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My Solution for our Massive Debts and Deficits!

August 18, 2014

Today, we have a new cyberspace monetary system which allows for more creativity and flexibility going forward. For example: it is now possible to DELETE all our cyber debt (all the trillions Nationally and Globally) which is stored within our computer screens as virtual numbers. Our monetary unit today is an imaginary digit which gets ‘typed’ into cyberspace and then gets displayed within our computer screens. This means that all DEBT and all Cyber accounts can be DELETED and/or partially deleted at the will of our banking authorities. All our Banks are now storing DEBT of all types (mortgage, personal, business, consumer, student, and public) within their computer screens (called cyberspace). This type of debt can be DELETED at will by our banking authorities. Are you aware of this reality? What we need to understand is that all our so-called ‘money’ today is artificial/imaginary/virtual/digital…and within CYBERSPACE. A deletion or partial deletion can be accomplished simply by pushing the DELETE button on the computer keyboard…which stores this virtual debt. Why not start this deletion process NOW?

Our DEBT no longer consists of paper notes. Today our DEBT is stored within cyberspace as imaginary numbers. This allows for complete DELETION of all these ‘numbers’! Our banking authorities can press the DELETE key on their computer and all the numbers vanish into-thin-air! Wouldn’t this work? Let’s think creatively!

If we look at some of our National Debt Accounts, we can discern that these virtual numbers (see: can not be repaid by the American people. Our National Debt is currently $17.7 trillion and growing by the millisecond. Total U.S. Debt, which includes personal, business, household, local, and financial institutions is $61.5 trillion and growing by the millisecond. U.S. unfunded liabilities are currently some $117.8 trillion and growing by the millisecond. All this DEBT is unpayable and everyone knows this. So what can we do? One option is to recognize that all this DEBT is really ‘virtual’ debt within cyberspace. This means that it can be DELETED with the punch of a computer key. This debt is imaginary and is bogging down our entire National economy. Why not start a DELETION of this debt starting with all the mortgage debt and credit card debt. This action would immediately free-up millions of Americans to contribute positively to our economy going forward!

Why not start a DEBT jubilee now! Start with mortgage and credit card DEBT! Who does not agree?

The National Debt is partially owed to foreigners so we would need to get agreement prior to DELETION of these numbers from cyberspace. Since most of our foreign debt is owed to just a few countries (China, Japan, Germany, etc.) we could arrange a barter of services and agricultural products for these trade deficits (now in the trillions). We could ask China, for example, what we might barter for the $3 trillion virtual cyber dollars which they store in their computer screens. I would suggest that we might barter technology services, educational services, cultural services, some grain and food items, some out-dated military equipment, and some space technology (equipment and services). We could get an agreement for the $3 trillion and then work on Japan, Germany, Europe, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Trade DEBTS could be negotiated as barter transactions. America has a huge advantage in the technology sectors, the knowledge sectors, and the agricultural sectors. Let’s barter to eliminate ALL our trade deficits and foreign DEBT. Why not? Let’s think creatively now rather than wait for the coming CRASH!

What we need today, is to recognize that all Nations have serious DEBT and DEFICIT issues which can not be resolved via more of the same thinking. We now need to think anew and then work gradually to eliminate all economies from all the past unpayable DEBT. We could start a DEBT JUBILEE program which starts small and then increases over time. The goal would be to eliminate ALL debt from the entire planet (over a few years time). Now that our so-called money is metaphysical/virtual/imaginary we could start this process of debt elimination immediately. The operation of  DELETION is a simple concept as all we need to do is press computer keys (called DELETE). What happens is all the numbers vanish into-thin-air (similar to how they are now being created). The entire monetary system is now within CYBERSPACE (a metaphysical space which is within our extended consciousness). Think about this SOLUTION going forward! We can start TODAY! Enjoy! I am:

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  1. hallenberg2005 permalink
    August 18, 2014 4:56 pm

    don your thought process are excellent. wouldn’t the above be a good excuse for the powers to be to initiate electronic money(do away with paper currency) and go cashless?? so what you are proposing is already in the planning stadge by the imf i believe.


    • August 18, 2014 6:43 pm

      I agree that the powers to be are thinking in terms of a global digital currency (administered by one Central Bank). This to me is equivalent to the ‘Mark of the Beast’. D

      On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 4:56 PM, Kingdom Economics – The Future Is Now wrote:



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