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Silver Summit Opinions! Reviewed by DBS!

October 24, 2014

The twelfth Silver Summit conference was held in Spokane, Washington at the Davenport Hotel, October 23 and 24, 2014. Attendance was about 50% of last year (some 200 investors attended). The quality of the event, however, was the best ever (this was my fifth time attending). Speakers accepted many questions from the attendee’s and this made the event special. Hopefully, many of the speakers learned the inner thinking of the attendee’s (as many new ideas were offered by those asking the questions). Personally, I discovered that each speaker revealed some uncertainty…as a result of attendee questions. One speaker suggested that this 2014 event will be the last Silver Summit (as the markets will crash prior to next year). Following is a summary of some of the views presented at this conference:

1. Bo Polny, The silver/gold spike will be breathtaking. This spike will occur within the next six months (or less) with silver at over $48 and gold at $1900. By 2020, silver will be at near $300 and gold at $5000. This prediction is based on historical Cycles. The head and shoulders chart (now forming for the DOW) indicates a huge crash within the next year or sooner. Check out Bo’s website for additional details. Life is full of cycles that do nothing more than replay themselves at different price points. says: Bo Polny. Many well known pundits follow the cycle theory which Bo is presenting. I found his views creditable!

2. Bob Moriarty,  Buy cheap and sell dear. All markets are corrupt and manipulated. Bob says cyber money will eventually go to cyber heaven. He also views gold as money (not silver). He sees more inflation ahead although deflation is at war with inflation at present. Bob still thinks that the Fed is ‘printing’ money (he seems unaware of our cyberspace currencies).

3. Jeffrey Christian, CPM group:  Silver will increase in price to $20 – $26 within next year. Jeff’s overview of the silver market and its history was excellent. Jeff thinks that the physical market (gold/silver) sets the real ‘price’ of these metals. I don’t think many agreed with this view. Jeff did say that some 98% of futures trading is now electronic. This seems rather contradictory. Jeff views our economic growth as being sup-par with more deflation coming. Dollar will not collapse!

4. David Madge, A-Mark Precious Metals:  Silver demand is currently greater than supply. Our internet has increased demand and this will continue indefinitely. The American Eagle silver coin is in most demand and then the Canadian Maple Leaf. The greatest current demand is for the one ounce silver coin. Royal Canadian Mint is now on ‘allocation’ (demand creates this situation).

5. Michael Berry, Deflation is now more powerful than inflation. This trend of dis-inflation leading to real Deflation will continue for the next two years. Email him at: for a copy of his presentation. Michael speaks on a regular basis to our Federal Reserve Banking System. He says the Fed does not know what they are doing. Today, they desire understanding on the effects of higher interest rates. Michael likes silver and gold for the immediate future. He also claims that our silver/gold markets are being ‘manipulated’. The ‘motive’, the ‘means’, and the ‘method’ seems to be present.

6. David Morgan,  A big move to silver is now coming! 2014 is the stealth phase, 2015 is the awareness phase, 2020 is the mania phase, and 2024 is the blow-off phase. Silver is money! The derivatives market to blow-up soon. How should one sell their silver? Morgan says ‘spend’ it as you desire. The best investment is ‘in oneself’! David says silver/gold are not the real issue. Honesty and integrity are more important.

7. Gordon Pederson, medical doctor,  The Ebola virus is an RNA virus. The virus destroys a healthy cell leading to eventual death. 70% die from this RNA virus. This Ebola virus can exist in the air, water, and within semen. Our economy can be destroyed via this virus if it spreads rapidly. Gordon recommends silver compounds for prevention and better protection from this virus. Check out the above website.

My comments:   All the speakers were aware that our markets could crash and burn within the next 12 months. Some expected this crash prior to the end of 2014. Most viewed silver and gold as sound investments and many expect a huge upward ‘spike’ in the price of these metals soon. Most thought that we have seen the bottom in both silver and gold. Bob Moriarty claims that he predicted the low in gold on his 321gold website. David Morgan views silver as at a bottom with a huge upward spike in the near future. Jeff Berwick spoke without notes and no formal presentation. He viewed the summit attendee’s as somber (similar to a funeral event). He claims that Fema camps await many soon and he also said that there will be NO silver summit in 2015. Government is our problem according to Jeff. He advises to get ‘out’ of USA pronto and store your wealth ‘out’ of USA. He claims that his model on life and philosophy is derived from his mentor, Doug Casey. Jeff says Bitcoin is for real and he desires this alternative currency after the coming crash. He sees a non-violent revolution and a new system after the crash event is over.

Personally, I really enjoyed this Silver Summit and the small group which attended. I was able to ask many questions and I did learn some new ideas from this event. I now am convinced that we will have a major stock market crash coming soon. The bubbles must be ‘pricked’ and this will occur prior to the end of 2014 or early in 2015. I am also convinced that purchasing some physical silver is a wise move. Our ‘cyber’ currencies are very unstable and our electronic markets are impossible to monitor and control after the bubbles burst. Difficult days are ahead for those who are unprepared. For those who are well-informed and prepared, these days will be bearable. Watch the markets for the coming stock market crash. Prepare! I am:


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  1. October 24, 2014 10:13 pm

    Silver is precious.


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