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Money is not ‘needed’ going forward! Let’s talk!

September 30, 2014

The original purpose of ‘money’ was to induce people to produce wealth, distribute wealth, and value wealth. Money was invented to serve this role/purpose (call it sustainability). Today, however, is a New day! Today (2014-15) we can produce wealth with our computerized robots (our new source of labor), multiply wealth via our computerized software (operating our many farm machines, production machines, mining machines), and distribute wealth via our computerized drones (realtime deliveries). We live in a New world where ‘money’ is no longer needed and where ‘money’ creates more problems than real solutions. What we need to understand is that we can now create a NEW world system without money, banks, finance, debt, hedging, insurance, stocks, bonds, mortgages, politicians, or poverty. We now have the technology, resources, and knowledge to produce, distribute, and consume without the need for a ‘tool’ like MONEY! People, spontaneous agreements, and technology can create this New World of abundance! Let’s think!

Money was ‘invented’ as a tool for getting people to produce wealth, distribute wealth, and value wealth! Today, we need a new understanding of what can replace the old paradyme of ‘money’!

The real purpose for money was to encourage reluctant labor to produce physical wealth from the land and our natural resources. Wealth includes mostly ‘things’ like food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. These items (from nature) were necessary for our economic survival and for eventual prosperity. People must continually produce, work, slave…so that scarce resources can continue to grow and allow us to survive. Scarce resources and economic survival are the real reasons for ‘money’. Money is a ‘tool’ to help us produce, survive, and prosper. Today, however, we have the technology (computers), resources (energy), and the knowledge (methodologies) to create wealth (in super abundance) so that everyone can survive, grow, and prosper. All the core ingredients are here for us to create a New world without MONEY. To accomplish this reality, all we need is the internal WILL and DESIRE. Think about the tremendous opportunities we now enjoy! Think about the potential world which your children could inherit (if we act to eliminate ‘money’)!

Our automobiles can now be produced mostly via computerized robots. Soon we will have cars controlled and motorized by computers (driverless). Houses can now be built in weeks (not years) via our specialized production methodologies. Food can be planted/harvested with computerized planters and computerized combines. Transportation can now be enhanced with computerized drones for delivery of production to consumers. New global resources are continually being discovered and developed (solar, wind, water, natural gas, etc.) to solve the scarcity problem. The potential for a world of abundance with prosperity for everyone (all seven billion) is very realistic. What an opportunity we now have if we only have the internal WILL and DESIRE! What we now need is a NEW GLOBAL SYSTEM going forward! Money can be eliminated and thrown into the dust bin of history! Our bank buildings could be used for offices and for apartments. All the stock exchanges could be turned into sports facilities. All debt could be cancelled and deleted from our computer screens! Think about these potentialities! This is a world which we can create! Only the internal WILL and DESIRE are required!

Robots have replaced humans for most repetitive activities. Slave labor is no longer needed to produce most of our wealth! Most manufacturing now utilizes robots for their production activities!

The problems of money (coins, cash, currencies, etc.) and all the criminal behavior which emerges from a money economy can be eliminated going forward. Drug cartels could eventually disappear. All poverty could eventually disappear. Political rulers and bankster schemes could disappear. The world could operate on spontaneous people-generated agreements. Problems (social, economic, educational) could be solved spontaneously in realtime…without the need for money, finance, debt. New administrators could emerge for solving these and many new problems for a growing, prospering, peaceful planet. War and killing could be reduced and eventually eliminated. War equipment (missiles, predator drones, bombs, surveillance satellites, naval destroyers, etc.) could be reduced and eventually eliminated. The entire monetary society could be replaced with a volunteer society (free of all political rulers and hierarchies). This is now possible if we have the internal WILL and DESIRE! The ingredients are HERE for those who are aware!

All the military hardware could be eliminated under a NO MONEY world! Who wants to kill when there are no volunteers? Money is what produces military armies (personnel) and equipment! Money produces hate and envy!

Take some time to think about the corrupt global society which has emerged under the auspices of a money economy. Think about the fights, corruption, poverty, and death which a money driven world produces. What is soon to happen (due to our debt and money economy) is a serious stock/bond/derivative market COLLAPSE (crash) where all our imaginary ‘value’ is destroyed. What man has created (especially since 1971) is mostly a deceptive/imaginary system of money which has no solid foundation…in realtime reality. This entire illusionary system (imaginary cyber currencies, debt, derivatives) are destined for collapse and destruction in the very near future. What should replace this false/illusionary system? Who wants to go back to a coin or paper money system? Who wants to be a realtime slave to a hierarchy of elite banksters/criminals (who create money out of nothing for their select friends)? Who wants unpayable debts and unfunded obligations for their children and grand children? Who? Give the idea of a NEW GLOBAL SYSTEM some reflection! It is possible…given today’s abundance! Enjoy! I am:

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  1. October 3, 2014 12:09 pm

    Don, this could be a future scenario – a world without money. Certainly possible and, speaking for myself, desirable. But how could such a world look like? How could we transition there? How could little cells emerge that experiment with this idea?


    • October 3, 2014 2:14 pm

      Fabio: Anything is possible once the markets crash and burn. What we have today are cyberspace markets which will eventually crash and burn. This is likely soon. When this happens the environment will be ripe for meaningful change. Until then, nothing will happen! D


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