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Obama’s New War Strategy – totally ‘negative’!

September 10, 2014

The history of negative war strategies demonstrate that if our Nation is not directly affected (say…a land invasion or an inside the State act of war by an invader force) then a direct response (as Obama is initiating) will likely lead to a counter negative response from our enemies. What our President is now creating (via his new strategy on 9/10/2014) IMO is a strategy which will lead to more insecurity and counter negative attacks from our enemies (within our Nation). Did our War in Iraq (2003-14) lead to peace and security for Americans? Has the War in Afghanistan led to any real peace and security for Americans? Do the War’s between the Palestinians/Iran/Lebanon and Israel lead to any lasting peace or security for Israel? Why not? I would suggest that when America initiates a conflict (on mostly emotional/ideological premises) that this political behavior will NOT lead to and real inner security for the American people…going forward! Think about what we are now doing and the consequences which emerge from this ‘negative’ behavior!

The idea that attacking an enemy which has not threatened the American Homeland is not a strategy which our Founding Fathers would support IMO. What our political/military administration is doing is initiating a ‘fight’ which is emotional and ideological at its core and then using bombs, missiles, and drones to hopefully change or eliminate our enemy’s ideology. This is absurd as killing select leaders and troops is unlikely to change the ideology of IS. New leaders emerge who have hardened attitudes and this can only lead to retribution from our so-called enemies. Expect more insecurity for Americans and eventually we could witness another 9/11 event. This is shameful and few seem to discern that negative behavior will lead to more negative behavior. Let’s review what Barrack Hussein Obama has been doing recently!

Obama moves to keep kill list memos secret forever

United States President Barack Obama has no plans to show Congress the legal rulings that justify his use of drones to kill US citizens, despite urging from members of his own political party. Both members of the House and Senate have demanded as of late that the Obama administration explain more about the president’s ability to execute Americans suspected of terrorist activity without ever taking them to trial.

Members of his own party have continuously pressed President Obama to disclose more information on his targeted kill program to no avail, but even as questions intensify and answers continue to be unknown, the president is reportedly dismissing pleas largely coming from the left and is preparing to side with Republicans — political foes who are much less concerned about his drone program than last year’s terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

ISIL (ISIS, IS) has not directly attacked our Homeland (our 50 States) as yet. So why is it necessary for America to initiate a global conflict with another ideological enemy (fundamental Islam)? Is ’emotion’ (a beheading) a valid premise for another WAR? To date, America (with Obama’s direct approval) has killed thousands of Islamic militants (including hundreds of innocent civilians/children) via direct Drone attacks and Aircraft missiles. These killings are done quietly and without any real media attention so that voting Americans are mostly unaware of what is happening in realtime. Yet, the Obama administration is killing thousands via another military strategy (death without a beheading) which nonetheless leads to complete DEATH for those selected for an attack. Whether an enemy kills via beheading or we kill via a vaporization attack from a Predator Drone…both lead to DEATH. Death is death! Right?

An American Drone (seeking one select enemy person in a public school) killed some 69 young school children in Pakistan (Oct. 30, 2006). Did the American media publicize this inhumanity from our American political/military administration? Did any Americans weep over these dead human beings? Why not?

Do Americans know about this drone killing (also in Pakistan) authorized by Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama (and his military machine) on April 5, 2013?


Isn’t there a more positive way to challenge an ideology (radical Islam) which many Americans dislike? What good does it do to create another NEGATIVE set of war games when America has not been directly invaded by some outside enemy? How can this political/military behavior lead to any real peace and/or security for Americans? Negative behavior tends to lead to a counter negative behavior…don’t you think? Isn’t this the history of war and man’s inhumanity to man? Why not create a non-violent process where the IDEOLOGY of radical Islam is challenged? What these folks desire is a Caliphate and a system which their religion advocates for Islamic believing people. Yes, Islam has many different Sects within their belief system but each Sect is part of Islam (within the context of the Quran and their prophet Muhammad). Muslims mostly believe in their God called Allah. This is their IDEOLOGY. Why don’t we work to understand their worldview and then see if we can not live in peace with these people of the Quran (and their God, Allah)? Would not this be a more ‘positive’ approach?


A positive approach (for Americans) to radical Islam is to challenge their metaphysical ideology! This is at the core of their motivations! This 1400 year ideology has many different versions, twists, and interpretations. Nonetheless, this is WHY we must challenge this belief system (not create more negative war games with the followers of this religion). The above American (originally from New Mexico) was killed in Yemen by two hellfire missiles (sent by a Predator drone by Obama and his military machine). Why? Was it emotion or reason? Could any politically incorrect American be subject to a similar drone attack?

Will the killing of this leader eliminate the Ideology of ISIS? What Americans could initiate is a challenge of this man’s Ideology (along with a challenge of our own ideology)! Why not?

The American ‘mob’ now appears to support the direct military confrontation with IS. The Wall Street Journal states that some 61% of Americans appear to desire war with IS. This is rather shocking to me. And this desire for war appears to be mostly an emotional response to the ‘beheading’ of two American Journalists over in Syria/Iraq. Yet, when we ask the people we call our enemy about American behavior, they respond that Americans are killing hundreds of innocent human beings (mostly Muslims) via all their Drone, Missile, and Bombing attacks. Do Americans observe these killings (done mostly via a remote electronic process from a control room within one of our military bases in the USA)? Are these Predator Drone strikes much different when we look at the gory details? A dead human being is the result of our hellfire drones just as a beheading is a result of a knife strike. Both seem equally barbaric (to me)! What do you think? How can more ‘death’ and counter ‘death’ lead to any real security, peace, and happiness for any thinking person? Let’s do some philosophical reflection on this issue! Think! I am:

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