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Algorithms bracket Silver Price! It’s quite easy/simple!

October 17, 2014

The past couple of weeks I have followed the silver price on The chart shows the realtime manipulations of the silver price from opening until closing. The ability of an algorithm to monitor and manipulate this ‘price’ is not complicated. Our Fed trading desks (also called the Plunge Protection Team) could accomplish this type of manipulation and also bracket prices of both silver and gold at predefined levels (if this is their policy). I have watched the prices of silver and gold on the live charts on my smart phone for many years. I watch as the price of silver attempts in spike up and how an algorithm slams the price down in milliseconds. The price is not allowed (it appears) to vary beyond the pre-programmed bracketed range. This type of bracketing is now possible, as a strategy/or policy, in our new cyberspace markets. Take a look at this chart from today?

Live New York Silver Chart [ Kitco Inc. ]

Notice this chart of spot Silver. Price has remained bracketed within a range ($17.23 to $17.48) for a full day. How is silver traded today? What determines ‘price’ in realtime? Why is this ‘price’ capable of being monitored and controlled? Do algorithms play a significant role in setting these ‘prices’? Can an algorithm bracket the silver ‘price’? Check out: Trading can be done on ‘autopilot’!

The Silver Chart (see link above) shows the consistency in price level over an entire day. What can control ‘price’ so consistently in realtime? Who can call this a free market price? Who can call this a price created via Supply/Demand derived from real negotiation by people? What creates all our ‘prices’ today is our cyber $ (dollar) and this $ (dollar) is manipulated within our computer screen daily by algorithms and computer robots. Our preprogrammed computers (now using mostly algorithms for all trading transactions) has preempted our free market system of real people negotiating our prices. Machines and math now RULE over all markets and over ‘price discovery’. Few seem to discern the nature of our cyberspace markets, our cyber dollar, and our algorithmic foundation to all trading and price discovery. Algorithms now make up some 70% of all trading volume in most markets. We live in a machine driven world! Watch this video from TED (some 3.2 million viewers have watched):

The above platform is a first for commodity trading (silver and gold are best performers). This is done via an automated robot! All trading is now trending towards algo’s and robot’s. Why?


An algorithm is based totally upon math and numbers. Most trading today is done via algorithms at the speed of light! Have you noticed all the APPS on your smart phone? What controls these APPS?

Black Box trading is another name for Algo Trading. This type of trading breaks-up trading into small segments to hide what is actually happening. Our high-speed computers allow for all this trading manipulation. The recent Flash Crash was caused mostly by computers acting on the advice of algorithms and math embedded within the software. Human beings can now go out to lunch and let their computers trade and manipulate our cyber prices. There is no realtime oversight to what is happening today. The preprogrammed algo’s determine what parameters to follow and when to buy/sell/short/cancel. The speed of light creates the means for instantaneous price manipulations in realtime. Follow a realtime chart of silver or gold to ascertain how this works! The sophistication of new algo’s makes in possible to monitor ‘price’ changes and bracket price levels.

Algo trading is also called Black Box trading. All is done via math and preprogrammed software. Prices, today, are determined by our computers and the strategies used by our computer trading desks. Who has unlimited access to cyber dollars for trading? Who operates policies like QE in realtime?

Millisecond and microsecond are the time frame in which algo’s operate. A few microseconds can change a ‘price’ and the ‘profits’ which a trader realizes from a transaction. A deal can now be executed in a few microseconds and then cancelled if a trade does not follow the preprogrammed algorithmic diagram. Today, a high-speed computer trader can operate their trading operation from practically anywhere on our planet. Our entire internet is now a global cyberspace system (interconnected and operating 24/7). What we call ‘money’ today is not a physical item…but a metaphysical unit within cyberspace. Today, we have a Cyber Dollar, a Cyber Pound, a Cyber Euro, a Cyber Yen, etc. Most global currencies are now within CYBERSPACE. Who understands? We now live in a new world of mobile smart phones, mobile tablets, mobile phablets, laptops, and millions of daily high frequency mobile transactions. Our Cashless society has arrived and few seem to discern what has happened in recent years!

Our monetary system is now Global and mostly within Cyberspace. Cyberspace is metaphysical space. We can also called cyberspace an extension of our collective consciousness! Cyberspace is NOT like our outer Space/time universe! It has NO physical constituents or material aspects! It is mostly an INNER space which appears OUTER when we look at our computer screen!

The nature of Cyberspace is not understood by hardily anyone who I talk with. What is Cyberspace (in reality)? Do you understand that cyberspace is metaphysical? Do you discern that cyberspace is an extension of human Consciousness? Do you discern that our Cyber currencies are metaphysical creations? Where do these metaphysical creations derive from? Who types these units into our computer screens and why? Who understands the operation which we call QE? What is this operation and why is it implemented to distort and manipulate global markets? Who actually does the manipulations in realtime? Where are these manipulations done in realtime? Do Central Banks play a role in all this? Which Central Banks are mostly involved? Why? These and many more questions need to be understood! Enjoy for now! I am:

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