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Hint: The ‘Problem’ is the Solution!

August 8, 2014

Reality is paradoxical. That which ‘appears’ logical and correct often leads to the opposite of what is desired. Human nature seeks a solution to man’s problems via a philosophy of Might makes Right. Our political leaders then seek a solution to the perceived problems via the mindset of The End Justifies the Means. This mindset has been practiced for some 6000 years (since the days of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth). The mindset of ‘inclusiveness’ is another paradoxical concept. Strongmen (politicians/religious leaders/rhetoricians) who desire to control perceived problems desire that everyone  (their sheep) participate in a mindset of political correctness so that everyone can experience a form of peace and tranquility. In reality, however, the concept of ‘inclusiveness’ (where everyone attempts to solve the same problem simultaneously) creates ‘exclusiveness’ when push comes to shove. Why is this so?

Ronnie had it right! Governments are the ‘problem’! Leaders, however, never learn!

In reality, we all have different perceptions and points-of-view. Our perceptions of a problem differ and this means than when real ‘action’ is required, a leader must act ‘exclusively’ (independently of the mindset of political correctness). This seems paradoxical, nonetheless, this seems to be reality as we live it. A good model of actions taken by someone who thinks ‘exclusively’ is the leader of the clan called ISIS. This leader has recently taken control over a group of Muslim believers via his ‘exclusive’ philosophy and thinking. El Baghdadi has this ‘exclusive’ mindset even though he has a group of ‘inclusive’ followers who bow to his political correctness. El Baghdadi recognizes that to get results on the field, he must do his own thinking and ‘ignore’ those who desire ‘inclusiveness’ and communal thinking. Watch as this false leader creates chaos in the Middle East even though his mindset of ‘exclusiveness’ does create meaningful action for his group (the Islamic State).

Political leaders (such as el-Baghdadi) assume that the ‘death’ of an ‘enemy’ will produce peace. Is this realistic? Does ‘death’ eliminate the ‘ideas’ and the ‘ideology’ which underlies the issues? Think!

The Obama mindset now desires that the government in Baghdad (the al-Maliki clan which is Shia in their beliefs) should produce a new leader with an ‘inclusive’ philosophy. Mr. Obama apparently thinks that an ‘inclusive’ mindset will produce ‘unity’ for the nation of Iraq. Is this realistic and likely to produce what he believes? I would suggest that the mindset of ‘inclusiveness’ (also viewed as political correctness) is a mindset which will NOT produce unity nor will it bring any type of democracy to the nation of Iraq. Think about great military leaders of the past (such as George Washington and/or Alexander the Great). Did these political/military leaders adopt a mindset of ‘inclusiveness’ (a type of communal thinking…group think)? I don’t think so! Real leaders (whether military or other) think independently and ‘exclusively’. This is paradoxical to the thinking of those who desire political correctness!

World War III has begun! Our political leaders do not learn from history! Watch as events deteriorate going forward! The thinking (mindset) of Netanyahu, Obama, Putin, el-Baghdadi, et al is the problem!

Today, most think that we need a military SOLUTION to our problems. This thinking produces the mindset of Might makes Right and The End Justifies the Means. This type of thinking, however, will lead to just the OPPOSITE of what is desired. There is no SOLUTION via a Might makes Right mindset. Action creates a counter reaction! The use of Might creates a mindset of counter Might by the counterparty (the so-called enemy). After 6000 years of following this mindset of Might makes Right one would think that leaders would discern that this mindset is fatally flawed! There can be no real ‘peace’ or ‘security’ via this mindset which is now being administered by Netanyahu, Obama, el-Baghdadi, and others. This is why we have entered a period where WW III is now on the horizon. Human nature is our core problem!

We need a change in our thinking! Human nature wants a ‘final solution’ but, in reality, human nature is the PROBLEM! This seems paradoxical to our political leaders! History tends to repeat as we do not learn from prior history!

Watch the realtime events as they continue to deteriorate in the Middle East, Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Russia, and the United States of America. The mindset of Might makes Right will create nothing but more misery, death, and insecurity globally. In reality, America should be thinking just the opposite. Rather than thinking that we are the SOLUTION to the world’s problems, we should be thinking that we are the PROBLEM. This seems paradoxical, yet this is what is now needed. We need a complete change in our THINKING. Is this likely? Absolutely not! Our political/religious/consultant thinkers will pursue more of the same and the RESULT will be WW III. We have now entered the beginning of this new event. WW III has started and we can witness how events transpire from this point forward. Negative thinking along with the mindset of Might makes Right will produce and prolong WW III. Human nature has not changed over these past 6000 years! The same thinking will produce the same results! War can never bring peace. THINK!!! I am:




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