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Why can the ‘price’ of Gold go to ZERO? Let’s understand!

August 13, 2014

To understand why our ‘prices’ are artificial and subject to deletion (going to zero) we need to understand the nature of our pricing unit (called the dollar). What is our ‘dollar’ in reality? Does anyone understand? Most will recognize that we have a digital dollar today. But what is a digital dollar? What we need to understand is that a digital dollar is also a unit within cyberspace. This means that a digital dollar is also a cyber dollar. A cyber dollar is also a unit of information; a unit of consciousness; a mental abstraction; a metaphysical unit; and a unit of nothing (substance wise). This means that all our so-called units of currency (dollars) can be DELETED from our computers with a decision to delete (by our Central Bank Authorities). Today, all ‘prices’ are expressed with our digital/cyber/information dollar. When you check on a ‘price’ (say the price of a one ounce gold coin) you need to go to your computer and check the price within cyberspace. This ‘price’ (currently $1308/ounce) changes from millisecond to millisecond as today’s ‘prices’ are continually manipulated/changed via trading strategies using our computer driven machines. Take the time to visit this website right now:  Notice the chart at the top of the website with the words: GOLD. Notice how the ‘price’ of this commodity (expressed in cyber dollars) changes from moment to moment during the trading day. Why?

What we need to understand is that ALL our ‘prices’ today (house prices, car prices, silver prices, gold prices, food prices, etc., etc.) are now expressed in a digital/cyber/informational DOLLAR. This ‘dollar’ is not a physical unit which we can hold in our hand. It is not a physical unit which we can discover within our observable universe (that which science observes and studies). If you try to ‘find’ or ‘discover’ this unit of cyberspace, you will discover that it is a unit of nothing/no substance/no physical matter/merely a mental abstraction (within your consciousness) and displayed within your computer screen. I call this unit of nothing our Meta-physical Dollar. You could also call it a Spiritual Dollar. This unit can be DELETED/banished/removed by our originators of this unit (called our Federal Reserve System). All our dollars today (with the exception of a few paper dollars) are now cyber dollars and subject to CREATION and DELETION via a decision within our Central Banking System. This means that a complete DELETION of this unit from the central computers at the Fed could set in motion a total DELETION of all these cyber dollars from existence! Can you understand this reality? Our dollar (called legal tender) is really a unit of nothing, derived from nothing (the consciousness of the Fed administrators), and this unit can be DELETED from our cyberspace reality. Can you discern this REALITY!

In reality, cyberspace is the same as a VIRTUAL environment. So if we desire we could call today’s dollar a VIRTUAL unit. All information within cyberspace is also virtual information and can be eliminated from all computers and also from our consciousness (extended cyberspace). Few financial pundits understand what our Fed has concocted with their so-called INDEPENDENCE from Constitutional Authority. Our Constitution spells out in Article I, Section 8 and 10, that our dollar is supposed to be a physical item (a metal coin/composed of silver and/or gold). Congress is supposed to ‘coin’ money and regulate the ‘value’ thereof. This authority was (in my view) unconstitutionally changed when the Federal Reserve Act was secretly created during the time period of 1910 to 1913. It was the night before Christmas Eve (12/23/13) when our Congress manipulated a bill/legislation which led to the creation of what we call the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This Act has been controlling and manipulating our money/currency for over 100 years. Our secret Fed (who knows what they are doing behind the scenes) is legally an INDEPENDENT entity with no operational oversight (in realtime) by any of our elected representatives. A few elite policy-makers (I call them financial manipulators) create cyber dollars (from their consciousness) and then they select special recipients who will receive these units of nothing (virtual digits) for additional price and value manipulations within the greater global markets. Who understands? What we call ASSET PURCHASES via Fed Speak and/or Q.E. (quantitative easing by the media) is an example of what is occurring.

Since all our units of currency are now cyber units (within our computer screen) it is feasible/possible/probable that all these units of nothing will eventually be fully DELETED from all the computers/cyberspace servers in which they now reside. When this event occurs, all prices (expressed in these cyber units will go to ZERO}. Think about this reality! Prices (in dollars) can and will eventually go to ZERO! Your house/car/food/clothing/silver/gold/diamonds will all go to ZERO (in terms of dollar ‘price’)! Can you imagine this coming DAY OF REALITY? We all will wake-up one morning and discover that there is NO ‘dollar’ for any monetary transactions! The cyber dollar has been DELETED from all cyberspace servers. Nothing becomes Nothing! A mental abstraction becomes merely a unit within our imagination (our mind). Can you discern what I am writing/saying? Dollar ‘prices’ will eventually GO TO ZERO and our DOLLAR will become an imaginary unit (a memory within our MIND)! Think about the ‘nature’ of this pricing unit that we call our ‘dollar’. It is merely a symbol and a number ($1.00) within CYBERSPACE! Who understands! Think about this coming reality! The coming market crash may help to wake-up a few who are currently SLEEPING! Get ready for barter/voluntary exchanges/welfare from your neighbors storage bin and similar bartering events. The entire HOUSE OF CARDS (all our global cyber currencies) are destined for complete DELETION/BANISHMENT/DISAPPEARANCE (in the very near future)! Enjoy your cyber money while you can! Our authorities may attempt to create a New digital Dollar when the N.W.O. is installed!  A better day is coming (that’s my hope)! Now is the time to learn and think so you can help others learn and think! Enjoy! I am: HTTP://KINGDOMECON.WORDPRESS.COM


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