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Another New Website with an Alternative Perspective!

July 19, 2014

As Americans become more aware (and more informed) on the political/economic/philosophical issues affecting our global markets many are starting their own blogs and podcasts to keep the less informed updated on the many complex global issues. I would suggest that you challenge yourself and consider evaluating some of today’s complex issues from alternative points-of-view. Our controlled (politically correct) media does not provide sufficient coverage of many complex issues which affect us all daily. With the global realtime internet, however, we can now start thinking for ourselves by reading, listening, and watching some alternative media on the many issues of the day. One website which I recently reviewed and which seems quite comprehensive is the following website: Take the time to check this website out and see if it might not offer some new and challenging information for your serious thought. I found it meaningful!

I have listened to so many financial pundits in the past five years who continue using misleading words in their presentations and teaching. My sense is that those who have followed the Hard Money Crowd (often called gold bug pundits) have been indoctrinated with many words and concepts which are no longer fully valid for today’s markets. I would like to offer you a series of websites which may help you discern how our markets have changed in recent years. Today, we live with a global interconnected internet (a global network of computers) which has created our global electronic markets for trading, financial investing, communication, banking, etc. This network of computers has allowed a new world of data (information and communication) to develop which confuses the issues and realities of the marketplace. We now need to start thinking as independent beings (using some skepticism) as the issues today are very complex and the voices in the marketplace are very diverse and often misleading.

All our global money markets have mostly transitioned from people-centered markets into computer-platform markets as a result of our current cyber currencies (dollar, pound, yen, euro, yuan, etc.). This has emerged subtlety (since 1971) and many pundits have not digested all the nuances that have changed our markets (especially recently). Basically, we now need to think more precisely when we communicate and educate others who are less informed and less aware. I have been teaching for years that we now have a different ‘dollar’ than we had in the past (with few listening to my voice). We now need to understand that we no longer ‘print’ our paper currency notes (called our American dollar) to the degree that we did in the past. We also do not use ‘paper’ stock certificates, treasury securities, futures contracts, option contracts, mortgage contracts, etc. Today, all these paper instruments (of the past) have been mostly converted into virtual instruments which appear within cyberspace (our computer screen). Also, practically all of our stock, bond, commodity, futures, equity Exchanges have become electronic Exchanges. The historical Open Out-Cry market for price discovery has been mostly eliminated! All this has all occurred mostly within the last 20 or so years!

Today, we also use our smart phones and laptops for paying our bills on-line and we can use these devices for purchasing, trading, and solving our financial issues electronically. Personally, I pay all my bills on-line; my investing is done on-line; my communication is done on-line; my financial records are now nearly 100% on-line. Paper has been eliminated and the digital world has allowed this transition to take place. What we now need to recognize is that we live in a new world of information which is global and electronic. All data is now mostly within cyberspace (and transmitted via photons traveling at near the speed of light) and almost all financial records and financial instruments are VIRTUAL. We now need to recognize that this new reality is ubiquitous and is not going to change going forward. Paper gold is really now Digital gold. Printing money is now Typing money into the computer screen. Stocks, Bonds, Mortgages, Derivatives, ETF’s, Futures, Options, etc. are now VIRTUAL instruments which are stored and traded within cyberspace (our interconnected computer network).

My gold bug friends and pundits need to check out the following websites to get updated on our new global interconnected electronic markets. They also need to think in terms of our digital currencies (now circulating almost totally within cyberspace). What is our cyber dollar? Where is our cyber dollar? What do we use as our legal tender today? How is our cyber dollar created? Who creates this unit of nothing? What is cyberspace? What are electro-magnetic frequencies? How do photons of light convert our cyber dollar into an image of pixels within our computer screen? Why is the Open Out-Cry trading system (historically used for price discovery) now obsolete? Why are most Exchanges now electronic? Why are most futures/options trading now digital and electronic? What has happened to all the ‘paper’ contracts? Does our Fed still ‘print’ money? Why not? Check out the following websites for enlightenment:

A typical trading desk in today’s global market! Check out our new global electronic exchanges where ‘printing’ and ‘paper’ contracts are no longer needed. We now live within cyberspace and use virtual documents and information. We need to think differently and use words which reflect these realities!

1.  (ICE is a major electronic/virtual exchange which operates globally)

2.  (CME is now mostly electronic/virtual for all commodities including gold)

3.  (NADEX is now electronic, virtual, within cyberspace)

4.  (you can now trade for $4.95/contract electronically)

5. (trade silver via the internet with no paper contract)

Take the time to check our this new website for some provocative alternative points-of-view:  Enjoy! Watch the daily digital/electronic markets for a coming stock market crash! We are living in a HUGE bubble economy! I am:

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