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America’s ‘MIGHT’ vs. Isil’s ‘ALLAH’! A new Challenge!

September 19, 2014

World War III is now starting in the Middle East (are you aware of this)? Yesterday, our Congress approved new funds $$$ (and a general philosophy) for bringing America’s Wrath to that of Isil’s Allah. America (represented by Obama/Kerry/Dempsey/Hagel) have now initiated a new WAR strategy against what they perceive as an existential threat to America and her interests (globally and nationally). The hearings on this issue have been permeating the halls of Congress and most of our representatives have bought into the challenge from ISIL. ISIL is a recent ideological creation which follows a philosophy/theology based upon the Holy Quran and the historical ‘words’ of their prophet, Muhammad (as interpreted by Isil’s leader). Prophet Muhammad received his ‘words’ (ideas) from a metaphysical Source called ALLAH (back in 612 A.D.). Are you aware of what is now transpiring over in the Middle East? Do Americans understand any of this? I don’t think so! Let’s review the core metaphysical issues (underlying this new conflict)!

Can Death overcome Death? America’s strategy vs. Isil’s strategy has now started WW III. Do these metaphysical philosophies create a secure, peaceful, prosperous World going forward? ISIL believes that DEATH produces eternal LIFE! Can America overcome this philosophy? What do you think?

Combating ISIL (this group’s tactics and ideology) is now America’s goal and Mr. Hagel (America’s Secretary of Defense) has outlined an open (all options on the table) strategy for accomplishing America’s new goal. Why is America (mostly the Obama team of thinkers) desiring to combat ISIL? The answer from Chuck (at yesterday’s House hearing) was basically…the recent ‘BEHEADING’ of two Americans (this was essentially the core reason given) plus our desire that this barbaric behavior stop. By degrading and destroying ISIL…Chuck assumes that America’s security will be protected and all of America’s interests will be made more secure and dominant. This is what I discerned from listening to Chuck Hagel during this hearing (I watched via TV). Chuck and our American military (he claims) have an open-ended philosophy (complete flexibility) for accomplishing this realtime goal. Let’s expand on the tactics and the strategy which Chuck envisions for accomplishing this existential goal.

Chuck Hagel, Barrack Obama, Martin Dempsey have a NEW War Strategy for defeating ISIL and creating a New Syria and a New Inclusive Iraq. Will any of this be achieved within our realtime reality?

First of all, Chuck assumes that this effort by the American military will likely take a few/many years to fully accomplish (precision air strikes will commence immediately). The plan is to defeat ISIL (and their ideology) and to kill all their leaders ASAP. The key tactics will involve Predator/Reaper drones, various types of missiles, select bombs, and select precision air strikes (which America is most competent at) plus using American advisors, Iraqi ground troops, foreign advisors, Kurdish military, and foreign air support to assist with the tactics and strategy. America will provide some 1600 select special advisers (boots on the ground within Iraq) along with an existing American/Iraqi Command and Control center to seek targets which will degrade and destroy ISIL troops, equipment, personnel, and military leaders. The plan does not need further Congressional authorization (according to Chuck) as Obama’s legal counsel has concluded that this mission already has approval (from a 2001 authorization).

President Obama claims he has existing Authority to create War on ISIL (our Congress is divided on this issue)!

A further strategy is to create a Syrian loyalty force (called moderates) which will be recruited, vetted, and grouped into specific military cells for concentrated training so that these forces can enter Syria and defeat ISIL forces, acquire territory, and gradually become a new political structure which could defeat Assad and his regime (after the defeat of ISIL). This 5000 member military group of ‘moderates’ will then grow and expand over the years and gradually become a new Syrian political regime in time (with democratic values and ideals, hopefully). Chuck made it clear that this strategy is merely a plan which has not taken any firm shape as of yet. Congress, however, is now approving some $500 million for the training of this 5000 member Syrian ‘army’. Covert operations may also be necessary to ‘take out’ the Assad aircraft advantage. What else is being planned (overtly and covertly) under the label of Obama’s Counterterrorism Strategy? Let’s continue!

These are Syrian ‘moderates’ whom America will train and indoctrinate to fight ISIL!

Mr. Hagel used the word WAR when he outlined his strategy for combating ISIL. He mentioned that some 31,000 troops are currently under the command of ISIL in Iraq and the Syrian theatre. This number may decline (or grow) depending upon the success of this multi-year American/Iraqi/Syrian ‘moderate’ mission. As of today, ISIL has some 20,000 personnel within Syria and some 11,000 within Iraq. ISIL has substantial American military equipment (guns, tanks, helicopters, Humvees, etc.) which was mostly confiscated from prior Iraqi forces (who abandoned this military hardware when they ran for cover). ISIL has its Command and Control center within the borders of eastern Syria and this situation provides ISIL some protection (safe haven) until Americas precision air strikes commence within Syria. A special effort will be made to directly ‘take out’ the key political/military leaders of ISIL via America’s predator/Reaper drone tactics (now a remotely controlled computerized killing machine which requires no ‘boots on the ground’). What else seems to be happening?

Isil’s safe haven is in Eastern Syria. Their new Islamic State covers both Syrian and Iraqi territory! Some 31,000 military personnel make up the ISIL killing machine!

After listening to the Q & A session at the House Armed Services Committee hearing in Washington (yesterday), I could discern that many members of our Congress were confused about all these tactics/strategies (described by Chuck) and how these tactics/strategies would play out in realtime battles. Could our military personnel vet and simultaneously create a real fighting force of Syrians to enter the battle and then defeat ISIL (within Syria). Would these so-called ‘moderates’ actually create a new political/military structure that could defeat and then implement a NEW Syria going forward? Would America really be able to ‘vet’ a group of 5000 idealistic Syrians who would have these supposed loyalties to America’s goal and on-going plan? Where would all the ‘money’ come from for this multi-year military effort when America is mostly bankrupt and when budgets are stretched to the max? Is this Obama WAR strategy (which Hagel/Kerry/Dempsey, et al envisions) actually going to accomplish an END game which would improve America’s security, peace, and sense of justice going forward?

America is mostly bankrupt yet new military strategies continue unabated. Does this make any sense? Will our children be capable of repaying any of this debt incurred by today’s America?

Our Congress seemed confused on many issues of the New War Strategy, yet it appears that they will mostly confirm the new WAR on ISIL and eventually Syria! Why? Will you and I be more secure going forward? Can ‘death’ bring meaningful peace? Can American ‘might’ bring justice? Can America create human dignity via war?

What appears to have emerged from this House hearing (it seems)…is a majority of our elected representatives buying into this confused mirage of ideas and strategies presented by our Defense Secretary…even though this American Dream Team (Hagel/Dempsey/Kerry/Obama) seemed totally reconciled to the reality that ‘there is NO pure MILITARY solution’ to this ISIL problem. What a paradox of ideas within this DREAM TEAM of political/military elite. They seemed reconciled to the reality that there is NO real military solution to Isil’s ideology/religion/goals (an Islamic Caliphate)…yet they nonetheless desired to put America (all of us) into this paradoxical cauldron of metaphysical conflicts on the premise that our ‘Might makes Right’ wrath is a valid moral objective. Does any of this make ANY objective sense (morally or strategically)? Can a philosophy of DEATH (by America) produce a more secure/peaceful America going forward? ISIL has their philosophy of DEATH…in the ‘name’ of their Source (Allah) and their interpretations of their Holy Writings. Can our ‘death’ overcome their ‘death’? Does any of this make ANY objective SENSE? What do you think? You know my view. I do not support any of these ideas! Think for yourself! I am:

P.S. Saudi Arabia (America’s overt ally) uses beheading on a regular basis (it’s part of Sharia law). Watch video of beheading:

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