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The ‘word’ Allah means Creator, Most High, Transcendent Source!

September 22, 2014

An unaware Christian, Jew, or Atheist sometimes assumes that the ‘word’ Allah is some concept from Nature (like the Moon and/or a Moon God). Is this rational or realistic? What is really meant by the ‘word’ Allah. What we need to understand is that a ‘name’ is mostly culturally derived. Allah is merely a ‘name’ for that which we call…God or The Creator. A particular culture (like the Arabs, Persians, or people descended from Shem/Semites) have a language which uses words and names to describe their perceptions of reality. The English culture uses the word/name Creator to refer to a transcendent Source (God/Father/Most High/etc.).

Why the myth that the word ‘Allah’ means Moon God? Think!

The culture from Arabia uses the word/name Allah for this same meaning. So the word/name Allah is merely another word/name for Creator/Most High/God/King of the Universe/etc. This is what we need to understand! Many of my God believing friends, however, assume that the word Allah is a false/different/confused ‘Word’…which does not mean what Thomas Jefferson stated in the Declaration of Independence when he used the words…’we are all endowed by our Creator’ , etc. Words do confuse those who have not studied the history of this ‘word’ called Allah! Let’s continue!

Allah defined:  

Allah (English pronunciation: /ˈælə/ or /ˈɑːlə/; Arabic: اللهAllāh, IPA: [ʔalˤˈlˤɑːh] ( )) is the Arabic word for God (al ilāh, literally “the God”).[1][2][3] The word has cognates in other Semitic languages, including Elah in Aramaic, ʾĒl in Canaanite and Elohim in Hebrew.[4][5] It is used mainly by Muslims to refer to God in Islam,[6] but it has also been used by Arab Christians since pre-Islamic times.

Allah as Moon-God is a claim put forth by some that the Islamic name for God, Allah, derives from a pagan Moon god in local Arabic mythology. The implication is that “Allah” is a different God from the Judeo-Christian deity and that Muslims are worshipping a “false god”. Sociologist Lori Peek writes that, “Allah is simply the Arabic word meaning God. In fact people who speak Arabic, be they Christians, Jews or Muslims, often say ‘Allah’ to describe God, just as God is called ‘Gott’ in German, ‘Gud’ in Swedish, and ‘Dieu’ in French. Yeshua (called Jesus by most Christians) was actually Aramaic while on this earth. Yeshua (Jesus) used the word EL or Elah when he referred to God/Creator. Today, many use various ‘names’ for our Creator God…like Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, Father, Most High, Elohim, etc. All generally mean the same! Are you aware of these various distinctions?

What we need to understand is that ‘words’ change from culture to culture. Indeed the English word “God” evolved from pagan Germanic terms for invocation; the Latin word Deus, from which “Dieu” derives, can be traced to the same root as Dyeus, which gives the names of the ancient Indo-European divinities Zeus, Jove and Dyaus PitarIbrahim Hooper of CAIR calls the Moon-God theories of Allah evangelical “fantasies” that are “perpetuated in their comic books”. Most Christians, however, have a confused concept of the Creator God as they must differentiate between a ‘trinity’ of persons (what confusion)! We need to discern the inner mindset of those who use the word Allah (as they generally mean Creator God when this word is spoken). Think and then do your own research!

So why are many not discerning what Muslims mean by the word/name Allah? I think a major problem is groups like ISIS, Sunni’s, Shia, and other Sect’s (within Islam) who use the words of the Quran as representations of their particular behavior/actions/beliefs. Just like Christianity or Judaism, there are many different denominations/sects/cults/interpretations…within Islam. Each strong leader within a sect/cult will assert their own interpretations of ‘words’ within a Holy Book. Practically any set of beliefs can be internalized and dogmatize by reading ‘words’ in a Holy Book.


Can any strong leader assert that they fully understand ‘words’ within a Holy Book? Can final/absolute TRUTH emerge from interpreting ‘words’ within scripture? I don’t think so! It’s all subjective!

Today, we witness some 4000 different denominations within Christianity. Each leader of a group/denomination/cult will assert a different core doctrine to make their particular brand (set of beliefs) unique and authoritative. Within Christianity we have Baptists, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, Lutherans, Seventh Day Adventists, Nazarenes, etc., etc. Each group has a unique set of doctrines…yet each asserts that their group is correct/authoritative/absolute. Personally, I was baptised into a group called the Worldwide Church of God back in 1975. This group claims that they are the only remnant church with the correct (final TRUTH) interpretations of the Holy Book called the Bible. I left this group after I discovered how this dogmatic group behaved in real life situations. They wanted me to bow to their interpretations without questioning their premises!

Their could be as many as 4000 different denominations (groups/cults/assertions) with Christianity! Who among this confusion of sects can assert that they have the ONLY/FINAL correct understanding/interpretation/perspective of TRUTH? Who?

This group (The Worldwide Church of God…which I was a member of for a season) asserts that they are the ONLY ones who can discern/interpret/reveal the correct teachings within this Holy Book called the Bible. The group’s leaders ASSUME that they can read ‘words’ in the Bible and then interpret these ‘words’ absolutely and with finality. My experience, however, with various select and strong leaders of various denominations has revealed (to me) that each strong leader (in reality) has a subjective/relative perspective on ‘words’ within a Holy Book. Each strong leader seems to desire that THEIR unique interpretation be FINAL and AUTHORITATIVE. In reality, however, each leader does NOT actually KNOW what they are asserting! Bring a group of strong leaders together and we would discover that EACH has a unique/subjective/uncertain INTERPRETATION (of words within a HOLY BOOK). Why is this so? Why the hubris among strong leaders (say like the ISIS leader in Syria)?

Edward Snowden claims Al-Bagdadi (the leader of ISIS) was trained in Israel! Who really knows?

The problem with strong leaders is their lack of discernment of their own behavior/actions (a lack of reflection IMO). Each strong leader desires to play God. Each strong leader has this mindset that THEY can interpret ‘words’ correctly. This hubris and pride (within each strong leader) appears to be the core problem. Each leader desires to PLAY GOD with their teaching and leadership. What a shame! Take the time to listen to a group of strong personalities on serious issues of life. What actually emerges from this experience? I would suggest that what emerges is SUBJECTIVITY AND UNCERTAINTY. Each strong leader will try to assert that THEIR interpretation is the correct interpretation. What does this type of behavior reveal about each leader?

These strong leaders (within Christianity) seem to ASSUME that their unique perspective on ‘words’ within Scripture are final/correct/absolute! Is this reality or hubris?

My experience is that each strong personality continues to assert that their perspective is the correct/final/absolute perspective. If you watch a series of different TV programs where a given issue is presented (say the concept of the Trinity or the concept of who is God), you will discover that each strong leader tends to assert a somewhat unique/subjective/personal perspective. After much discussion and rhetoric, you will discover that NO final conclusion (where final truth is concerned) emerges from the discussion. Each strong leader will ASSERT that their interpretations must be the correct/final/absolute interpretation. You will eventually leave with a view that each perspective is uncertain about a FINAL CONCLUSION. What does this reveal about reality?

Reality appears to be subjective/uncertain/unknowable when it comes to FINAL TRUTH! Do you agree or disagree? Do your own thinking on this issue in a realtime setting! Watch strong leaders in action! Think!

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that each strong leader is really UNCERTAIN about their beliefs (at the core). Each presents a subjective/personal perspective and interpretation. The end game is that NONE (it would appear) really ‘knows’ what they are asserting (at least in a final sense). Reality is much too subjective/uncertain for any single strong leader to completely KNOW. The end result is that each strong leader ends up being uncertain and unsure of what they are asserting as FINAL TRUTH. Yes, reality is much to confusing and comprehensive for any group or individual to KNOW completely! Who wants to admit this to their ‘sheep’, however? Strong leaders (within Science, Religion, Education, Politics, and Business) hate to admit that they do not ‘know’ (in any final sense) what they are asserting! Watch/listen/determine for yourself! I see reality as SUBJECTIVE! Enjoy! I am:

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