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Most Trading today consists of Phantom trades! Why?

August 15, 2014

Today, we can think about the major change which took place on August 15, 1971 (43 years prior to today). This date will go down in history as the Nixon Shock and also the day when phantom trading started to emerge. What happened on 8/15/71 which was so significant? This was the date when our then President, Richard Milhous Nixon, chose to stop all foreigners from exchanging their paper dollars for our gold supply at Ft. Knox. Nixon became aware that our gold supply had declined from some 740 million ounces in 1944 to some 272 million ounces on 8/15/71. The run on our gold (allowed by the Bretton Woods Monetary Agreement) was continuing and if Nixon did not close this ‘gold window’, ALL our gold would be gone and our dollar would be exposed as ‘valueless’ (in the eyes of foreign holders). After talking this situation over with his Treasury Secretary, John Connelly, and also the famed economist, Milton Friedman…Nixon chose to take the chance of closing all further exchanges of dollars for gold. Think about this decision! Why was it so significant? What has this decision led to as of 8/15/14?

The closing of the gold window revealed that our American dollar (now unbacked and without any substance) was a phantom unit (without ‘value’) and this gradually has led to our current cyberspace dollar (digital in nature) which now is totally a phantom unit (created out of nothing). Today, there is no location or substance to this phantom unit that we call the American dollar. This unit can not be found, located, or discovered anyplace within our greater material universe. This unit (called money by many) is now a unit of CONSCIOUSNESS…and is an inner unit within our mind. This means that our entire financial system is now subjective and a phantom within our imagination. Who can locate any of their dollars today within our greater material universe? The reality is that we now live with phantom ‘values’, phantom trading, phantom web-based transactions, and a phantom financial system globally. Those who understand cyberspace and their own inner consciousness will discern this reality. Others must live with deception and illusion until a NEW AWARENESS emerges!

All currencies are now located in a metaphysical space called CYBERSPACE. This space is not within our material/observable Universe! Are you aware of this? Welcome to a new world of INNER space called our CONSCIOUSNESS and extended consciousness!

The decision of Richard Milhous Nixon was historic as it changed the psychology of all currencies. We all used to THINK of money as physical and related to gold. After this decision of 8/15/71, we thought of our ‘dollar’ as a paper note or instrument. Today, we need to think of our ‘dollar’ as a phantom unit within cyberspace (our extended consciousness). Practically all our forex, equity, bond, stock, and derivative trading today involves trading phantom concepts within cyberspace. All the ETF’s, derivatives, financial indices, and all the forex currencies are now phantom units (with no substance or objective reality)! What a change from 1971 and prior!

Cyberspace is an INNER space and few can discern this reality!

Today, we receive no physical paper when trading and all our conscious transactions are now nearly 100% virtual and within cyberspace. Who understands? Those who understand material reality and our observable universe should be able to discern this phantom nature of all our markets today. My challenge to anyone and everyone is to try locate, find, or discover our American dollar (or any other global cyber currency) within our material/observable universe. We all now live within an INNER metaphysical universe when it comes to finance, trading, and investing. Enjoy this inner experience while you can! This inner experience is totally subjective and likely to change dramatically as emotions/confidence/awareness changes. Watch the cyber markets for evidence on when the coming change in our illusionary markets takes place. I sense that a change could be rather SOON! I am:


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