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World War III has started in the Middle East! Why?

July 22, 2014

The violence between the Hamas regime and the Israeli regime has reached a level where there is no solution! The fight is a no-win battle of leaders who can not live together. Israel (the little Satan) has created an environment for the Palestinians which can not be tolerated. Basically, all of Gaza is a prison under siege by the Israeli military and the Israeli political apparatus. This prison environment which the Israelis have created within Gaza and to a lesser extent in the West Bank is so inhuman (with respect to freedom for the Palestinians) that violence is the only response to this condition. Take a look at the small parcel of land which is called Gaza. The people living in this heavily populated area have minimal freedom to import/export, travel, develop, and grow as a society. The prison environment is the core issue from the point-of-view of the Palestinians. This situation is made for violence and both the ‘little Satan’ (Israel) and the Great Satan (the U.S.A) are oblivious to this situation! That is my premise and I believe that WWIII has now started over in the Middle East. Do your own thinking on this issue, but I am convinced that the core problem relates to the philosophy of Israel (the little Satan) and the USA (the Great Satan)! Think for yourself! I am:

The Gaza strip (and the people living in this small area) is not a free society! Israel dominates politically and militarily. There can be no solution without total freedom for all the people in these land areas!

The mentality within Gaza and much of the West Bank is a feeling of being in PRISON! This situation is at the CORE of the problem and Israel must initiate a non-violent response (allowing freedom for these Palestinians)!

Look at the crowded condition and the uncontrolled bombing of select homes/buildings within this heavily populated area. There is also no real escape for many living in this squalid condition under the siege of the Israeli military and the politics of the Israeli parliament!

These demonstrators in Europe are mostly Muslims who recognize the problem and the core issue for the USA and Israel! Who created the State of Israel in 1948? Where is this decision leading our world?

The politically correct media in the USA provides Americans with only a partial perspective on the core issues! When a people feel like they are imprisoned (within a corner with no exit), violence will develop!

Many Jews recognize that their own Zionist State is part of the problem! Few Americans, however, are aware of the core issues! The mindset of our current leaders will create the END GAME called Armageddon!

America and the West (along with our entire planet) is on the road to Armageddon. Financial Armageddon could come soon, than political Armageddon. Our War is metaphysical (spiritual) and our leaders are determined to create the END GAME!



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