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Can Anyone Enunciate ‘absolute’ Truth? If so, Who?

August 27, 2014

Today, we have some 41,000 Christian denominations, thousands of Islamic sects, hundreds of Jewish sects, in addition to Buddhist sects, Hindu sects, Atheists, and the countless individuals who call themselves scientists. All claim that ‘Truth’ is part of their goal. Everyone within the hierarchy of each sect/organization assumes that they can discover final (absolute) Truth (if not now, then eventually). Is any of this realistic and reasonable in today’s age of relativity? We now have some 7 billion people on our planet (each with a subjective/relative perspective on reality).  Can any single person or group of persons discover final/absolute Truth for everyone? Would it not be more realistic to admit that all ‘Truth’ is relative to the individual (subjective) and impossible to enunciate in some final/absolute form?

Most people tend to ‘follow’ a leader who claims that he/she has absolute truth to present! Is this reality or mere deception?

Today, we can witness millions of perspectives on the internet. Each perspective seems limited and uncertain about what they present and believe. Some people believe in a Higher Intelligence (say God) and others believe in a ‘here and now’ reality of secularism or existentialism. When I listen to our World Leaders via the media or the internet, I discern that each leader has a different perspective on what is happening and what should happen. Politicians to not agree on most serious issues of legislation and educators have all sorts of different perspectives on practically every issue of life. So WHO can discern final or absolute reality? Doesn’t it seem realistic that no-one can? Doesn’t it seem realistic that we all have limited/subjective perspectives? What do you think?

Do we actually experience a Past or a Future? Is not reality lived ALWAYS in the now! Who actually experiences a ‘past’ or a ‘future’? Personally, I live my life as ‘successive moments of now’ (always)! My ‘past’ is always a NOW memory!

Wouldn’t our world be more realistic and practical if everyone adopted the view that human beings are limited/subjective/uncertain/and unable to achieve the lofty/impossible goal of playing God (for everyone)? Who is this all-knowing (omniscient) person who can enunciate final/absolute reality for the entire human race (all 7 billion people)? Has anyone met a person who fits this description on planet Earth? What I witness in realtime are subjective human beings (leaders and non-leaders) who seem quite limited and uncertain about what reality is all about! If we assume that select human intellectuals could achieve the status of enunciating absolute Truth, then who might this be? Is their anyone from history and/or from current realtime experience who might be this all-knowing (super presenter of final/absolute Truth)? Let’s review a couple of possibilities to discern if this is myth or reality.

Can ‘anyone’ interpret WORDS in a Holy Book and by-pass their subjective/limited perspective? Who can enunciate the Mind of the Creator/Logos/Most High via ‘words’ and personal ‘interpretations’?

Can ‘words’ from the holy books (Torah, Quran, Vedas, Bible, Book of Mormon, etc.) lead to absolute Truth? This idea can be immediately dismissed as every reader of these books presents unique ‘interpretations’ from the words which are read. If each reader of a Holy Book has a subjective interpretation, then it is obvious that ‘words’ can not lead to absolute/final Truth. Realtime experience reveals that we have millions of different interpretations of each human experience and the history of human experience. Those who believe in a ‘here and now’ reality (Worldview) tend to interpret events differently from those who believe in a ‘Past’/’Future’ interpretation of events. This shows that every serious thinker has their own unique Worldview. This means that all interpretations of events are less than Absolute/Final.

Can any single individual or group enunciate/interpret/devise that which is Absolute/Final/Truth for the entire planet of persons (now some 7 billion)? Is there any person on our planet today who can play God (and be viewed as a Final/Absolute Authority) for EVERYONE? Who? If not, then what does this imply?

Let’s end with this conclusion. Human beings are all uncertain (to various degrees) about reality and incapable of enunciating any FINAL TRUTH about history, current events, or potential events. Our ‘words’ and ‘rhetoric’ reveals our subjective mindset and uncertain perspective. Science can not tell any Absolute Truth. Religion can not tell any Absolute Truth. Educators can not tell any Absolute Truth. Philosophers can not tell any Absolute Truth. Not one person on this planet can enunciate or document any Final/Absolute/Unchanging TRUTH. All Holy Books must be interpreted by the reader and this reveals the readers SUBJECTIVE thinking/interpretations. What we witness in realtime on this planet is a RELATIVE marketplace of ideas and interpretations. Reality is therefore RELATIVE. This does not mean that one can not SEEK absolute Truth! I can SEEK daily that which is ‘true’ and ‘absolute’…but this SEEKING is a continuing process (and unending process) in our realtime world! What do you think? I am:

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