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Jim Rickards warnings – mostly right on!

September 14, 2014

Jim Rickards has written a book called ‘The Death of Money’. He has presented his perspective in many formats (videos, podcasts, and books). I have listened to his views and find that most of his perceptions are quite similar to mine. He is currently warning about a coming stock market collapse within the next 6 months. You can read/listen to his views at this link: Jim is viewed (by most financial pundits) as one of the most knowledgeable experts on our current global currency system…and on all our monetary/financial markets. You would be wise to listen to his perspective…as the coming stock market collapse is likely within days, months, or at most a year. I have been warning of this coming crash for many years but I now sense that this crash could happen within days, weeks, or at most a few months.

Jim is mostly ‘right on’ with his perspective on the markets, trends, and the coming financial crash/collapse! Take the time to read or listen to his perspective! Go to YouTube for videos!

The issues today have to do with the ‘nature’ of our so-called ‘money’. Today, our currencies are metaphysical (within our consciousness) and this means that all monetary events are emotional and psychological. Our ‘dollar’ is a metaphysical unit. The ‘euro’ is a metaphysical unit. The ‘pound’ is a metaphysical unit. And we could list some 160 global currencies which are now metaphysical units. The word ‘metaphysical’ means that these monetary units are units of imagination/consciousness. These units are created from the consciousness of select bankers and Central Bankers. These units have NO physicality or substance to them. The best way to think about these units is to think about cardinal ‘numbers’. What are cardinal ‘numbers’? In reality, cardinal ‘numbers’ are units derived from the human MIND. The human MIND consists of a metaphysical aura called CONSCIOUSNESS. Consciousness does not physically EXIST (within space/time). Yet Consciousness is fundamental to all that we think and imagine! Are you aware of this?

This writer (a perceptive lady) understands the importance of the metaphysical realm of reality! Money derives from this metaphysical realm! Are you aware of this? Money is NOT a unit  within our Natural Realm!

Take a pencil and paper and write down a sequence of cardinal numbers (like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…, etc.). Where did these ‘numbers’ come from? Think about the SOURCE of these imaginary ‘numbers’. Can you discern that ‘numbers’ are mental abstractions? Can you discern that our dollar, the euro, the pound, the yen, etc., are merely abstract mental ‘numbers’? Numbers can be typed into the computer screen by select policymakers within select commercial/central banks. When a ‘number’ is typed into an official currency account (say the official account of our Federal Reserve Bank), then these ‘numbers’ can be called ‘dollars’. A dollar, today, is merely an imaginary ‘number’. We think of our ‘dollar’ as this symbol ($1.00). What is a symbol (in reality)? Isn’t it an ‘imaginary’ unit of one’s consciousness? If you discern these realities, then you might discern the NATURE of our money today. I use the word ‘metaphysical’ to describe the NATURE of all our current global currencies. They are merely imaginary NUMBERS! Who understands?

Numbers help us count, record numerical bookkeeping accounts, measure quantities, and provide images of VALUE (prices). Numbers, however, are derived from our CONSCIOUSNESS (also called our MIND). Technically, numbers do not EXIST as physical units (matter/energy). We should call ‘numbers’ metaphysical units of consciousness.

Since our entire global monetary/financial system is now mostly IMAGINARY, traders and their subjective emotions can cause a global crash of these imaginary NUMBERS. When ‘confidence’ crashes, then all these imaginary NUMBERS also crash. The word ‘crash’ means that these ‘numbers’ get liquidated from the computer screen and the current 17,000 Dow can crash to 16,000, then to 15,000, then to 10,000, and finally to zero. Our administrators of these electronic markets realize this reality so they now have ‘circuit breakers’ which stop a crash at certain select levels. These ‘circuit breakers’ will prevent a FULL (total) crash to zero. Eventually, however, a crash can go to zero if total ‘confidence’ is lost. Few people understand that our entire monetary system is merely a CONFIDENCE GAME. When ‘confidence’ vanishes so do all the ‘numbers’ which we call our MONEY. The entire system is ALL within our MIND. Discover my/your MIND and you can discover the ‘nature’ of monetary reality! Who is aware? Who understands?

Gold coins/bars, however, are NOT metaphysical in ‘nature’. Gold is a ‘name’ for a physical metal mined from our earth. Money started out (was invented) as a physical item (to represent VALUE). Today, however, all monetary events are METAPHYSICAL! Gold will not disappear when the stock market crashes!

Yes, Jim Rickards, has a good understanding of our global currency markets. He does not use ‘words’ precisely as I would… to describe the ‘nature’ of our money, but his basic perspective is ‘right on’ and ‘substantially’ correct IMO. All our markets will SOON collapse, crash, disappear. Our so-called MONEY is metaphysical/spiritual/imaginary. Few, however, understand this reality. If you look at your cyberspace financial accounts (right now), you will witness the NUMBERS within your accounts. When you go to your personal bank and ask the teller where your MONEY is located, they will point to their computer screen. Banks, today, do not have a big storage vault (as in past years when our money was physical). All they have today are computers, computer screens, and imaginary digits within their computer screens for you to LOOK AT. Are you aware of this? Do you understand the ‘nature’ of today’s metaphysical currencies? Do you discern the imaginary ‘nature’ of numbers?

Today’s bank teller has no idea about the history of money. Ask for a silver dollar and you might get a response like…WHAT? Today our tellers think of money as a pixel (within the computer screen).

Take the time to go to your personal bank and ask them for a physical silver coin (called ‘dollar’). What kind of response will you receive? Do bank tellers understand that our money today is not physical? Older Americans will remember the American Silver Eagle coin (called ‘dollar’). This coin is now merely a collector’s item. Banks do not need vaults today since there is NO money to STORE (physically). Pulses of light (sent via speed of light frequencies) now emerge within a computer screen (as pixels). These pixels produce our digits which we call our MONEY. Think about the ‘nature’ of these pulses of light and the pixels which are produced within your own computer screen. What are they? Where do they come from? Who creates these pixels of light energy for you to LOOK AT? Think! What is a ‘dollar’ today? Where does it derive (come) from? How is it created so that we can witness these pixels within our computer screen accounts? Think! Enjoy this day! I am:

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