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Philosophy 101: Ideas – Beliefs – Behavior!

October 9, 2014

Let’s think about how the World Works (including for you and I) given that which we have experienced these past 6000 years of human history! How do our ‘belief’ systems emerge and how does behavior develop from a ‘belief’ system. The Big Three belief systems (I will ignore Humanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Atheism for now) are:  Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These three belief systems (now consisting of some 3.9 billion people) developed after ‘ideas’ were revealed to select leader’s. Moses, Yeshua (Jesus), and Muhammad were the leaders chosen for a revelation of select ‘ideas’, which then evolved into select ‘beliefs’, which then evolved into select group ‘behavior’ (all expressed in realtime events…now and over many millenia). Some 55% of all people’s on our planet are partial or serious followers of these three men! This is a substantial following!

Ideas and Beliefs create followers and this leads to specific Behaviors! All this derives from the Metaphysical Realm! Are you aware of this? Ideas are NOT matter/energy! They derive from one’s Consciousness!

The ‘ideas’ derived by Moses came from the ‘metaphysical’ realm (the higher spiritual cosmos). We call these ‘ideas’ the: 10 Commandments (among others)! The ‘ideas’ derived by prophet Yeshua (Jesus) also came from this same ‘metaphysical’ (spiritual) realm. We call these ideas: The Golden Rule (among others). Finally, the ‘ideas, derived by the prophet Muhammad also appeared to be from this same ‘metaphysical’ (spiritual) realm. We call these ideas: Submission to Allah (among others). All these metaphysical ‘ideas’ evolved into ‘beliefs’ and then into group ‘behaviors’. What happens when these ideas are revealed and codified is still evolving as I write this missive! The Torah, the Bible, and the Quran are the codified words which we now use to derive meanings for our behavior today! Are these metaphysical ‘words’ still valid for today’s world? Let’s continue!

Yeshua (Jesus), Muhammad, and Moses each received revelations from the Metaphysical Realm! This is what they claim and some 3.9 billion followers mostly agree!

Gradually over time the cultures and people’s who adopted these ‘ideas’ (derived from the spiritual realm of reality) and the resultant ‘beliefs’ which developed from the ideas…further developed into select behaviors for the groups which adopted these ideas and beliefs. Jews desired to follow their ideas/beliefs/God and this has resulted in specific behaviors which we witness even today in realtime events. Christians desired to internalize their ideas and beliefs , derived from their prophet/Messiah, Yeshua (also called Jesus), and this has resulted in select behaviors for this group (now some 2.2 billion people globally). And Muslims who internalized the ideas and beliefs of their prophet, Muhammad, developed select behaviors so that these ideas and beliefs could be realized (now some 1.6 billion globally). What we need to recognize is that ‘ideas’, ‘beliefs’, and ‘behaviors’ are related and each evolves sequentially over time (in subjective ways, manners, and directions)!

The Bible, The Quran, and The Torah were codified (primarily) from prior words revealed to three select prophets! Moses, Yeshua, and Muhammad claim to be the prophets selected by the Most High God!

The current war, fighting, and confusion over in the Middle East (which recently escalated with the emergence of ISIS) is the continuing ‘ideological’ conflict which has been happening since the ‘founding’ of the original ‘ideas’. Ideology (ideas) create our beliefs and then our resultant behaviors (what are your ‘beliefs’?). What we need to recognize is that ‘ideas’ and ‘beliefs’ are metaphysical realities which can not be eliminated via missiles, drones, bombs, guns, swords, and beheadings. We now have some 6000 years of realtime history to reflect upon. Have any of our past WARS and KILLINGS (resulting from ideas/beliefs) resolved or solved the issues which developed from these revealed ‘ideas’ and ‘beliefs’? I don’t think so! All the MIGHT of Nations and Super-Powers can not eliminate the core ‘ideas’ and ‘beliefs’! Why is this so?

The Beliefs of ISIS derive from prophet Muhammad. Later the Caliphate emerged after his death in 632 A.D. Why do many hard core Islamic believers desire a Caliphate? Do you know the reason?

Ideas and Beliefs are NOT matter/energy/material/physical ‘things’! Ideas and Beliefs are METAPHYSICAL (also called spiritual)! Are you aware of this? Jews have their ideas and beliefs and we witness their behaviors daily. Christians have their ideas and beliefs and we witness their behaviors daily. This applies equally to those who believe the Islamic faith (derived from Mohammad). All the current strategies by the Obama and Coalition forces to ‘defeat, degrade’, and ‘destroy ISIS (a set of ideas and beliefs) is mostly fruitless…as killing physical bodies does not eliminate the underlying ‘ideas’ and ‘beliefs’ of the strong adherents to this FAITH. Obama is the President of the Super Power State called the United States of America.  Can this Super Power eliminate (degrade and destroy) core spiritual ‘ideas’ and ‘beliefs’ (held for millenia) via drones, bombs, missiles, and guns? History says ‘absolutely’ NO!


Can Obama and his military coalition solve the ‘ideological’ issues within a person’s Consciousness? I don’t think so! That which is non-physical (our ‘ideas’) can not be destroyed with drones and missiles!

What is now happening over in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, etc. is an attempt to solve a millenia old problem (our differing core ideas, beliefs, and behaviors) via a philosophy of MIGHT makes RIGHT! This, to me, is fruitless and history demonstrates that strongly held ‘ideas’ and ‘beliefs’ can not be eliminated via killing the messengers and their offspring. Yes, killing the leaders and the strong believers of a Sect within a belief system may, temporarily, solve some issues of behavior (say the beheadings) BUT the core hard ideas, beliefs, and behaviors will continually reemerge in time. All these belief systems go back to the original Founders (the prophets/messengers). These messengers are long dead and gone, yet the ‘ideas’ prevail within the consciousness of the followers. Wouldn’t it be much ‘wiser’ to challenge the ‘ideas’ and ‘beliefs’ via debate, dialogue, and discussion?

ISIS and their strategies of MIGHT are just as ‘fruitless’ as that of America and their MIGHT makes RIGHT philosophy! Neither can work positively to create meaningful change!

This philosopher assumes that he knows that which is ‘reality’ from that which is a ‘delusion’! Isn’t it time to eliminate past ‘illusions’ and ‘delusions’ via a search for Truth? Wouldn’t this be more ‘positive’!

Would not non-violent conversation and open discussion be a better strategy for dealing with all these core ‘ideas’ and ‘beliefs’? I am willing to alter my ‘ideas’ and ‘beliefs’ when I recognize a better ‘idea’ or a better ‘alternative’. I think every leader would certainly entertain a conversation about their core ‘ideas’ and ‘beliefs’ and why they hold these beliefs. Reality is mostly subjective yet I do change my thinking when I am confronted with ideas which are more sound and more real. I would think that others would do likewise. The current mindset of our political/military leaders seems destined to make conditions globally MUCH worse. The philosophy of MIGHT makes RIGHT needs to change. Think about the ‘nature’ of our ‘ideas’ and ‘beliefs’. They are METAPHYSICAL (spiritual). Are you aware of this? I am:

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