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Technically, our ‘Dollar’ does not Exist! Follow my logic!

July 25, 2014

Steve Forbes has written a new book about our ‘dollar’ and its path towards potential destruction. I have heard Steve speak many times on the issue of our ‘dollar’. His points are mostly valid and logically sound. He views ‘money’ as a tool for measurement of value. He further says that our current ‘dollar’ can not measure value as it varies too much from moment to moment. He asserts that our current ‘dollar’ has no stability for ‘measuring’ value over time. Basically, I agree with much of the thinking espoused in Steve’s new book. His view that ‘money is not WEALTH is also totally correct! His view that a ‘standard’ or ‘definition’ for our ‘dollar’ as being necessary is also correct! Read about his view here: Let’s think more deeply about the issue of ‘money’, however, and its origin as well as the concept that we call ‘currency’. Why do I maintain that our ‘dollar’ (now a unit within cyberspace) does NOT technically Exist? Follow my logic!

1. To understand money we need to start from scratch and/or the beginning. In reality, there is NO SUCH THING as ‘money’ (or our dollar) within our physical/material spacetime universe. Look all around you, right now, for evidence! Money, in reality,  is merely a WORD and this ‘word’ (name) has no referent/denotation within all of nature (our material universe). The same goes for the word ‘dollar’. Human beings create a money item within a barter marketplace and then this item gets specified so it can be used to derive ‘value’ when we exchange items for items. Focus on this point first! This is step #1.

2. What happens, in reality, is that we humans INVENT money (and our currency) to serve as a tool for commerce (valuation and exchange). If we were to start today to structure a new monetary system from scratch, we would be faced with the question of:  What should we choose as our Money and our currency! What should we INVENT to serve as our standard of Value (money) and the tool for measuring Value (our currency)? Do we want specified items such as: sea shells, bitcoins, tally sticks, tobacco, wampum, copper, silver coins, gold coins, paper notes, computer chips,  abstract numbers, etc.). Notice the diverse items which are candidates for ‘money’ and our ‘currency’! History shows that ‘money became a ‘name’ for specific items (say gold) and then a ‘currency’ emerged after the money item was chosen! This is step #2.

3. If we assume that most people desire to choose our current cyber ‘dollar’ ($1.00) as our money, let’s ask if this unit (which we observe within cyberspace and visualize within our mind) can work as a new form of money/currency. What is a ‘cyber dollar’…in reality? What is a ‘virtual unit’ for a currency…in reality? Today, our so-called ‘dollar’ (which many also call ‘money’) is merely an ‘image’ ($1.00) which we observe as we look at our computer screen. Does this ‘image’ ($1.00) which we can observe right now as we look at our investment, savings, checking, or virtual stock account really Exist? Think about the word ‘Exist’ and what this word means! This is step #3.

4. The ‘image’ which we observe within our computer screen account(s) is created by PHOTONS of light. A signal is sent from a computer keyboard to a server (transmitter) which then sends pulses of light (photons) to my computer screen. My virtual computer accounts (say my bank checking account) then receives these pixels of light and an ‘image’ (set of numbers) is created for me to observe within my computer screen. Are these ‘numbers’ really ‘things’ which Exist? Do pixels within my computer screen…created from photons (units of light) have any Mass/weight/matter/substance? Think about the reality of ‘mass’, ‘weight’, or ‘matter’! This is step #4.

5. Light (consisting of photons) actually has NO ‘resting’ mass/matter/weight/substance. These units (photons) are really nothing physical or lasting. They may ‘appear’ physical within my computer screen but what happens when my power is shut-off? What happens when the power to the Servers which transmit these photons (via signals/frequencies) are shut-off? Does my virtual (within cyberspace) money/currency remain? Do numbers in cyberspace (which we call money) really EXIST within our greater material UNIVERSE? Personally, I don’t think so! The word ‘Exist’ means that the numbers are material and continue to occupy space after all power is turned-off! Do they? Where are they when all power is off? Think on this! This is step #5.

6. What we also need to recognize is that our current ‘cyber dollar’ is actually CREATED from the non-physical/metaphysical CONSCIOUSNESS of banksters! What happens is that banksters THINK up a quantity (numbers) to create and/or lend and then they TYPE keyboard numbers into a computer screen (called a virtual banking account). These numbers are then called ‘dollars’ and used as legal tender within the greater marketplace. Where is the ‘dollar’ in all this? Does this ‘dollar’ (word) from consciousness actually Exist? I don’t think so! Money from a mental decision is really a mental abstraction! Thinking up numbers (mental abstractions) and typing these numbers into a computer screen does not create a ‘thing’ which Exists! Think on this logic! This is step #6.

7. Finally, the whole purpose of money and currencies within a society composed of ‘private property’ is to act as a TOOL for the VALUATION of ‘wealth’. As Steve Forbes has stated, MONEY is not WEALTH! We humans invent money and a currency for specific purposes and functions. The key purpose for money is to serve as a substitute for the metaphysical concept which we call VALUE. Value is what we barter, exchange, and think about as we use our invented money and our currency. The concept of VALUE is derived from my/your CONSCIOUSNESS. Value is ‘invented’ by each person as they barter, trade, and exchange their item for a counterparty item. Value is subjective and without any referent within our physical/material Universe! Think about this invisible and metaphysical concept which we call VALUE. What is it and from where does it emerge? This is step #7.

In conclusion, I would suggest that our current ‘cyber dollar’ does NOT Exist (in reality)! The reality of this cyber dollar is really an ILLUSION and/or a DECEPTION (of our mind’s). All that we experience within cyberspace (our dollar, text, images, etc.) are really imaginary phenomena produced from consciousness! Turn the power off and all disappears into our metaphysical consciousness (our inner mind/movie). We are back to step#1 where ‘money’ and our ‘currency’ vanishes and where it has no EXISTENCE! When the next market crash develops, I think many will become AWARE that our stock market (as well as all our accumulated DEBT) is mostly an illusion and all our cyber money is mostly an illusion. Illusion and deception is what most people accept as reality. A serious stock market crash will bring these illusions/deceptions into a new awareness! Give this logic some reflection! Enjoy! I am:


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