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Europe implements BIG TIME ‘counterfeiting’! Why?

October 5, 2014

The ECB (European Central Bank) has approved an operation of Big Time Counterfeiting (called ‘quantitative easing’) to pump up their economy (hoped for inflation and a new wealth effect). At the same time, America (our Central Bank), is winding down their $3.5 trillion ‘counterfeiting’ operation (QE). Why this dichotomy? It appears that the Bernanke ‘counterfeiting’ has not received wide-spread approval (among our politicians)…for this illegal operation. Yet Mario Draghi, at the ECB, now desires to create an image of doing something so that asset Deflation (within the Euro Market) does not develop. Draghi now plans to buy mortgages, bonds, and junk assets to pump up his economy with more debt and borrowing. Is any of this sound monetary policy? Does this policy create a growing/prospering economy?

Today, paper notes have been replaced by ‘typed’ in NUMBERS into the Central Bank Computer! This image is actually rather deceptive and out-of-date! Cyberspace is now where our currencies reside!

What Draghi is now doing is technically a ‘moral hazard’ and it sets a horrible example for the global markets. How can our justice system prosecute all the illegal trading (naked shorts/spoofing/etc.) when the highest level administrators resort to illegal ‘counterfeiting’ of their National cyber currencies. The Bernanke QE operation created more debt, price distortions, and inequality throughout the consumer markets. Yet, these ‘wise’ men running our banking CARTEL seem to have no real concern or morality when it comes to setting an example for the broader markets. Does any of this make any sense…economically, politically, or intellectually? Personally, I don’t think so! All this illegal activity at the highest levels demonstrates that these policymakers do not have any concern for the mass consumer markets or their interest (in the longer term)!

Central Bankers have replaced historical Capitalism when it comes to our marketplace activities! Centralization of our currencies (within cyberspace) means Central Planning going forward! Capitalism is essentially OVER, however, few are aware or concerned!

Some of this illegal ‘counterfeiting’ behavior (under the euphemism called QE) will prove to be very temporary relief and this relief will set-up the markets for further stress, distortions of value, and contrarian policies…which only makes our problems much worse! The total number of U.S. commercial banks have declined from over 18,000 in 1985 to some 6,900 today. This small number is a result of mergers and acquisitions (mostly since the crisis of 2008). Globally, there are some 30,000 commercial banks which create our cyber currencies, lend our cyber money, and operate trading desks which manipulate our asset prices and values. We now have a global cyber monetary system which is totally computer driven. Currencies are traded, lent, spent, and invested via speed of light transactions (all via pulses of light and high-speed electro-magnetic frequencies). We live in a new world of cyberspace when it comes to our money and our monetary transactions. Who is aware!

Speed of light transactions and our high-speed computers drive all our global markets! Machines rule over mankind! Is this Capitalism? I don’t think so!

This type of marketplace is ideal for our high level banking administrators to manipulate in realtime. Today, our Central Banks manipulate interest rates, asset prices, and liquidity transactions. All this is done via the computer and within realtime, 24/7. All our primary Stock Exchanges are now electronic exchanges. Practically all of our commodity trading and resultant prices are determined within our computer screens. Traders can now purchase software platforms for realtime electronic trading and realtime manipulations of ‘prices’ within our global markets. The concepts of ‘naked shorts’ and ‘price spoofing’ are new concepts which have developed from our computer trading venues. Central Banks now have their own trading desks where realtime manipulations of the markets occur. Our Federal Reserve Bank in New York controls a huge trading room where realtime manipulations occur daily. All this is now viewed by our ‘independent’ Fed as ‘kosher’ behavior. What a farce…for those who comprehend what is happening!

All our markets (and our prices) are now determined within Cyberspace! Cyberspace rules over money/finance/economics! Computer manipulations rule. What happened to Capitalism?

Yes, all our markets are now so corrupted that we should not call this non-system by the name: Capitalism. Capitalism originated as a ‘private’ market system where ‘private’ transactions determined realtime ‘prices’. This decentralized system created all our past ‘wealth’ and ‘prosperity’. Today, this private system has vanished and in its place we have developed a global Centralized Banking Cartel system. A few select banking administrators CONTROL and monitor the entire non-system. These administrators are called Central Bankers and their select unelected ‘proxies’ help with their Control mechanism. The key Central Banker in Europe is called Mario Draghi. His decisions and policies determine what happens within the European Economic Community. The key Central Banker in the United States is called Janet Yellen. She and her proxies determine our destiny within our American markets.

Fed Chairman, Janet Yellen, will determine America’s economic future going forward! She has the authority (independent of Congressional desires) to create money ‘out of her consciousness’ (also called ”out of nothing”)! She recently said: “The Fed’s commitment to economic stimulus remained “strong.” What is ‘economic stimulus’ but more ‘counterfeiting’ of our cyber dollar (also called QE)!

The other key Central Banks on our planet include the People’s Bank of China, the Russian Central Bank, the British Central Bank, the Japanese Central Bank, and the other Central Banks which make up the G-20 nations. All these select Central Banks now create our economic future and compose what we call institutional ‘economics’. Historical Capitalism has now disappeared. Central Planning (via key select policymakers) has replaced all our prior decentralized (private) markets. We have entered an era of Central Bank manipulations (planning), huge debt creations (out of nothing), and cyberspace assets and currencies (virtual instruments within our computer screens). All our global currencies (some 150+) are now mostly within cyberspace. Today, some $5 trillion in global cyber exchanges occur daily. Every currency is now a ‘digit’ within the computer screen. All paper is being eliminated. Speed of light transactions now occur daily and 24/7 (within realtime cyberspace).

This Japanese Bank Governor is ‘counterfeiting’ the Yen big time! Have you noticed the results within the Japanese Stock Market? New records have occurred since his QE (counterfeiting) operations! The general economy, however, is stagnant! We need to recognize that Cyber Money is ‘not’ WEALTH!

Yes, currencies today are created OUT OF NOTHING (mere ‘typing’ of numbers into our computers). The ‘consciousness’ and ‘thinking’ of a few select administrators (outside of any realtime voter control) has taken over what we previously called Capitalism. Capitalism is now over! We live in a NEW WORLD DISORDER which is administered by the few and where MACHINES (our computers) determine who gets what and when. Buying and selling is now mostly a computer operation. Trading and Price Discovery is now a computer operation. Determination of who gets favors and who succeeds financially is in the hands of a few unelected computer manipulators (called Central Bankers). What a change has occurred in recent years with FEW comprehending what has happened. Until our markets crash and collapse (it’s coming) few will desire to learn about all these recent developments. This is ‘human nature’ in action!

This image is excellent for revealing the QE operations created by many of our Central Banks! Currency units emerge in the trillions from merely ‘typing’ numbers into the computer screen! What a scam, sham, bam! The purpose of a currency unit is to represent real ‘wealth’ created from our Natural Resources!

Our ONLY solution to this coming catastrophe for our planet is Kingdom Economics. To date, only a very select few comprehend this reality. Yes, the huge new COUNTERFEITING  operation starting over in Europe is part of our new and corrupt economic non-system. The recent QE counterfeiting by the Bernanke and Yellen Fed (2008-14) was also part of the change which has occurred as a result of our cyberspace money and our cyberspace trading markets. Many websites are now warning about the coming Stock, Bond, and Derivative markets crash which is emerging. Our DEBT has now reached levels where any common sense pundit can discern that the game of Historical Capitalism is OVER! We need a complete reset of our entire economic/monetary economy. When? Now! Kingdom Economics is our ONLY solution! I am:

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