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Kingdom Economics – a BETTER solution going forward! Why?

October 7, 2014

Our current economic system is so corrupt and illogical that there is no reason any freedom loving person should support this corrupt system. Our policymakers, at the highest levels, are now promoting totally immoral monetary/economic activities. Quantitative Easing (really official counterfeiting of our currency unit) is one of these immoral and corrupt operations. Manipulating ‘prices’, ‘interest rates’, and ‘liquidity’ via a hardware machine (such as a high-speed computer) is another corrupt operation…as select centralized administrators perform these operations for purposes of manipulating results. Trading ‘imaginary’ assets and derivatives (such as credit default swaps, naked shorts, spoofing, and put/call options on the futures market) are additional examples of illogical operations and fantasy trading. Why do we desire to support these types of corrupt systems for our planet? How can any of this be called Capitalism or sound economics? Makes no sense to me!

Money is a really a ‘tool’ for creating WEALTH…it is not ‘wealth’ in itself! Are you aware of this?

Our Founding Fathers of economics (Adam Smith, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, etc.) would not view any of our current Central Bank operations as legitimate or representative of sound economics. What has evolved over the past 40 years are operations which have no real basis within space/time reality. How can ‘imaginary’ units/cyberspace digits (say, our current dollar) be viewed as sound economics? That which is ‘imaginary’ is totally ‘subjective’ and plays into the Centralized operations of a select group of manipulators (today’s banking cartel). What has emerged since the closing of the ‘gold window’ are operations which have no sound basis within our space/time reality. Are you aware that Capitalism was originally based on materialism (real physical ‘things’)? Yes, Capitalism, and Wealth Creation was totally based upon materialism (not virtual/cyberspace images as we witness today within our computer screens).

The goal of economics is the production of physical WEALTH! Money is merely a ‘tool’ to help with this result! We all could accumulate millions of cyber units $$$ and end up starving (if our farmers quit producing)!

Capital describes machines and the means of production. Think of a farming operation. Farmers use plows, planters, combines, and harvesting machines to create our FOOD (real economic Wealth). All these items come under the label of CAPITAL. Capitalism is based on CAPITAL and machines (the ‘means’) which produce real physical WEALTH for our marketplace. The role of MONEY (within Capitalism) is to help with this creation of material WEALTH (food, clothing, shelter, and transportation). Money is merely a ‘tool’ which assists with creation of economic WEALTH. Money plays the role of ‘valuing’ wealth, ‘exchanging’ wealth, ‘distributing’ wealth, and ‘storing’ wealth. Think of money as merely a ‘tool’!

Farmers are an example of the origin of economics! Food, clothing, and shelter are First Principles of Economics! Money is merely a ‘tool’ for assisting with the creation of basic wealth!

When I labor in the field and help others to produce new wealth, I receive MONEY as a proxy for the ‘value’ which I have helped generate. Money rewards me for my labor and then acts as a STORE of the ‘value’ which I helped to create. In other words, money is merely a ‘tool’ which helps me to labor (work) and produce (wealth) for the marketplace. Money, however, is NOT wealth. Money is merely a ‘tool’ for assisting in the creation of real/material WEALTH (for the marketplace). Are you aware of this? What are we doing today is a corruption of this principle. Why can’t our educated economists discern this reality? It is shocking to witness the mindset of today’s educated economists as they speak and recommend new policies! Where is their sense of economic history?

QE is really a form of ‘official’ counterfeiting! Money is created merely by ‘typing’ numbers into a computer! Paper currencies are now obsolete as today’s money is mostly within ‘cyberspace’! Who understands?

Today, Central Bankers are creating ‘imaginary’ units of currency and calling these ‘imaginary’ units WEALTH. This is a total distortion of economic reality! Money (an invented concept) is metaphysical in nature (derived from our consciousness) and when we accumulate these units we should NOT view these units as economic WEALTH. Subjective units of nothing (our cyber currencies for example) should NOT be viewed as forms of real WEALTH. When our Central Banks (Yellen, Draghi, Carney, etc.) create new QE units (merely digits typed into a computer) we should not view these ‘imaginary’ units as WEALTH. We can not ‘eat’ these digits. We can not ‘hold’ these units in our hands. We can not ‘observe’ these units in space/time (with our eyes). And we can not ‘store’ these units as representations of our labor and work effort (in physical space/time).

This is a great image of how QE (today’s cyber money) emerges from a Central Banker! It’s derived from Consciousness! Units (symbols, numbers) are ‘typed’ into a computer screen!

What we have today is a corrupted system which bears little semblance to our realtime economy which emerged from our historical Founders! Are you aware of this? Kingdom economics is based on realtime (now) reality! The goal of Kingdom economics is to create real physical WEALTH for our entire planet (all seven billion human beings). This goal means that we all need to get educated on the FIRST PRINCIPLES OF REAL ECONOMICS! First Principles must be understood and internalized if we are to solve the problems of WEALTH CREATION! What are some of these First Principles? If we desire personal freedom and real growth, we need to promote a DECENTRALIZED economic system. Everyone needs to be part of the Wealth Creation process! Today’s system is totally CENTRALIZED! Are you aware of this?

First Principles of Economics focuses upon real needs and items which create prosperity for everyone!

A Centralized System creates operations where ‘manipulation’ and ‘corruption’ is the only policy for promoting economic growth and progress. Central administrators (planners) can not discern what the entire global marketplace needs and desires! Central administrators can not discern the unlimited wants, desires, and goals of some seven billion independent persons. Centralized administrators can not distribute our economic wealth fairly or efficiently! Centralized administrators can not promote a diverse or creative marketplace which appeals to everyone! Centralized Administrators (planners) are subjective, limited, and unaware of the unique mental interests of a diverse society! Centralized administrators must ‘manipulate’ and ‘distort’ that which they create and promote (it’s endemic within this type of hierarchy)! Are you aware of this?

A Centralized System puts the ‘elite’ administrators at the top and the PEOPLE at the bottom! Kingdom Economics reverses this pyramid! People comes FIRST!

Kingdom Economics is a decentralized SYSTEM of people. People come FIRST. Growth emerges from the PEOPLE. Money is not CENTRAL (or necessary). Prosperity, growth, and freedom are CENTRAL. Kingdom Economics is based of a philosophy of individual FREEDOM and a DECENTRALIZED marketplace! Small is beautiful is the philosophy of Kingdom Economics! The individual comes FIRST in the philosophy of Kingdom Economics. Centralized Rulership is eliminated! Centralized manipulation is eliminated! The goals of Kingdom Economics put PEOPLE first and then production emerges from the PEOPLE (and their interests). Money is not really necessary within Kingdom Economics! Wealth can be created in ABUNDANCE without any MONEY! Are you aware of this? Give Kingdom Economics some reflection at your convenience! It’s the BEST solution for our future! Enjoy and think anew! I am:

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