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Tap and Pay – starts with Apple iPhone 6 soon!

September 11, 2014

Now that our payments systems are electronic and our currency is a cyber currency, Apple is promoting a new mobile payment system called Tap and Pay. A similar concept is called Scan and Pay (using a QR code) to initiate payments. Google also has their google Wallet system which also uses the NFC (near field communication) concept for their mobile payments. Apple has converted a host of retailers to adopt their new mobile payments system starting later this month. MacDonald’s, Walgreen’s, and Macy’s have agreed to set up Readers at their stores so that customers can use the NFC concept with their iPhone 6 smart phone. New stores are being signed up for this new concept daily. It’s the WAVE of our future (so it seems) !

Tap and Pay uses NFC (near field communication) technology and works seamlessly once set-up!

Apple has created a 16 digit number as a reference code for each Apple customer who desires Tap and Pay. This code then gets connected (electronically) to a customers digital banking account so that payments can be instantaneously deducted or credited to the customers financial account. A digital thumb print acknowledges the validity of the user within the Reader. MasterCard, Visa, and American Express have also bought into this new NFC mobile payments system. Our financial world is changing rapidly now that our ‘money’ is metaphysical and mere digits within cyberspace. Is this new gimmick for consumers going to expand and become ubiquitous globally? My sense is YES (for a short time period)! Our banking system desires that everyone convert to a digital/cyber system for all financial transactions going forward. The old days of metal coins and paper notes is mostly over! I may not need a wallet in 2015 and after! My smart phone will carry all the info necessary for all my financial transactions!

Apple brings us Tap and Pay and this means paper, coins, are history! Will this work for Nations, however?

Starting in 2015, most financial transactions will be electronic and within cyberspace. All these new mobile payments systems will create a CASHLESS world for consumers, traders, investors, and lenders. Is this a sound and viable system for our new global society? Sweden has mostly converted to this type of system and many other countries have followed. Countries with 80% or more consumer payments done cashless are now: Thailand, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States of America. All European countries will be over the 80% level in 2015 as the digital revolution is mandated within the EU political system. Forget any return to a precious metal system (gold standard) for the immediate future. Digital money is here and those in control of our monetary system desire that this type of payments system prevail.

NFC allows a signal to be sent from a smart phone to a reader. Signals then travel instantaneously to my bank account where my cyber funds reside. Credit transactions can also be made via this technology!

The NFC (near field communication) concept also allows all our commercial and Central Banks to create new loans and digital credits via similar technology. Money can now be created metaphysically (by bankers) using the NFC technology. Does this system promote confidence for Nations? I would suggest NO! A cashless payments system for exports and imports may not work much longer. Russia, China, Brazil, India, South Africa (the BRICS) are starting their own payments system which could soon be independent for our cyber dollar system. The dollar system emerged in 1944 (anchored by a gold exchange standard) and then when Nixon closed the gold window to foreigners in 1971, the Petro dollar emerged in the early 70’s as the replacement for the gold exchange standard. This Petro dollar is now starting to collapse and many Nations are developing new bi-lateral exchange/payments deals.

The Petro dollar system started in 1972-73 (replacing the gold exchange standard which collapsed in 1971)! This gimmick is now being recognized as a form of Ponzi scheme developed by America!

China is trading their currency for Iranian oil and Russia is trading their natural gas for China’s currency. Many Nations now desire to avoid the Petro dollar system and develop new payments system (mostly based upon hard tangible assets). I don’t think this Tap and Pay concept will transfer to Natiions…who now discern that this gimmick (our cyber currencies) are really subjective and imaginary. They witness all the QE creations (trillions) and recognize that our ‘money’ is the real problem going forward. The United States Dollar (now a cyber dollar) could soon collapse and become worthless in a few years (or less). What America has been doing financially is really a huge Ponzi scheme and many discerning financial pundits are discerning the scam. This mobile payments trend has a limited life span IMO. Once people discern that cyber money is imaginary (mere units of consciousness), I think a NEW SYSTEM (a global reset) will develop.

A global economic Reset has started with the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa)! Watch out Mr. Dollar! The Dollar Ponzi Scheme is gradually coming to an endgame!

Consumers are mostly unaware of the bigger picture when it comes to economic history and monetary history. This means that few consumers discern what is now developing behind the scenes. Understanding money and finance may seem simple to those who have not developed a full understanding of monetary history. As a teacher on these subjects I have discerned, however, that most Americans are mostly uneducated and unaware of the nuances of money, value, and the whole purpose underlying economic systems. Few understand the philosophy of Capitalism and its history. Hardly anyone understands money and value. Few discern the difference between a currency and money. It is rare to find a person who understands the concept of ‘value’. Anyway, this is a short missive on what is now developing for consumers who have bought into our mobile smart phone payment developments. Tap and Pay starts in September/October 2014. Similar concepts are creating our CASHLESS global payments system. Enjoy! I am:

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