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Obama/Biden Mindset – Backwards/Dangerous! Why?

September 3, 2014

The political/military strategy of Obama/Biden will prove ineffective and detrimental to American values and American interests (watch and learn). That is my humble opinion! Biden recently implied on CNN that ISIL (ISIS, IS) are agents of hell and he further implies that America will destroy these Islamic militants/devils  (also called the Islamic State). The mindset of Biden is especially primitive (unaware and detrimental IMO) as he implies that America can eliminate this 1400 year historical/Islamic ‘ideology’…via the philosophy of American ‘Might’, ‘drone strikes’, ‘bombs’, and ‘missiles’. He seems totally oblivious to the reality of the underlying metaphysical ‘ideology’ of these Islamists (the real battle is ideological and not physical). Who is aware? Can American MIGHT overcome a metaphysical (spiritual) ideology?

Beliefs of ISIS may not appear logical (based on their current behavior)! None-the-less, ISIS does promote ideological beliefs as their vision for their Caliphate.

Killing select individuals within the hierarchy of the Islamic State will prove ‘fruitless’ (long-term) as this mindset avoids the metaphysical realities behind these militants thinking. Does he (Biden) really THINK that American ‘might’ and military warfare (killing select leaders) will eliminate a 1400 year ideology of Islam and their metaphysical desires? To me, this is gross deception! This type of battle (metaphysical in nature) is a battle of the inner spirit (consciousness/mind) and not a battle of missiles/bombs/drones! The core reality of the Islamic militants centers on their metaphysical (spiritual) beliefs. This is the CAUSE! Do Obama/Biden recognize this reality?

How do leaders within ISIS envision Obama’s drones, missiles, air strikes, and killing of innocent Islamic citizens (what we call collateral damage)? Are they revealing a ‘tit for tat’ mentality via their beheadings of Americans?

Killing the core Leaders of ISIS does not eliminate the underlying BELIEFS of this group! New leaders will emerge and then the battle continues! Ideas are metaphysical! Who is aware?

These core beliefs have their foundation in the theology of Islam (as interpreted by ISIS) and the revelations of Muhammad and his holy book called the Quran. This theology has been at the core of why these militants desire to ‘shed’ themselves from Western (secular) control and the Western doctrine of a Democracy for everyone (a secular/non-spiritual) doctrine (in their view). The Islamic militants have a powerful metaphysical ideology (agree or disagree) which transcends all the Western strategies of killing, bombing, drones, and MIGHT. Obama/Biden, apparently, think that their MIGHT can overcome this metaphysical (spiritual) ideology. This, to me, is seriously mis-directed  belief! This mindset will prove to be the undoing of the Obama/Biden strategy IMO.

Historical beliefs are not eliminated via American missiles, drones, bombs, and killing! Do our political leaders recognize this reality?

Obama states that the World will never bow to a philosophy ‘where the big…bully the small’. Yet he seems totally oblivious to the reality that HE (and his American administration) is precisely doing what he says he opposes (does the Obama/Biden administration understand their own behavior). Do they discern that a strategy of Might makes Right will not overcome a strong historical BELIEF system? Islam has many variant interpretations of their Quran and the various Sects (within Islam) hold many divergent views. Yet the religion is at the core of the Muslim culture and their vision of a prophetic future. The Obama/Biden strategy of military MIGHT can not win over a spiritual belief system like militant Islam! That is my opinion!

A belief system is metaphysical (spiritual) and can not be overcome via military MIGHT! Few politicians, however, seem to discern this reality!

Obama also wants to ‘stop’ Putin in the Ukraine area, yet it was HE and his administration which created the Ukraine problem in the first place. Who created the environment which caused Yanukovych (the democratically elected ruler of Ukraine) to flee into Russia? My sense is that the Obama administration was behind this political event. Who promoted the idea of a Ukraine joining the Western group of Nations (Europe and NATO)? Does Obama/Biden not reflect on their OWN philosophical doctrines (a Western democracy for everyone)? Will Mr. Putin bow to the overt manipulations of the American administration and their desires for Global hegemony? I doubt it!

Was Ukraine’s democratically elected leader (Yanukovych) supported by the Obama Administration? Who was behind this ouster of a democratically elected leader?

The Obama Administration supports Poroshenko (since this leader has a similar doctrine to that of the American policymakers)! Putin, however, is not supported as he thinks differently! Should everyone be a ‘clone’ of American policies?

The Islamic militants (now in Syria/Iraq) have a powerful (historical) metaphysical (spiritual) ideology which underlies their behavior (yes it is a ‘dark’ theology). What do these militants really desire, however? We know that they view America as the GREAT SATAN and Israel as the ‘little satan’. But what do these leaders think and believe which motivates them to act as they do? First of all, they do NOT want America’s concepts of democracy (a form of secular mob rule in their view). They view American behavior (and values) as anathema to their metaphysical (spiritual) vision…as interpreted within their Quran and by their prophet.

Muslims believe in a Higher Spiritual Power (called God/Allah). They believe that their prophet, Muhammad, outlined a society centered around their spiritual philosophy. They view their Quran as their CONSTITUTION! They view a Caliphate as part of a greater vision for their freedom and prosperity. We can agree or disagree but beliefs are powerful motivators. Can bombs, drones, missiles destroy this mindset? I don’t think so! The Obama/Biden mindset ignores history and the Islamic metaphysical reality which created these powerful beliefs! If Americans desire to change the mindset of ISIS, or a similar group which would emerge after ISIS, then they must confront the ideology of Islam and the variant interpretations of Islam and their Quran.

No one really knows what prophet Muhammad looked like! Some even claim that he never existed. I don’t think a real Muslim, however, would believe this!

The Muslim Quran is the ‘Constitution’ for Islamist’s. America’s secular beliefs are mostly rejected by the 1.3 billion Muslims on this planet!

What kind of policy is Biden advocating for America? Does he understand the belief system of Islam…and the militants which he views as from the ‘gates of hell’?

I don’t perceive that the Obama/Biden duo and/or their political administration as suited for this type of ideological battle of the mind. Islam is a strong/historical belief system and each Sect within Islam has their own interpretation of what their prophet, Muhammad, desired and promoted. To get to the bottom of the ideology of ISIS, or any variant Islamic sect, we would need to get deeply into their theology and their core beliefs. Why does ISIS behave as they do (including beheading Americans)? It may boil down to how they view their God, called Allah, and also their prophet, called Muhammad. Can the Obama/Biden duo understand these metaphysical realities of the mind? Calling ISIS devils from hell is not a good start (in my humble opinion)! I am: http://kingdomecon.wordpress.dom

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