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God Speaks: Blood Moon #2 – Oct. 8, 2014!

October 1, 2014

As a firm believer in a Higher Power, I sense that the Blood Moons have serious significance for human beings on planet Earth. The first Blood Moon was on April 15, 2014. I watched this event at a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. Approximately at 1 a.m. the Blood Moon appeared. It was an interesting event and my sense is that it has significance for all human beings on our planet. Those who can not discern this reality will denounce my premise. But, those who discern that our destiny is in the hands of a Higher Power, will recognize the significance of these serious signals. God does not ‘speak’ audibly to our planet. He does, however, speak via signs and signals (at least that is my assumption). The coming Blood Moon on October 8, 2014 (one week from today) could be a message from this Higher Power! Who discerns this reality? Are you aware of your own spiritual consciousness (that ‘divine’ spark within)?


Those who believe in a Higher Power (let’s say Providence) might sense a message in the Blood Moons! Could this coming event be a WARNING which we ought to consider?

Most people do not discern their own consciousness (it seems). The vast majority of mankind seems to THINK that their Brain is supreme (who they are). This, to me, is a huge deception. In reality, my Brain is merely a 10 pound hunk of matter/energy with no ability to create, plan, design, decide, or think. My Brain is basically similar to my eye. Neither can discern reality on their own. Discernment is a function of a MIND and/or a CONSCIOUSNESS. Are you aware of this? Can you discern that MY Brain is not sending you these WORDS within this missive? It is my ‘higher’ invisible consciousness which sends ‘words’ and ‘concepts’ to others for consideration. Consciousness is part of the Metaphysical Realm. Who discerns this reality? There is a ‘divine’ spark within each human being which few seem to discern. Why is this so?

Could there be a Divine Spark in each living human being? What do you think? Are we each created with some type of ‘divine’ aspect or spark which makes us human?

My sense is that most people refuse to THINK about these issues. Since thinking is required to understand reality, wouldn’t it be wise to think about the potential meaning of a cosmic event like another Blood Moon? Could there be a DIVINE source, which is invisible to the human eye/mind, which could be sending us a signal, sign, or message? My sense is that this is eminently possible and realistic. Naturally, we can not derive real meaning until many days/weeks AFTER the cosmic event. But, I have derived meaning from the prior Blood Moon which occurred on April 15, 2014. My sense is that this Blood Moon was a signal/sign that events were going to get difficult and dire for this planet. What is now happening? Are events getting more difficult and dire? Personally, I think so!

Could the Oct. 8, 2014 Blood Moon be a signal, sign, message from a Higher Divine Power? Is this possible? Should we assume that this is a WARNING from our Creator?

My sense is that we need a WAKE-UP call on many important issues. Our global economy is in serious trouble! Our political leaders are running around without much understanding or progress! Our world is changing rapidly and yet few seem to discern that the OLD paradyme is now basically OVER! Natural disasters are happening at an accelerated pace (it seems). Social stress is at a very high level (Nationally and Internationally)! In other words, there is a general sense that conditions are not normal or regular. Every type of event is now stressful and confusing. Could there be a message from PROVIDENCE  which these Blood Moons represent? Could there be a Higher Power giving us a message, signal, sign, idea, or warning? Personally, I think so! You will need to do your own thinking on these issues. I am not God! All I can do is provide you with my subjective sense on issues of this type! Enjoy and Watch the coming Blood Moon and then the events which transpire AFTER! I am:

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  1. Rebecca permalink
    October 8, 2014 11:37 am

    awesome! thanks


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