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Obama’s concept of ‘Inclusiveness’ for Iraq! What is it?

August 12, 2014

The current American regime now desires a new leader for Iraq with a mindset of ‘inclusiveness’. What is this? Does Mr. Obama promote ‘inclusiveness’ in the U.S.A.? Why this hypocrisy? The concept of ‘inclusiveness’ is when I use my rhetorical skills to ‘agree’ with contradictory views and contrarian ideas within my governmental structure to create a false ‘unity’ (a form of group-think)! The Obama administration is now abandoning their prior leader for Iraq called Nouri al-Maliki so they can support their new concept of a leader called Hayder al-Abadi. Does this sound like a philosophy which promotes ‘inclusiveness’? Think about the hypocrisy of our American leaders! How can the mindset of ‘inclusiveness’ promote meaningful military action and ‘unity’ for the Nation of Iraq? Are these people a bunch of robots and sheep who refuse to think independently? How would the concept of ‘inclusiveness’ promote a strategy which could overcome the current enemy called ISIS? How would this new leader, al-Abadi, create a winning strategy so that ISIS could be defeated using Obama’s concept of ‘inclusiveness’? Think about what this concept promotes in a Nation with many contrarian points of view! If I were al-Abadi, could I promote total ‘inclusiveness’ and still develop a winning strategy for overcoming a serious enemy called ISIS? This idea is a total hypocrisy when we dig into the details!

President Obama (USA) and Nouri al-Maliki (Iraq) in Baghdad on April 7, 2009. They were friends at that time!

Was Obama promoting inclusiveness or subserviency when the above picture was taken? President Barack Obama made an unscheduled and unannounced visit to Iraq on Tuesday, April 7, 2009,  to meet commanders and troops and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. “They keep you going,” Obama said of the U.S. troops. “They’ll motivate you.” Who is really calling the shots in Iraq? Do the Iraqi leaders need to bow to their American dictators to survive? What do you think?

The Iraqi President, Bassem Mroue (a Kurd) choosing Hayder al-Abadi (a Shiite) with mission to create a government of ‘inclusiveness’ in accordance with the desires of the Obama administration. Does this seem like a strong leader who can overcome the Sunni enemy called ISIS and their leader al-Baghdadi? What do you think? Are strong leaders ‘inclusive’ or ‘exclusive’ when taking serious action for their Nation?

Does America have an ‘inclusive’ government to serve as an example for Iraqi leaders? What do we witness when we watch action within our own American government? Do we witness ‘inclusiveness’ or ‘polarization’? Did our Founding Fathers actually desire this concept called ‘inclusiveness’ (a form of group-think) within our governmental structure? What does group-think promote during crisis situations (say a national emergency)? Why did our Founders create a Republic which was structured with ‘checks and balances’ (between the branches)? Is our Commander-in-Chief ‘inclusive’ or ‘exclusive’ during a National emergency? Did our Founders desire that group-think (a form of governmental ‘inclusiveness’) be the norm (the mindset) for taking military action in times of serious challenge by an immanent enemy? How did our Military General, George Washington, act when confronted by the superior British army in 1781 (the Battle of Yorktown)? What about President Truman and his decision to bomb Japan in 1945? Was this an inclusive or exclusive decision? Every American president makes decisions with enormous repercussions for the future. Some of these decisions prove successful; others turn out to be blunders. In virtually every case, presidents must act with contradictory advice and limited information. At 8:15 a.m., August 6, 1945, an American B-29 released an atomic bomb over Hiroshima, Japan. Within minutes, Japan’s eighth largest city was destroyed. By the end of the year, 140,000 people had died from the bomb’s effects. After the bombing was completed, the United States announced that Japan faced a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which had never been seen on this earth.”

What kind of leader would be needed to overcome al-Baghdadi and his ISIS caliphate army? Will the Obama strategy of creating an ‘inclusive’ leader for Iraq bring victory for the Shiite people and Unity for the Nation of Iraq? Is the concept of ‘inclusiveness’ reasonable given the nature of the divisions within this Sectarian society? Is any type of military action going to change the ‘ideologies’ within this Nation so a type of group-think (unity) can emerge for all of Iraq? Personally, I don’t think the problem of diverse ‘ideologies’ (a metaphysical issue at the core) can be resolved via the philosophy of Might makes Right (the American governmental mindset now being promulgated by the Obama policy-makers). What we now witness over in Iraq is a war of beliefs (which differ from leader to leader). The Sunni clan does not have a compromising mindset and the Shiite clan also does not have a compromising mindset. Within the Nation of Iraq we also have the Yezidis, the Christians, and the Kurds.  How can any type of leader create ‘inclusiveness’ within a Nation which has such diverse ideologies?

The issue in Iraq involves Metaphysics (beliefs). This type of issue can not be resolved via drones, bombs, guns, or rockets. After all the bombs are dropped we still end up with these metaphysical beliefs! Killing bodies in the field can not eliminate that which is within a person’s mind (unless we desire to eliminate the entire human race from our planet)! Is this the goal of our elite policy-makers? Kill everyone except the one person who initiates the killing? What do you think?

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