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Voices of Logic and Reason vs Confusion! My View!

September 26, 2014

After following some 50 different pundits these past 6 years, I would like to present my list of voices which seem logical and reasonable vs voices which seem confused and deceptive. This is my subjective list of who I perceive as voices which are seeking ‘truth’ (relatively), liberty (mostly), and justice (for our future). This list is dynamic and changing as time goes forward. I will present their websites so you can make-up your own view on these pundits. So here goes!

The following list consists of those who have earned my respect and whom I view as solid when it comes to seeking ‘truth’, ‘liberty’, and ‘justice’. I would give this list a rating of 80% ‘truth’ as each opinion is presented with logic and sound philosophy. I will call this group the ROARING LIONS (as they get out in front of the crowd with their strong opinions):

1. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:  Paul is well-informed on economics, money, and politics. He served as Assistant Secretary of our Treasury under the Reagan Administration. I call his view an insider’s perspective. I respect Paul’s perspective as he is out front with his emotions, attitude, and logic.

2. Jim Rickards:  Jim is viewed as one of the most informed pundit on our monetary system. He is a regular pundit which much of the official media does not like. Those of us who are seeking ‘truth’ and understanding of the system, however, view Jim as exceptional. Check his perspective out on Youtube!

3. David Stockman:  David has insider knowledge and this gives him a high mark on my ‘truth’ and sound ‘logic’ thermometer. David Alan Stockman is a former U.S. politician and businessman, serving as a Republican U.S. Representative from the state of Michigan and as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget. David is bold with his views and solid with his logic. David’s view is high on my rating for truth!

4. G. Edward Griffin: G. Edward Griffin is an American conspiracy theorist, film producer, author, and political lecturer. He is perhaps best known as the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, which promotes relevant theories about the Federal Reserve Act, its ramifications…and his book describes those who conspired to initiate this unconstitutional banking cartel in 1910-13.

5. Egon von Greyerz:  Egon is a regular pundit on the King World News website. Egon is from Switzerland and he specializes in wealth management. I like the out front attitude of Egon and his knowledge of the gold and silver markets is exceptional. His creditability and his character is high on my ‘truth’ thermometer.

6. Gerald Celente: Gerald covers emerging trends within the economic/political realm. Gerald Celente is an American trend forecaster, publisher of the Trends Journal, business consultant and author who makes predictions about the global financial markets and other events of historical importance. This guy is a typical example of a ‘roaring lion’. His perspective is worth considering!

7. Bix Weir: Bix is a regular speaker at the annual Silver Summit which I have been attending for many years. His knowledge of how the silver markets work and how computers rig these markets is exceptional. He is one of the few who discern that our markets are now totally computer driven. I will hear Bix at the coming Silver Summit in Spokane in October.

8. Jeff Berwick:  Jeff Berwick is a Canadian entrepreneur, libertarian and anarcho-capitalist activist. Berwick founded StockHouse Media Corporation in 1994, one of the most active financial websites in Canada. He remained CEO until 2002. Jeff is a regular speaker at Cambridge House conferences (which I attend frequently). Jeff understands and speaks out as a ‘roaring lion’ on our political and monetary issues. Good work, Jeff!

9. Bill Murphy and Chris Powell: Bill Murphy is a former American professional football player, financial commentator, and noted gold bug who serves as the chairman and director of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA). Chris Powell is managing editor of the Journal Inquirer, a daily newspaper in Manchester,  Connecticut, USA, where he has worked since graduating from high school in 1967. He is also secretary/treasurer of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc., (GATA) which he co-founded in 1999 to expose and oppose the rigging of the gold market by Western central banks and their investment bank agents. These guys desire to expose official corruption on the gold issue!

10. Terry Sacka:  Terry is a regular speaker on the history of our monetary system on Direct TV (channel 377). His goal is to educate investors on physical metals and why our government currency system is fatally flawed. I like his desire to educate the public and provide meaning historical evidence on why our current monetary system has failed. Terry is promoting ‘truth’ and ‘liberty’ for those who desire change!

The logic of Keynesian math can produce illogic when put into practice!

Now let’s present another list of what I will call the LAODICEANS. This list is called Laodicean (a biblical term) as these pundits are mostly lukewarm, half-hearted, and unable to choose that which is ‘truth’ over that which is ‘deception’. One day they seek ‘truth’ and understanding while on another day they promote the media version of ‘truth’ (whatever works and whatever helps people to accumulate more digital currencies). They do not get out front with the hard ‘truth’ as the ROARING LIONS above. This list is partial as was the above list of the ‘roaring lions’. Again, this is my subjective perspective (as of today).

1. Al Korelin:  The Korelin Economics Report is a radio show in syndication, available to 2.7 million radio listeners each week, and thousands more on the internet, hosted by Al Korelin. Topics range from politics and the economy to emerging gold and silver companies properties and discoveries. Al interviews a host of financial pundits who fit into his overall financial Worldview. I find his commentary quite beneficial, at times. He appears Laodicean, however, in his philosophy.

2. Bob Moriarty: Bob’s website covers politics, economics, and specializes in the gold and silver markets. Bob claims that his goal is education of the investing public. Yet when I had an email conversation with Bob, he revealed that he is a dogmatic apologist for the status quo system. Bob is a former Marine and his views are extremely dogmatic and absolutist. He does not seem like a person who desires to seek real hard ‘truth’ and I , therefore, view him as a Laodicean pundit.

3. Tom Allen:  Tom appears to be the editor of an Opinion website called Howe Street. He appears to edit all opinions presented for publication to his website. I have had many of my personal missives published on his website. You can witness this under Kingdom Economics when you visit the website. I do find, however, that Tom appears to be Laodicean in his Worldview. Only opinions which meet with his approval get published. This, to me, puts him outside the ROARING LIONS category, who have an out-front philosophy of ‘telling the truth’ in the now.

4. Douglas Casey:  Douglas R. Casey is an American-born libertarian author and the founder and chairman of Casey Research, a provider of subscription financial analysis. Since 1979 he has published the monthly investment newsletter called The International Speculator. I first heard Doug speak in 1974 at a New Orleans Conference. At that time he was pushing a book called Crisis Investing. I have followed his website and perspective for many years. I do find, however, that his views are confusing and mostly Laodicean (changing from year to year). He does have a grand following, however, in the world of crisis investing and within the gold and silver markets.

5. James Dines:  Jim Dines has been writing one of the world’s best read financial newsletters, The Dines Letter, since the 1950’s, and he’s still going strong. A few days ago Dines joined King World News to discuss his outlook for 2014 (Listen to the interview). I first heard Jim speak at the 1974 New Orleans Investment Conference. At that time he was advocating deflation. His views are very eclectic and confusing. He is not what I would call a ‘straight’ shooter. I put him in the Laodicean camp with the above lukewarm pundits (who change their perspective from day-to-day).

I will conclude this list with the above five. Others who I would place in this LAODICEAN camps are:  Charlie Rose, Rick Rule, John Mauldin, Porter Stansberry, James Turk, and David Morgan. All the above are great speakers, yet I sense that they are not really committed to hard ‘truth’ as we witness with the ROARING LIONS above.

Now let’s list a few who I would call DECEIVERS. These of those who I find have no real interest in ‘truth’ or ‘liberty’ or ‘justice’. The following are mostly interested in promoting their self-interested Worldview of Socialism, Collectivism, Statism, and Globalism. I find that these pundits are low on my thermometer of ‘truth’ (say 30%). Here are the voices which I have given little credence  and who I do not sense desire to promote ‘truth’, ‘liberty’, or ‘justice’. This is my subjective viewpoint!

1. Jim Cramer:  James J. “Jim” Cramer is an American television personality, a former hedge fund manager, and a best-selling author. Cramer is the host of CNBC’s Mad Money and a co-founder and chairman of I occasionally listen to Jim and his hyper emotional gibberish. I view him as mostly a DECEIVER when it comes to promoting ‘truth’, ‘liberty’, and ‘justice’.

2. Paul Krugman:  Paul Robin Krugman is an American economist, Professor of Economics and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. Paul has expressed his Keynesian perspective on the media on a regular basis. I find his view very deceptive and misguided. Yet the official media views Paul as a key voice for what economics is all about.

3. Ben Shalom Bernanke:  Ben Shalom Bernanke is an American economist at the Brookings Institution who served two terms as chairman of the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States from 2006 to 2014. I have watch and listened to Ben while he worked and administered the independent Federal Reserve Bank system. He stated in open Congressional testimony that he would NOT monetize the Treasury Debt. In reality, he monetized trillions $ during his role as Chairman of the Fed. I can’t view his voice as creditable.

4. Christine Lagarde: Christine heads up the organization called the International Monetary Fund. Her role is to speak for the International community on issues of money, lending, and economic activity. After watching and listening to her perspective, I would suggest that much of what she and the IMF are doing is mostly promoting a New World Order. I can’t give much credence to her ‘truth’ perspective or her Worldview.

5. Jacob Lew:  Jacob Joseph “Jack” Lew is an American government administrator and attorney who is the 76th and current United States Secretary of the Treasury, serving since 2013. He served as the 25th White House Chief of Staff from 2012 to 2013. “With headwinds resulting from the global financial crisis largely behind us, the underlying fundamentals are solid and supportive of continued economic momentum,” writes Treasury Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy Karen Dynan. Deception seems necessary and ubiquitous within our Treasury Department. I give Lew and his voice little credence when it comes to ‘truth’ and ‘logic’.

Others who I would place in the camp of DECEIVERS would be the following: Steve Liesman (an economist with CNBC TV), Alan Greenspan (former Chairman of the Fed for some 20 years), Janet Yellen (our current Fed Chairwoman), James Dimon (CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase), Lloyd Blankfein (CEO of Goldman Sachs), and Charles Dudley (CEO of the New York Federal Reserve Bank and permanent member of the Federal Open Market Committee).

In conclusion, I have listed voices which I rate (on a scale of 1 to 10) from 8.0, 5.0, and 3.0. I call those in the 8.0 rating the ROARING LIONS (being out front with ‘truth’, ‘logic’, and ‘hard evidence’). I call those in the 5.0 camp LAODICEANS (lukewarm and half-hearted). I call those with a 3.0 rating DECEIVERS (they seem to have little desire to promote hard ‘truth’, individual ‘liberty’, and economic ‘justice’. You can give my ratings your own rating by going to each of the above websites and then following these voices in realtime. Reality is subjective and my ratings are merely my perspective as of TODAY. I could change my list if I discover a real change in the behavior from voices rated above. Enjoy and think for yourself! I am:

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  1. hallenberg2005 permalink
    September 27, 2014 8:00 am

    i would add karl denninger, jim wille and martin armstrong to your “roaring lions” list. also i think bob moriarty deserves better. people follow him for his analysis on upcoming companies which i find are “right on the mark.”


    • September 27, 2014 5:45 pm

      I have heard these names but not followed them closely. I am sure your perspective on their level of ‘truth’ is correct. Thanks for sharing. D

      On Sat, Sep 27, 2014 at 8:00 AM, Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now wrote:



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