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Prices – they are now ‘Metaphysical’ units!

August 13, 2014

Today, I had a financial pundit ask me why the price of gold is not increasing. He suggested that gold will stabilize at $35/ounce soon. I countered with the comment that the ‘price’ of a one ounce gold coin will eventually go to zero! I asked him if he understood cyberspace. He did not respond. I then stated that prior to the ‘price’ going to zero, it (gold) will likely reach multi-thousands in terms of our cyber dollar markets. He refused to talk further. What is interesting is the complete ‘dumbfoundedness’ of so many financial pundits today when we talk about prices, currencies, money, markets, trading, and valuations. Why is this so? Let’s briefly review a few key concepts for the readers of this missive/blog:

1. MONEY  –  a physical commodity chosen by people within a barter environment and used as a proxy (substitute) for the metaphysical concept which we call ‘value’! The word ‘physical’ means an item composed of ‘matter/energy’ and which people can exchange from hand to hand (if desired). The word ‘value’ derives from my/your subjective consciousness and is the foundation of economics under our system called Capitalism. Value is what we exchange when we buy and sell. Value is meta-physical (a concept within my/your Mind). There is no such ‘thing’ as ‘value’ within our material/physical universe (value is a word/concept/idea which emerges from our desire for ‘private’ property (ownership).

2. CURRENCY  –  a meta-physical invention of political leaders (governments) to expand the supply of financial units for easy ‘valuation’ (pricing and price discovery)! The word ‘meta-physical means that there is NO ‘matter/energy’ within the unit being invented (created). The unit is a derivation of the human consciousness (also called one’s mind) and then we use this invention/creation for ‘valuation’ of goods/services in the marketplace! The unit is usually visualized as a symbol/number such as $1.00. This unit becomes our accounting unit and pricing unit. Currencies, today, are all ‘numbers’ (math) and these ‘numbers’ derive from my/your consciousness. They are meta-physical and/or non-physical.

3. CYBERSPACE  –  all our meta-physical currencies are now ‘living’ within an area which we call ‘cyberspace’. If you look (right now) at your computer screen, you will witness ‘cyberspace’. Cyberspace can also be viewed as units of ‘information’ inputed by intelligence via typing keys (as I am now doing). The ‘digits’ or ‘units’ which we witness as we observe our computer screen can also be viewed as units of intelligent ‘information’ derived from intelligent human beings (their consciousness). This means that these ‘units’ derive from a meta-physical space which most of us call our MIND. All our global currency markets are now within cyberspace (our extended consciousness) and the ‘units’ are subject to banishment/disappearance/deletion. At any time new ‘units’ can be inputed via the computer keyboard and/or the entire system of ‘units’ (what we call currencies) can be totally eliminated via computer DELETION.

4. DIGITAL  –  what we call our ‘digital’ money is really the same as ‘cyber money’. Today, all our global currency markets (and all pricing of goods/services) are expressed as ‘digital’ units. Today, the price of gold is currently $1308 for one ounce. This ‘price’ is also called the ‘spot price’. This ‘price’ is derived from prior computer transactions (trading) and also via ‘price manipulation’ by traders within our Central Banks. Today, due to the nature of all our global currencies (they are all meta-physical units) we can ‘manipulate’ a given ‘price’ (say the spot price of gold) via the computer (trading strategies). Select traders within the trading rooms of our Central Banks can also monitor and control the ‘price’ of a commodity like gold, silver, oil, etc. via computer trading strategies. This is done in realtime (daily) and you can watch the ‘price’ (now mere meta-physical numbers in the computer) change in realtime (24/7). We live with electronic markets globally and we live with ‘prices’ that can and are manipulated via high-speed computers (called trading rooms or a computer desk). Trading platforms allow traders to buy/sell/manipulate/rig/control/monitor key ‘prices’ and key markets.

5. META-PHYSICAL  –  we all live within TWO realms of reality as we buy/sell/exchange/invest/trade. Usually, we desire to trade some physical commodity (say silver, gold, wheat, oil, potatoes, gas, coal, etc.). Physical commodities are part of realm #1 (that which is composed of matter/energy). When we trade, however, we also desire to earn meta-physical currency units (we call this money). This can be accomplished as our meta-physical ‘prices’ go UP and DOWN within our computer screen. If I buy a commodity like silver at $20/ounce and the meta-physical price goes to $22/ounce within my computer screen, then I could push the sell key and earn my meta-physical money. All this ‘price’ action is totally within my consciousness/mind and after I sell and earn these ‘numbers’/’digits’/’units’, I can assume that I have new units for my personal financial account. ALL ‘prices’, today derive from trading within cyberspace and within my own subjective consciousness (this is what we can call realm #2). Today, we all live within these TWO realms of reality (most unknowingly)!

6. MATTER/ENERGY  –  the words ‘matter/energy’ are scientific words which describe the material world that we observe (outside ourselves). All material items or things are composed of this substance which we call ‘matter/energy’. Our planet is composed of this substance. Our homes, cars, computers, streets, trees, planes, clouds, sun, moon, stars, bombs, drones, missiles, food, etc. are all composed of this material substance called ‘matter/energy’. What is NOT composed of ‘matter/energy’, however, is our WORDS, NAMES, IDEAS, CONCEPTS, NOTIONS, MENTAL IMAGES. These derivations are meta-physical and they are derived from our meta-physical CONSCIOUSNESS. It is important to understand that which is composed of ‘matter/energy’ and that which DERIVES from our ‘consciousness’. Economics and finance involves understanding both realms of reality!

7. ELECTRONIC  –  today’s global trading markets are now mostly 100% electronic. The word ‘electronic’ means that we send information from buyer/seller and counter-parties via our interconnected web of electronic markets. Our global internet has created this web of computers/servers/transmission mechanisms/communication…for buying/selling/trading/investing/banking/lending/etc. Most of us now use on-line means for most of our financial transactions which are now global in scope. Practically all stock/bond/mortgage/derivative exchanges are now ELECTRONIC (and within cyberspace). Information can now be sent and received via our electro-magnetic spectrum at near the speed of light. Pulses of light (photons) create the images/digits/letters/numbers that we witness within our computer screen. All this information is derived from prior intelligence and is mostly meta-physical in nature. We need to understand our own ‘consciousness’ if we desire to understand today’s trading/financial markets.

Take the time to review and think about the above concepts and their meaning for today’s financial markets. Our world has changed substantially in the past 15 years and many persons within the Baby Boom Generation have not converted their thinking to reflect these recent changes. Yes, the ‘price’ of gold can go to multi-thousands and it also can go to zero. We live within a cyberspace world and few are discerning this reality (it seems). Cyberspace is not the same as our Material Observable World (what science has been studying). Cyberspace and our Information Society is now mostly an INNER experience (within our consciousness). We now need to differentiate between these TWO realms of reality if we desire to grow intellectually going forward. That would be my perspective/opinion/viewpoint/worldview. Enjoy! Http://

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