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What is emerging is ‘NO’ money! Why?

September 29, 2014

Today we live with ‘imaginary’ money that we trade within our computer screens. Cyberspace is the location of today’s ‘imaginary’ money. The average individual is gradually getting programmed to accept and desire our ‘imaginary’ cyber currencies. The problem with these currencies, however, is that once we experience a real stock market ‘crash’, all these currencies ‘vanish’ into our metaphysical consciousness. Cyber money is metaphysical money. Metaphysical money is spiritual money. Spiritual money is subjective money. Subjective money is emotional money. Emotional money creates volatility and eventually a crash. A crash creates global bankruptcies, Global bankruptcies create value destruction. Value destruction creates an economic depression. An economic depression creates a re-thinking of all prior assumptions. A re-thinking will lead to a New World of NO money. Think and learn about what is now emerging! A New political/economic/educational/social SYSTEM is emerging rapidly! The writer below helped my understanding when I started to study about money and its history in the early 1970’s!

Willard Cantelon had a unique insight into the history and the future of MONEY!

Read this short book on the history of money to gain insight on where the world is heading!

One prescient pundit/economist/philosopher which could foresee this emerging reality (to a small degree) was Willard Cantelon. Willard wrote a book called New Money or None back in the 70’s. I read this book and would conclude that his prescience is now emerging in an uncanny manner. Take the time to purchase this book and give it a read. You can buy it at Amazon for $10.00. Money, in reality, plays a role for allocating natural resources, distributing goods to people, encouraging labor to produce, and finally to VALUE that which is produced for the marketplace. Money has always been some physical item chosen in the marketplace (until the shock of Nixon on August 15, 1971). This event in 1971 created a new marketplace of fiat currencies and this led to our current cyber currencies. Cyber currencies are within cyberspace (an imaginary space within our consciousness).

Cyber money is imaginary money! Today we have a growing global system of cyber currencies (all imaginary and within cyberspace)! Few understand today’s monetary system of money from our metaphysical ‘heaven’!

So what is now emerging are global cyber currencies (which are all imaginary) and then (some years down the road) people will understand why MONEY is a corrupt system which creates corrupt rulers, banksters, cartels, and criminal behavior. To create a better System for the planet, we will need to eliminate MONEY and solve our economic problems with our computers, robots, social media, and volunteer activities. Money is not needed when surplus productivity can be created in abundance. We now live in a world where we have the POTENTIAL to create wealth with such abundance that money is no longer needed. Rulers who now CONTROL people with money and monetary manipulation will be eliminated during this NEW economic environment! Wars, financed by politicians who create money out of nothing (their thinking mind) will be removed from Authority. A New world is emerging (down the road) and this new world will be devoid of money, currencies, finance, banks, politicians, cartels, war, and imaginary cyber wealth.

Today, a digit within my/your mobile smart phone controls my/your life!

Can you visualize a planet without money? I can! Money is at the core of political/banking/financial corruption! Money produces the one percent (the super wealthy) and the 99% (the slaves of the 1%)! Think about the history of MONEY!  Would you like a World without MONEY? It’s possible!

Take the time to do some study on the history of money, its purpose and role within society, the nature of today’s cyber currencies, and the nature of monetary rulership via cartels, finance, and corrupt administrators. A good start would be the short and concise book called No Money or None, written by the late Willard Cantelon. Also watch the stock markets for a coming cyber collapse (which could occur anytime, however, an exact date of the CRASH can not be predicted with certainty. Our current debt based Keynesian system of numbers and math is destined for total collapse at some point down the road. All the computer screens will go blank at some point down the road. Since all our current debt and credit is within our computer screens (within cyberspace) we all can witness this silent global crash on our mobile smartphones. If you do not have a mobile smart phone, then watch CNBC or any TV which reveals stock prices in realtime. Enjoy and think: NO money! I am:

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