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Mario Draghi ‘talks’ down Euro (says Wall Street Journal)!

September 6, 2014

The Euro declined from 1.40 in May, 2014 (dollars needed to buy one euro) to 1.29 (recently). An article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) stated that Draghi has been ‘talking’ down the Euro. What does this mean…’talking down’ the Euro? How can a Central Banker actually ‘talk’ down or up a currency? What we need to understand is that all our currencies today are metaphysical units. Basically, a currency (like the Euro) is a ‘word’, ‘name’, and ‘number’. What is a ‘word’, in reality? Think of the ‘words’ emerging from your mouth. A WORD is a unit of one’s ‘consciousness’. We speak ‘words’ and ‘words’ come out of our mouth. All these ‘words’ are metaphysical units which have no physicality. This means that a Central Banker who creates a currency (a word) can actually TALK up and/or down this unit of consciousness. Are you aware of this reality? The Power of Words can change all our Global Financial Markets! Watch the ‘words’ deriving from the mouths of Central Bankers!

A Central Banker can merely ‘speak’ and the result is a change in the subjective value of a currency. What a world we live within! Money, today, is merely a unit of consciousness! All our financial accounts are now metaphysical  accounts! Are you aware of this reality?

Practically all our so-called ‘money’ today consists of units of consciousness (words, names, numbers). A number is merely a short hand notation for a ‘word’. What we create, trade, spend, invest, and lend today are units of our inner consciousness (numbers) which get ‘typed’ into the computer screen by BANKERS (commercial bankers as they create loans and Central Bankers as they create their loans and quantitative easing (QE). Today, our ‘money’ is a metaphysical creation of administrators within our Banking System. These ‘numbers’ which we witness within our computer screens as our so-called ‘money’ derive from consciousness and then the ‘numbers’ get typed into our computer accounts. We can call our ‘money’ Cyber Money, Virtual Money, or Imaginary Money. These units of ‘nothing’ are not visible or tangible (we merely use these ‘numbers’ for our financial transactions). We ‘think’ and grow rich and grow poor! We live within our inner CONSCIOUSNESS!

A Central Banker, like our Fed Chairman, (Janet Yellen) can merely ‘speak’ and change our metaphysical markets. Traders respond by clicking their computer mouses…as ‘words’ emerge from the MOUTH of this policy-maker! Words create new realities! Watch this policy-maker for NEW AND DIFFERENT WORDS going forward!

A good way to understand today’s money is to think of a Silver Coin which served as our standard of value until 1968 (the American Silver Eagle coin). This metal coin was given the ‘name’ Dollar. We created this coin to represent the metaphysical ‘name’ called Dollar. What happens when we sever or divorce the metal coin from its ‘name’? What happens is that the coin remains BUT it gets removed from circulation as legal tender. We then merely use the ‘name’ (Dollar) as our currency (with no coin underlying our monetary transactions). We use the short-hand representation of the ‘word’ Dollar for our visual image. This short-hand representation appears in our financial accounts as this symbol ($1.00). This same process occurs in Europe and we call their currency the Euro. Since this ‘word’ and its symbol are metaphysical, this means that a Central Banker, like Mario Draghi or Janet Yellen, can TALK up and/or down their currency. What a change has occurred since the closing of the gold window in 1971. Our entire world now uses metaphysical currencies (units of our consciousness for all financial transactions)! Very interesting!

All global currencies are now metaphysical units of consciousness! These units (symbols) get ‘typed’ into the computer screen and then they enter Cyberspace. Cyber Money now determines who gets to buy/sell/invest/trade/lend! These units are subjective and subject to huge volatility and eventual elimination!

Watch our Cyber Markets for signs of major changes in economic trends and financial timing going forward. Words emerging from the mouths of Central Bankers can CHANGE markets dramatically. Our ‘monetary system’ is now METAPHYSICAL and this means that WORDS can change all our global markets. WORDS coming from the ‘mouths’ of select elite policy-makers determine what will happen with our markets. Expect change as these elite change their WORDS! Enjoy! I am:

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