Consciousness (mind) which stores this virtual image and the underlying ‘algorithm’ which operates this virtual image (from computer screen to computer screen) within our global internet. Jeff seemed to think that email and Bitcoin are part of my ‘outer’ space/time reality (objective). In reality, however, all our global currencies today are virtual images (within our computer screens) and we trade and distribute these ‘pixels’ of light (at the speed of light) via electromagnetic frequencies. All our currencies are now ‘subjective’ creations (units of information) derived from the MIND’S of our banksters and their finance proxies. They are ‘typed’ into cyberspace/virtual space. Try to ‘find/locate/hold/exchange’ this virtual entity (called Bitcoin/dollar/pound/euro/yen) outside of your computer screen! Where is it? What is it? Is it objective or subjective?

Is Bitcoin within my/or Jeff’s BRAIN? Personally, I don’t think so! Bitcoin is a ‘virtual’ image which derives from my Consciousness (also called my MIND)! Bitcoin is actually a ‘unit’ of INFORMATION!

My sense is that all the speakers at the Silver Summit (including most of the attendee’s) did not fully comprehend the ‘nature’ of today’s financial markets/currencies/investments/index concepts. My sense is that they viewed cyberspace (email and Bitcoin) as an objective space similar to our space/time reality (sun, moon, planet, and stars). This perception I would challenge as a deception of logic and experience! Those who read this missive/blog can do their own thinking on this issue. What is ‘cyberspace’ in reality? Where is ‘cyberspace’ in reality? Is it the same as our ‘outer’ space (atoms, electrons, and sub-atomic particles)? Personally, I don’t think so! The ‘nature’ of cyberspace is mostly ‘inner’ and based on our ‘inner’ information (words, thoughts, ideas). If we desire to understand today’s CYBER MARKET, we need to re-think the ‘nature’ of our money/currency/index conception. In reality, I would suggest that numbers are ‘subjective’ and all of finance is now mostly within our CONSCIOUSNESS! Give this logic some thought on your own! Enjoy! I am:

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