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Freedom and Cyber Money (mutually exclusive)! Let’s think!

September 30, 2014

Historically, our economic freedoms derived from a decentralized system called Capitalism. This decentralized system continued (with variations) until around 1971. Real Capitalism has now vanished and we now live under the slavery of centralized cyber currencies (created out of nothing) and a centralized secret monetary committee (the FOMC) which manipulates values, suppresses prices, and controls our economic lives in realtime. The current corrupt system creates economic slaves…derived from this centralized monstrosity. Few, however, are aware of what has evolved over the past 45 years. Few understand that our economic system is now corrupted, criminal, unjust, immoral, and dictatorial. Once we experience the coming stock/bond/derivative market collapse, many more will become aware of this corruption!

Capitalism assumes private markets, decentralized money, small government! This System is now Over! We do not have any real Capitalism today!

Human nature is unwilling to change an intellectually corrupt system until conditions become mostly unbearable. Most people simply do not desire to ‘rock the boat’ when the water is still. Yet, those who think for themselves recognize that our current corrupt system can not survive indefinitely. Our historic Capitalism has disappeared and we now have strong forces which are pulling/pushing in different directions. Progressives are wanting to abandon our historical Constitution and develop a One World Governmental regime where America is part of a grand Socialistic experiment. Others, without sufficient understanding want to go back to 1776 and reset our System on the foundation of our Founding Fathers. Neither perspective is likely to develop as we now live under a web-based inter-connected global communication system which will not change.

Whether we like it or not, we now have a global economic system (which is not working) and a global internet communication system which is working. People love the global internet communication system and the social media which has emerged. People also seem to buy into the cyber currencies (via our mobile smart phones) which are growing and becoming ubiquitous. The problems of a global cyber currency system are not noticed by most as our cyber stock/bond/derivative markets are still functioning. Those of us who understand the precarious nature of this cyberspace system, however, realize that this will not last. At some point this entire cyber (imaginary) system will crash and burn and then we will need to think differently. So what are we facing in the very near future?

Our cyber markets are unstable and they will crash/burn at some point! This could happen in the very near future! The masses are totally unaware of the ‘nature’ of our cyber markets! For many this will come as a total surprise and shock!

What the masses don’t understand is that a cyber monetary system creates SLAVES of everyone (except those elite who run the system). Cyber money is computer money. Computer money makes everyone slaves of a ‘machine’ driven system. Personal freedoms will be curtailed once our cyber markets crash. This means that our elite Authorities will be in charge and desire even more control (slavery) of everyone. There is no way FREEDOM and SLAVERY (to machines) can live side by side. Do the masses desire to be SLAVES of a machine driven monetary system? Do people desire to become a ‘mathematical’ number so they can buy and sell? Do people recognize that our political elite MUST control us via whatever method is available at the moment of the CRASH? Are RFID chips or a similar identification system acceptable to the masses (who become slaves under this system)?

A machine driven cyber money system has emerged! This system creates ‘slaves’ of the masses who must bow to the control system of the elite administrators of this machine driven system (in order to buy/sell and survive)! Freedom and economic slavery are mutually exclusive situations!

The history of money and politics shows that the elite have the guns and power to FORCE the masses to comply with their doctrines of control. If we Americans or citizens of the planet desire real FREEDOM, we will need to abandon the elite system which is emerging (THE NEW ONE WORLD ORDER) and think in terms of a completely NEW SYSTEM. The only system which creates real freedom for the individual is Kingdom Economics. Under this System, everyone becomes free and equal and all the elite must become part of the global society and give up their rulership. Rulership of the elite is what creates the mechanism of CONTROL and the subservience to a machine driven monetary regime. Man’s rulership over man is the real problem! Think about the emerging issues which will soon be coming (after the crash of our markets)! Do you desire personal (individual) freedom or do you want to be a servant of the elite Authorities and their machine driven computer money system? Those are the issues which we need to contemplate. Think! I am:

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  1. hallenberg2005 permalink
    October 1, 2014 4:40 am

    there will never be equality for as martin armstrong says,”history repeats because the passions of humankind never changes.”
    you are on a roll – two articles the same day! have you thought of writing a book?


    • October 1, 2014 1:27 pm

      I think a book might come in a couple of years. The public needs more understanding before they will respond to the real issues. The system is so corrupt that most people just don’t comprehend what is happening. D

      On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 4:40 AM, Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now wrote:



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