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The Ideology of ISIS (IS/ISIL)! Why bombs will not work!

August 18, 2014

America and the West (including their proxies within the Middle East) now desire to ‘bomb’ the Islamic State into non-existence and/or containment. Why is this a fruitless endeavor which will only make the problem much worse. The first concept we need to understand is that ‘ideas’ are not eliminated via bombs, rockets, missiles, drones, or gun powder. Ideas are metaphysical phenomena and after all the bombs have stopped dropping, the ideology of ISIS and also those dropping the bombs is unchanged. An ideology like that of ISIS (also called the Islamic State or the coming Caliphate) is not affected by explosives and other military equipment. What we need to understand is that an ‘ideology’ is metaphysical (spiritual) and the elimination of flesh and blood bodies does not get to the core or cause of an ideology. America, NATO, Europe, and the Obama administration are barking up an invisible/non-physical tree and their ‘bark’ will have no real effect upon the Cause (of the problem)! What is the core ideology of ISIS? Let’s review!

All the ‘green’ area could be viewed as a potential Islamic State with a Caliphate in control of the people!

The beliefs of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-anointed Caliph of ISIS,  who claims to be a descendant of Muhammad…has a belief system where his God, Allah, is his Source or Logos. What Abu Bakr desires is a theocracy for all his Muslim brethren and eventually for the entire planet. The Kingdom of Allah (the Creator) is the goal and destiny of all those who follow the beliefs of this Islamic State version of reality (religious dogma). Once a Caliphate is established, then Abu Bakr and his clan of Imams will desire to establish a set of rules for his society to follow and adhere to (called Sharia Law). All this derives from the Islamic Koran and their scripture (believed to be a direct command from their God, Allah/Creator). This mindset of Abu Bakr (a belief within greater Islam) is a control/rulership mindset which is derived (according to this leader) from a higher God or Source called Allah (planet Earth’s Creator)! So who is this God, Allah? Why is Abu Bakr desiring this Caliphate for Iraq and eventually the entire planet? Why this mindset and where does it lead?

The mindset of ISIS is a Caliphate with control of the people via Sharia Law! Abu Bakr thinks this is his ‘calling’ from a Higher Authority (called Allah)!

The self-anointed Caliph or leader (speaking for Allah) is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi! Abu believes that he is a direct descendant of Muhammad and that Allah has chosen him for his destiny! This is his mindset or Worldview!

According to Islamic history and belief, Allah (also called planet Earth’s Creator within Islam) is the same God as that worshipped by Elijah of 1 kings 18 and 19 (according to Islam). Elijah was an Israelite (and a prophet of Israel) who followed the beliefs of the person called Abraham…who believed in a God named, Yahweh. Arabs call their God, Allah (the Creator God)…however, this God could also be called Yahweh (the ‘name’ chosen by those described as the descendants of Isaac/Jacob). So, Allah and/or Yahweh, could also be called the God of the Old Testament and the God which ‘called’ the person we think of as Abraham. Allah and Yahweh are, essentially, the same God or Logos (according to the beliefs of Islam). Who discerns this reality. Names for God (like Allah) change from culture to culture, yet the assumed Source referred to, is identical to the God of Israel (called Yahweh)! Christians call this Source the first person of their Trinity (generally called Father or God the Father)! It’s important that we understand the mindset of those who we view as enemies! Let’s continue!

The God of Islam has the ‘name’ ALLAH! Abraham called his God YHWH! Christians call their Leader/God Jesus or Yeshua! According to Islam and Judaism…Jesus/Yeshua was/is not the Creator God…(merely a prophet within Islam and a false messiah within Judaism)! Christians, however, view Jesus (Yeshua in Aramaic) as their God (part of a Trinity of persons)! Notice the different Worldviews within each religion!

Abu Bakr thinks that his God (Allah) has chosen him to set up an Islamic State. That, to me, is the core doctrine of al-Baghdadi and his clan (which the media calls IS, ISIL, ISIS, or the Islamic State). The word, Allah (Islam’s concept of Creator God), is merely the Arabic ‘name’ for God! Abu Bakr thinks of himself as the chosen of Allah and also as a descendant of the prophet Muhammad (according to what has emerged within the public media). Beliefs are powerful and these beliefs induce a person to act (within realtime). This also goes for those with contrarian beliefs. We all have specific beliefs (about the nature of reality) and those in authority/leadership desire that their beliefs become universalized. Scientists believe that their beliefs are absolute (universal) for everyone. Evangelical Christians believe that their beliefs are universal for everyone. Atheists believe that their beliefs are universal for everyone. Catholics believe that their doctrines are universal for everyone! Islam has a similar view of reality. Many philosophers call this one’s Worldview!  Playing God (by human rulers/leaders) seems ubiquitous globally!

Worldview manipulation is prevalent within religions/cults/science/secular education/strong men/governmental administrations/economics/ philosophy/and human nature! What is your Worldview?

All leaders (religious and secular) desire a type of ‘political correctness’ for their community/society. Anyone who does not conform to the beliefs of the ruling STATE must eventually be eliminated or marginalized. This is the mode of operation of ALL rulers and governmental administrations (throughout history). The STATE must come first when ‘push comes to shove’. Political correctness must be imposed and forced upon everyone to the degree necessary. Some Nation States (and cultures) do allow a greater allowance for alternative viewpoints when economic conditions are favorable and everyone is essentially cooperating with the basic Laws, Rules, and Regulations. When an economy turns down, however, a community/society will often disregard the laws, rules, and regulations in order to survive. This then leads to a situation where the STATE must impose their mandates via FORCE (police/military/guns)! The central STATE will use GUNS to eliminate those who refuse to bow to the State (when push comes to shove)! We see this now in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Israel, Egypt,Thailand, Sudan, Mali, Ukraine, and numerous other small States throughout our planet! Each State desires to maintain Rulership via a philosophy of Might makes Right!

Laws, Rules, Edicts, Executive Orders, Marshall Law, Political Correctness, are ALL forms of mind control over the people’s freedom! Ultimate freedom is not possible under any form of centralized control system! Control and freedom are mutually exclusive concepts! We live in a World where Rulers impose their ‘control’ over their community! Control must be inforced for a State to survive!

America is no different from ISIS when it comes to the concepts of desiring CONTROL and POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Naturally, I view the beliefs of America as much superior (as of today) to that of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (and his philosophy of ‘death’ to everyone who disagrees with his version of Islam), but when ‘push comes to shove’ our American government will use their security forces (Homeland Security, Military, Marshall Law, Executive Orders, Guns, Etc.) to assure that their STATE  survives during a period of economic chaos! We witness this now (to a degree) in Missouri and we also witness this mindset over in Iraq and the Middle East. The American administration views ISIS as a threat to American values and beliefs…and their current strategy for dealing with this threat is to ‘kill’ the command center of ISIS and then the key leaders who represent this clan of believers. Is this a meaningful and winning strategy given today’s global internet society? Personally, I don’t think so! An ‘ideology’ (metaphysical in nature) can not be eliminated via killing the body. Anyone who survives (after the bombs finish) will continue to have their BELIEFS (usually contrary to the bombing entity)! Violence tends to beget violence! Did WW I end violence? Did WW II end violence?

Bombs beget more bombs. WW I and WW II did not end the bombing, missiles, killing? Some 60 million killed in these two wars! What is now emerging appears to be WW III in the making. Human nature does not seem to change!

The only solution for ideological issues is a public challenge system for ‘Truth’ (and this would need to be a continuing process for years). Truth eventually changes minds and beliefs. Truth, however, is always relative on planet Earth. The ‘Truth’ will eventually set us Free (not bombs, missiles, drones, and religious/scientific/secular doctrines). That would be my perspective! Think for yourself and seek ‘Truth’ (recognizing that all ‘Truth’ is relative here on planet Earth)! As human beings we are all intellectually ‘flawed’ to some degree. This means that we can not discover ULTIMATE TRUTH  (via our own efforts or teaching). We would need some ABSOLUTE SOURCE OF TRUTH to be IMPOSED on everyone (and everywhere) for TRUTH to be absolute and universal. Flawed human beings could not discern this ABSOLUTE TRUTH or administer this  ABSOLUTE TRUTH via their own intellect. Relative ‘truth’ appears to be the only salvation for mankind! What do you think? I am:



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  1. hallenberg2005 permalink
    August 18, 2014 4:48 pm

    william blake said,”when one embraces the truth, our judgement takes place at that time and our eternal life begins!


    • August 18, 2014 6:41 pm

      That is good advice. Thanks for commenting. D

      On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 4:48 PM, Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now wrote:



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