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Democracy is a form of MOB RULE! Why?

July 28, 2014

Few understand the nature of what we call Democracy! On the surface, this concept seems so innocent and obvious! Yet when we dig into the core realities in realtime, we can discern that this concept is a deception and a fantasy! There is no real freedom within a democratic regime (for the many)! The regime and the leaders who espouse this concept are unaware of the actual realities experienced in realtime! A so-called Democracy is a result of voters electing select Rulers over their society. Do these voters have the understanding and discernment to know what their selections will create when in office? Do these voters have the understanding which is necessary for creating a prosperous economy? Do these voters understand human nature and the tendency to desire the ‘easy road’ to prosperity, security, and happiness? Do these voters KNOW what they are doing via their choices at the ballot box? History and current events demonstrate that most voters have ‘not a clue’ to what they are doing.

This is probably why our Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, viewed Democracy as a type of mob rule. T.J. was a student of human nature. He recognized that human beings who vote are mostly uninformed, unaware, and lemmings for the ‘easy road’ to prosperity. I would agree with the wisdom of this Founding Father. Democracy is not going to lead to human freedom and prosperity. This form of government will lead towards a Dictatorship of the Proletariat (due to the masses of people who vote and are uninformed)! America’s promotion of global democracy is a myth and a fantasy IMO. We need to think more deeply and astutely to understand why. A philosopher like T.J., however, could discern that this form of Rulership is not going to promote freedom and prosperity in the longer run. Espousing ‘label’s like DEMOCRACY is meaningless if a person lacks understanding of the real events on the ground!

We now need to discern reality more deeply and we need to discern why select ‘labels’ are meaningless! Our political establishment tends to focus upon ‘labels’ and ‘slogans’ to promote their RULERSHIP  over the proletariat. This is unfortunate and sad! We all need to THINK before we ACT. This requires discernment, knowledge, and understanding. Few seem to desire WISDOM! This, however, is what we now NEED! Wisdom derives from realtime experiences. Wisdom derives from thinking and watching realtime events. We now need Wisdom more than any other factor of human character! Think about acquiring Wisdom, Understanding, and Discernment! I am working on all these areas. I hope others desire this same result! Enjoy! I am:

P.S. The events in the Middle East are sad! Netanyahu is creating the fundamentals for a WW III. We need to ‘dig’ deeper than merely supporting traditional viewpoints! What is the core CAUSE of these events? Why must we now ‘dig’ into the core issues (First Principles) which create subsequent events! D

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  1. July 29, 2014 2:09 am

    I agree on the point that Democrasy is nothing if you (the people of the contry) knows how to use it.

    My personal view of this problem is that we (all contryes) needs a new and better school system that inspires not forces you to learn and develop. Of course this would be an enomus efort and all contryes would have to work together.
    The project should also be open for the inhabitants of earth to see and “rate” after what they think about different solutions. The bigest problem with this is that serten contyes including but not limited to the USA realy likes to hide behind a curtain and to keep secrets from thire people. This is also something that should be un exeptable in a democrasy.
    I can understand why somethings sould be a secret under early development (so if the ide false you won’t make alot of people disapointed) but after that the rest of the system has to be open.



    • July 29, 2014 12:56 pm

      Well thought out reply, Eric. Thanks for responding and giving me your view. Have a great day. D


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