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My Strategy for Challenging Silver/Gold Price Manipulation!

September 19, 2014

Today, we witness the price of silver and gold being manipulated downward to historic lows. Silver is currently at $17.86/ounce. This price was slammed down by computer trading strategies (most likely by our Central Bank and their trading room at the New York Federal Reserve Bank). What is happening today is the trading of mostly ‘phantom’ digital shares (also called ‘naked shorts’) to manipulate the price of silver/gold downward. Common sense and historical trading demonstrates that prices should reflect real supply/demand for the physical metals. This is not occurring today and this is mostly a result of our cyber dollar (as our currency) and illegal trading strategies (such as the use of ‘naked shorts’ to effect price suppression). This needs to change and one strategy that would help is for mining companies to hold all future supply of silver/gold bars from the marketplace.

It is now time to counter the price manipulation of our elite authorities! Attention mining companies!

Another alternative which would also help with this obvious price manipulation by our elite authorities is for a buyer group to purchase huge supplies of these metals and hold these supplies from the market until a real supply/demand market is restored. Manipulation of prices is not Capitalism. Prices should be the measure of what is happening within the real marketplace of goods being made available to buyers/sellers/traders. This realtime marketplace has been replaced by computer traders operating behind closed doors (most likely at the highest levels). The likely motivation of these elite authorities is to suppress real market demand for a precious metal(s) that act as alternative money during times of great change. Today, our markets are not reflecting real supply and demand.

The green downward slam is caused by trading ‘naked shorts’! This should be illegal and mining companies need to be aware that price suppression is caused by computer trading strategies! Today, the price of silver was slammed down to $17.86/ounce. This should be viewed as illegal as physical metals are not being exchanged within a real physical marketplace! Traders are merely trading phantom shares to suppress prices!

After watching the silver/gold markets for ten years, I now realize that our elite authorities are consciously desiring that these metals (their prices) be driven downward to create the impression that the cyber currencies are real and viable. Our elite administrators desire to promote a global cyber market where historical precious metals (silver/gold) are removed from circulation as a form of money. This has become obvious to most astute observers now recognize. If we desire to counter this vicious manipulation of precious metals prices, we need to eliminate the digital (paper) trading and restore the marketplace to real trading of the physical metals. This could be accomplished if mining companies withhold their production from the market (for a time period) and if wealthy investors purchase huge supplies of the physical metal and store these metals until real market trading is allowed by our authorities.

Wake up! Let’s start a counter strategy which changes prices from the digital (paper) market to real exchanges of the physical silver and gold supplies. Manipulation is real and obvious for those who discern the forces of supply/demand!

Give this strategy some serious thought going forward. I am:

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