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Naked Shorts are ‘Uncovered’ Contracts! Who Understands?

September 23, 2014

What is now happening within the silver/gold futures markets should be classified as ‘illegal’ trading. Yet, it appears that our secret Fed (the New York Federal Reserve trading room) in conjunction with J.P. Morgan Chase (their primary bullion bank) have rigged the ‘price’ mechanism (now a cyberspace mechanism) so that silver and gold prices can be monitored and rigged in realtime computer trading. This rigging is being done on the London and New York electronic markets. This rigging has been ongoing since September, 2011 (more than 3 years). During this time period we have witnessed the prices of silver and gold decline precipitously and consistently. All this is being done on the electronic ‘futures’ exchanges (not the regular stock markets). The recent missive by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts supports this contention. Go to: for details.

What is happening today is a trading strategy called ‘naked shorts’ where phantom contracts drive the ‘prices’ down and where there is no ‘delivery’ required or desired. In other words, contracts are executed on the futures market (the Globex electronic market, for example) with the intention of driving prices down and not taking ownership of the physical metal. This is a rigging scheme by our elite Authorities (within the Federal Reserve trading room in New York and the trading room of J.P. Morgan…located a few miles from the Fed’s trading desk). Dr. Roberts has stated that this rigging scheme should be viewed as ‘illegal’ as the intent of these ‘insiders’ is to ‘suppress’ the prices so that their cyber (imaginary) dollar appears viable (globally).

Dr. Roberts seems to view our dollar as being a ‘printed’ unit, however, (in reality) it is now a cyberspace unit (really an extension of our consciousness). Cyber numbers are created (by our Fed and our Commercial banks) merely by ‘typing’ numbers into their official accounts. What a Ponzi Scheme our elite Authorities (insiders) operate. Who understands this corrupt monetary system and our corrupt Federal Reserve Operation? The real purpose of a ‘futures’ market is to hedge and trade physical commodities (grain, metals, energy, etc.). The use of ‘naked shorts’ (uncovered contracts) should be totally ‘illegal’ and IS ‘illegal’ within other Nations (like China/Russia/Germany).

Our Ponzi Fed, however, can manipulate and suppress prices via these corrupt (insider) strategies. All this is being accomplished behind closed doors as these trading rooms of the Fed and its proxies are not transparent to the realtime markets. Dr. Roberts understands this entire process as he was a prior Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury under the Reagan administration. Most financial pundits today are totally at a loss as to why we have witnessed declining silver/gold prices for over three years. These pundits (like Doug Casey and Bob Moriarty, for example) think that trading futures contracts is a legitimate process where prices reflect realtime market behavior.

They can not seem to discern that our cyber dollar is ideal for manipulation, rigging, and insider manipulation. In fact, these pundits do not even discern (it seems) that we now have all prices determined within our cyber markets (cyberspace). What is cyberspace? Cyberspace is an ‘imaginary’ space which gets created via our internet and its electronic system of high frequency cyber units. These cyber units are merely imaginary numbers (text) which get ‘typed’ into the computer screen and then we call these units our official ‘legal tender’ (money). These units are NOT printed as most of these pundits seem to assume via their rhetoric. These units are not ‘printed’ by our Bureau of Engraving and Printing (as paper notes).

These units are NOT physical units. In reality, these units are merely units of ‘information’ derived from human consciousness (our MIND). The units have NO substance and NO location within Space/time reality. Can anyone FIND the currency unit which we call ‘dollar’? Can anyone LOCATE this unit within our Space/time Universe? Where is it? Try FIND this unit now! Try to PRINT this unit called our ‘dollar’ from your printer! What we have today is a ‘mental abstraction’ as our ‘dollar’ (money). This unit is metaphysical or imaginary! Think!

Yes, our markets are ‘rigged’ and ‘manipulated’ today. Select commodities (prices of silver/gold) are also ‘rigged’, ‘suppressed’, and ‘manipulated’ by INSIDERS. All this is being done in realtime via our electronic cyberspace trading markets by our elite/corrupt Authorities. Computers create and drive our markets today. Our internet is now a global electronic cyberspace SYSTEM. Signals (pulses) of light, called photons, create the ‘illusion’ of substance within our computer screens. This ILLUSION (computer screen pixels) are what we trade today.

The entire cyberspace trading system will eventually create a huge global stock market crash. When this event happens we will become AWARE of the imaginary nature of this entire monetary illusion. Money is really an ‘illusion’! Our currency unit (called the ‘dollar’) is really an ‘illusion’! Cyberspace is an ‘illusionary’ space within our computer screen. We all live with ‘illusions’ which eventually will be revealed as imaginary concepts of our metaphysical CONSCIOUSNESS! Give the words above some reflection and then think for yourself! A major crash of our ‘illusions’ could develop in the very near future. Enjoy! I am:

P.S. You have my permission to pass this missive on to others who might have an interest in this issue! Trader, Turd Ferguson, of TF Metals Report says: Recognize “the metals markets” are a farce/joke/sham that are not even remotely indicative of the true supply/demand picture for actual, physical metal and please continue to prepare accordingly.

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