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Collapse $ or ‘new’ Counterfeiting $$$ – only alternative left!

October 14, 2014

Those of us who have watched the bubbles in our stock market and our real estate markets (these past 6 years) recognize that QE (what I call official ‘counterfeiting’) was the primary CAUSE for these bubbles. Our esteemed Fed Chairman, Ben Shalom Bernanke, bowed to the dictates of Wall Street (2008 -14) and their casino mentality and introduced ‘official counterfeiting’ of our currency unit to create these bubbles (2208 – 2014). We might add that the Bond and Derivatives markets are also in a huge bubble as a result of Bernanke’s past QE policies. Trillions of counterfeit dollars (now Cyber dollars) were created ‘Out of Nothing’ to blow up these financial bubbles. The day of reckoning is now approaching fast. Unless Janet Yellon, our current Fed Chairwoman, chooses to create another QE (counterfeiting) program of massive proportions, these BUBBLES will pop Big-Time (most likely before year-end 2014). 2015 could reveal the fragility of the 2008-2014 Fed policies for everyone to discern!

This image could emerge Big-Time later this year! Most Americans are not awake to our fragile markets!

Will our lady Fed Chairperson desire to create another multi-trillion $$$ QE (counterfeiting) operation for our markets? The Bernanke QE program is soon to end and Janet claims that she has no hesitancy to “stimulate’ our economy if needed. Her words, however, could be hollow as starting another multi-trillion QE operation would not be viewed as sound policy by most politicians or by our consumer economy. The Bernanke policy is now viewed as fatally flawed and the results prove this perception to be correct. So my sense is that Fed Chairperson Yellon and her advisors (mostly Stanley Fischer) will NOT choose another QE (counterfeiting) operation! If I am correct with this ASSUMPTION, than we will likely witness our existing Stock Market crash and burn prior to year-end 2014! Time will tell! What will traders do and think going forward?

Yellen and Fischer are the Consciousness behind our Central Planning Fed! What are they ‘thinking’?

Traders are now using a strategy which makes a lot of sense. Most astute traders are now trading during the day in realtime and then selling all their shares (realizing their profits/losses) prior to the closing of our markets. This strategy has been employed by a small fraction of traders for many years, but now it appears that this strategy is growing. The report today (CNBC) was that many traders and hedge funds are now selling all their trades prior to the closing of our markets to preserve their wins/losses in cyber cash …until the next trading day! Trading ONLY in realtime and when the markets are open is their strategy…and this makes a lot of sense to me. If this strategy continues, this means that an Index like the DOW may have difficulty developing any momentum going forward. We will need to watch and see what happens as confidence wanes and our problems grow exponentially!

Practically all our stock exchanges and futures exchanges are now ‘electronic’! Computer trading has replaced people trading! Algorithms and High Frequency Trading are now ubiquitous…globally!

The BIG change in our markets these past 15 years has been computer/electronic trading. We now have realtime speed of light trading where computers (not real people) do most of our trading. Computers like ‘algorithms’ and pre-selected programs which have no emotions. Computers now do the bulk of our trading and practically ALL of our markets are now Electronic markets. I can ‘click’ my mouse button to buy/sell/option/put/call/short, etc. If I desire to trade phantom contracts (what many call the ‘paper’ market) I can execute ‘naked shorts’ and similar strategies to effect PRICES of commodities, stocks, ETF’s, bonds, interest rates, values and trends. Our markets have evolved into CASINO markets where betting on PRICE CHANGES is the goal for most traders. So what are PRICES today as compared to prior economic periods (prior to our cyber/electronic markets)?

A click of the computer mouse executes a trade today! The transmission of an electronic signal creates the trade! All this is accomplished at near the speed of light! What a change from the 60’s and 70’s!

Today, our ‘prices’ are metaphysical creations. Now that our pricing unit (the dollar) is a non-thing (a cyber unit within cyberspace) we experience ‘prices’ which can be manipulated via computer strategies. We have witnessed this phenomenon big-time in the gold/silver markets. These markets have evolved into TWO distinct markets. The so-called PAPER market (really a digital/cyber market) has become the primary ‘price discovery’ mechanism for the ‘spot’ price of gold and silver. The real Supply/Demand market for silver bars, coins, bullion has been subservient to this phantom PAPER market. This has created a market where ‘prices’ for silver and gold can be manipulated daily (in realtime) via trading strategies (like the ‘naked short’ strategy which is being used in our Futures markets).

Trading and manipulation of PRICE creates cyber profits! This is now done via algorithms, naked shorts, and similar trading strategies! All is done in realtime via the computer!

China, India, Russia, and much of Asia has benefited from this ‘price discovery’ charade (within our cyber/electronic markets). The CME Globex electronic market is where much of this price manipulation takes place. American gold/silver investors, however, have suffered from this charade as prior investments in the gold/silver markets have tanked some 70% or more in the past three years (due to the ‘naked shorting’ strategies used by our elite Authorities to smash realtime prices). Check out this website for current realtime evidence: Currently, the price of Silver is only $17.38/ounce and the cost of production for silver is now well over $20/ounce. Why this disconnect? It’s all MANIPULATION by those in positions of power who desire that these precious metals not expose their COUNTERFEIT cyber currencies (dollar, pound, yen, etc.) which get created OUT OF CENTRAL BANK CONSCIOUSNESS…also called  out of THIN AIR…also called out of NOTHING!

Realtime trading can smash a commodity price in milliseconds! Electronic trading via Globex is one example!

Yes, folks, we have a very corrupt and dysfunctional economic/financial non-system. This non-system will SOON collapse and crash as the ‘foundation’ is built on SINKING SAND! Are you aware of this? Can you discern that our SYSTEM is totally corrupt, dysfunctional, and logically insane? How many financial pundits recognize these realities? I know a few who I respect for their integrity and logic. Personally, I follow these pundits: and I also follow opinion websites which I have listed as ‘links’ within my Blog. Now is the time to get yourself educated on our cyber markets and all the shenanigans so you can voice your own personal opinion. Enjoy! I am:

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