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Blood Moons – Do They have Significance/Meaning?

August 11, 2014

Some of my atheist friends who read my missives are challenging my ASS-umptions (the spelling received from my atheist respondents with re: to the word ‘assumptions’) on my belief that the coming Blood Moons have significance/meaning for humans and/or our economic cycles. I fully understand this viewpoint as I would likely have a similar reaction if I were an atheist/secularist/humanist/evolutionist. I would assume, as they, that a unique Blood Moon is a ‘random’ event with no meaning for humans or our destiny. My beliefs, however, ascribe significant meaning to these past (April) and the coming Blood Moons in October, 2014, and then in April and September 2015. NASA is my reference point for the dates for these Blood Moons. This means that they do occur throughout history (rarely as a Tetrad, however) and I would suggest that these events are warnings and signals of dire events to come. I have the belief that we humans are not actually in full control of our own destiny as many atheists/secularists assume. The questions for my atheist/secularist friends are as follows:

1. Where do human ‘ideas’, ‘words’, ‘beliefs’ derive from? Think about the Source of my/your ideas/words/thinking. Do my brain neurons actually originate all my/your thinking (words, images, visualizations, concepts, and subjective ideas)? Give this question some reflection. A computer spits out information from a prior ‘program’. The prior program determines the behavior/actions of my computer. Who inputs the software for this ‘program’? Where does this software originate?

2. Does human thinking/talent/consciousness derive from physical matter/energy (a physical source…say my Brain neurons)? Where is the evidence for this ASS-umption? What is one’s ‘consciousness’ and is there a Higher Consciousness in which my/your ‘consciousness’ resides? Provide me some evidence which suggests or supports an atheist view of reality (that my Brain is the Source of my words/ideas) when it comes to these questions! If you have solid scientific evidence then I can change my thinking on this issue! Personally, I derive some of my thinking on these issues from reflection, and also from the ideas of Socrates/Plato/Jefferson/Franklin/Abraham/Moses/Yeshua!

3. My premise (set of assumptions) derives from the belief that ‘ideas’ and human ‘actions’ are at EFFECT (secondary) and not the CAUSE of events on this planet. This means that I assume that a Source other than human beings (on this planet) is a reality and this Source (First Cause) does send warnings of coming events for all of us! Why is this assumption invalid? What evidence do my atheist/secular friends have which contradicts this assumption which seem obvious to me?


A Blood Moon is an astronomical event which happens periodically throughout history. Do these Lunar Eclipses (the coming Tetrad) have any meaning for people on planet Earth? My ‘assumption’ is Yes! Atheist’s would say No! Evolutionists would say No! Those who reject the Metaphysical realm would say No! I, however, would say Yes!

What has happened since the first Blood Moon in April 2014? Have wars and turmoil increased on planet Earth? Are political events getting more dire compared to prior periods? What do you think?

Is there a ‘dark’ side to human nature (do we all have two inner ‘natures’)? What do you think about the behavior of those who administer ISIS (the Islamic State)? Does this ‘evil’ behavior derive from their BRAIN activity? What do you think? Where do ‘ideas’ (which cause action) derive from? This, to me, is the 64,000 dollar question! Are we humans ‘at effect’ (implying a Higher Cause) or are we ‘at cause’ (implying that we originate all our own thinking)? Give these questions some reflection!

My personal sense is that events are not improving for the human race (when we look at our prior/current history). The behavior of our leaders (globally) is not currently producing a better/safer/more prosperous/more humane world for this planet. The mindset of our leaders seems to be based on the idea that Might makes Right…and The End Justifies the Means. They seem to view War as a means to a Final Solution! This mindset seems detrimental to progress and is leading to more dire events down the road IMO. Where does this mindset derive from? Is there a metaphysical source for this mindset? Can our leaders change their mindset to prevent the total destruction of the human race on this planet? Current trends do not seem to bode well for real solutions going forward. Could it be that our THINKING and our PHILOSOPHY is the problem? What do you think? Give this missive some reflection! I am:

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