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Some clear ‘Tips’ for today’s Political Leaders!

July 23, 2014

We now live in a pluralistic world of diverse ‘ideologies’ and ‘worldviews’. What our Leaders need to recognize is that a conflict of ‘ideologies’ (like we now witness between Arabs, Jews, Palestinians, Persians, Americans, etc.) can not be resolved with military muscle or strong-arm tactics (drones, missiles, bombs, guns, swords, or fists). Ideologies are spiritual (metaphysical) and all our Military Might (guns as a metaphor) will not win (solve) an ‘ideological’ issue. Witness the ideological issue between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland (1970-1998). This ideological conflict was a battle of might and guns for many years prior to its eventual resolution via words. Words are metaphysical/spiritual and it is our ‘words’ which make up our ideology and our beliefs! A battle of ‘words’ can not be resolved with Military Might, killing, violence. Thinking (our inner ideas and beliefs) can not be eliminated via a philosophy of Might makes Right! Let’s list some ‘tips’ for our political, financial, and religious leaders to consider (so that a final Armageddon is avoided):

Why is reality SUBJECTIVE (relative)? Whose ideology is ABSOLUTE/FINAL? Can MIGHT make RIGHT? What is America and the West attempting to create for our PLANET? Think about what is now happening in REALTIME! Why support the mindset of ‘insanity’? 

1. Ideological issues (such as we witness with the Gaza/Israeli conflict) can not be settled, resolved, won via a philosophy of Might makes Right. Think about the nature of ‘ideological issues’ and why these issues of the human MIND can not be resolved via Might!

2. The only solution to issues of Worldview conflicts is a process of education and compromise. Guns will only make the issues worse and lead to a harding of the MINDS which differ. Think about the ‘nature’ of ideological issues! The issues are of the MIND!

3. Leaders also need to recognize that issues of the MIND are relative as each human being has a subjective point-of-view! There is NONE on this planet with an ABSOLUTE (final or certain) point-of-view! Every perspective on reality is subjective/relative! Who has ‘ABSOLUTE UNDERSTANDING OF REALITY ON THIS PLANET’! WHO?

4. Has anyone encountered a person who KNOWS everything! Who understands reality totally/completely! Who can interpret scripture/history absolutely! Who can discern scientific observations with certainty/finality! Who can resolve issues of philosophy/theology in a final form! I have not met one person on this planet with this type of vision, wisdom, knowledge, or understanding! If you know of someone with absolute/certain understanding about reality and philosophy please ‘name’ the person!

5. The current WAR over in the Middle East is a ‘war’ of ideologies! The Arabs, Persians, Palestinians (basically Islamic in ideology) have a different WORLDVIEW from the Israelis and the American politicians (basically Christian in ideology) who want these persons to conform to Western values and ideas! This demand to conform will NEVER work as people believe differently!

6. The current trends toward using FORCE and MILITARY MIGHT to resolve issues of the MIND (ideologies) will not lead to any final resolution (irrespective of time)! The issues will become ‘hardened’ and the end result could be TOTAL destruction of all humanity on this planet! Why can not our LEADERS discern what they are doing? The mindset of our LEADERS seem to be a type of INSANITY (of the MIND)! How can MIGHT resolve issues (ideologies) of one’s MIND?

7. We need to WATCH what our leaders DO…not what they enunciate via their WORDS! Words are meaningless if not followed by DEEDS! Lies and misinformation can not lead to progress, peace, growth, or a meaningful future!  Think about what is now happening in the Middle East, Europe, America, and around our planet (politically, financially, philosophically). Do our LEADERS discern what they are saying and doing? Is there a ‘type’ of insanity among our LEADERS (in their thinking/their consciousness)? That is my subjective message for today! I am:

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