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Apple Pay – reveals a new cyber technology!

October 25, 2014

Some 500 banks have signed on to the new Apple Pay technology. This technology allows payments to be made electronically and without any human contact. All I need to do is ‘wave’ my iPhone over a ‘reader’ and my payments are completed (via speed of light frequencies) over our interconnected global internet. Automatically my payments are deducted from my cyber account at my bank (now a computer operation). In fact, all banking and finance is now mostly electronic and completed via speed of light frequencies. Where is this leading for our global economic community? What is ‘money’ today now that ‘numbers’ within our computer screens have become units for all financial transactions? Is the biblical ‘mark of the beast’ here? Will cyber transactions control all money creation and payments systems? Will foreign trade now be accomplished via these ‘imaginary’ cyber currencies? What do you think?

Apple Pay is a new technology which appears to be the new payments system going forward. Is this a viable payments system? Does this technology now allow our Centralized Banking System to use a similar technology for their money creation operations? What do you think?

Apple Pay is so popular that 500 commercial banks have signed on to this payments system! Some 220,000 retailers have signed on!

We now have the technology to both ‘create’ our cyber currencies (dollar, euro, etc.) via computer keys (and/or speaking) and make our payments via a ‘wave’ of the mobile devise (say our iPhone). What a new World has emerged in just the past few years. Technology is changing all of economics and finance. But will this technology actually solve the functions which money is supposed to serve? Can an imaginary cyber unit (created from the consciousness of Central Bankers) work for international trade and commerce? Making cyber payments via speed of light frequencies within a Nation State is only part of the role which money must play. The real role of any money unit is as a proxy for wealth production (new value). Will China, for example, want imaginary computer digits (our cyber dollar) for all their physical products (that which we now observe at Wal-Mart, etc.)?

Wal-Mart has not yet accepted Apple Pay but alternatives which operate in a similar manner will likely be accepted. Currently some 220,000 retail firms have accepted the concept of Apple Pay!

McDonald’s will soon accept Apple Pay! Retailers are waiting in line to join!

Will Nations like Russia, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Germany, etc. desire money units which Central Bankers can create OUT OF NOTHING via their inner ‘consciousness’? Can mere ‘numbers’ within cyberspace solve these many functions of money? Historically, money has served as a ‘standard’ of value, a ‘store’ of value, a ‘medium’ of exchange, and a ‘unit for accounting. Can money from NOTHING…’typed’ or ‘spoken’ into a computer screen serve all these important roles and functions? Capitalism has been based on physical money units (silver coins, gold coins, bullion bars, and paper notes). This has been the history of Capitalism. So will the greater global marketplace accept imaginary (cyber) currencies for their natural resources and their wealth production? Personally, I could not ‘trust’ money which is ‘imaginary’ and derived from select banksters (operating in secret board rooms). What do you think?

Can Cyber Money work for international trade? Do foreign Nations ‘trust’ these imaginary currencies? What do you think? Will our foreign competitors want these computer digits as representation of wealth?

Should Central Bankers be allowed to create cyber currencies from their thinking? Does this promote confidence and fairness for those who produce our physical wealth?

Banking is now becoming a computer screen activated by speed of light frequencies! Cyber money has arrived! Cyber money can be created by ‘typing’ (or speaking) numbers into a computer screen!

As of today, our Central Banksters rule and control all money creation on our planet. These select administrators can funnel their cyber units (dollars, euros, etc.) to whomever they choose. Those with the ‘units’ can purchase wealth (physical production) from the marketplace. Those without these units are victims of the Centralized Banking Cartel who controls the monetary operations. Is this the type of Capitalism (which will promote prosperity) for our future? Who should rule over all our natural resource production and wealth creation? Should the hard-working laborers be slaves of our centralized rulers? Should 1% or less rule over all global economics and finance? None of this seems logical or philosophically sound to me. What do you think? Give this concept of cyber money some serious thought! Are there better alternatives for our future? Enjoy the thought experiment! I am:

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  1. October 26, 2014 12:04 pm

    New technology


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