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The American Dollar – a scientific description!

July 17, 2014

Let’s describe our current American dollar in scientific terms. We could use this description for all the global fiat currencies now stored and transmitted (circulated) within cyberspace at near the speed of light from computer to computer. If we understand this scientific description (below), I think we can discern why our American dollar ($1.00) is destined for total destruction (and quite soon)! Here is my scientific description for you to consider:

Our Dollar:  a unit of information, derived from consciousness, and produced via a typed-in signal(s) from the computer keyboard to our electromagnetic spectrum, creating a photon(s) of illuminated light, which gets transmitted via specific frequencies electronically, leading to the illuminated numbers shown within illuminated pixels within our computer screen.

Let’s breakdown the key words in this description for further evaluation. Our ‘dollar’ is now a unit of information. Information is what we use to solve economic problems under our system of Capitalism. Information derives from human beings and their active consciousness/mind. So the original source of information is the subjective human mind. Our ‘dollar’ is officially created by typing in specific numbers into an on-line cyberspace financial account. The typed-in numbers then are available for transmission to select customers for their use as legal tender currencies. The origin of our dollar is human consciousness and the creation process involves sending electro-magnetic signals from a given computer keyboard to the eventual end customer (client). Transmission is via electro-magnetic frequencies which can be viewed as a series of successive photons. Photons (distributed from source to end-user) then produce illuminated light within the structured pixels within a given computer screen. Does this make sense?

This entire process or operation produces the appearance of something which most people view as real and existing. As we look at our computer screen and witness numbers (called dollars) within our cyber accounts, we assume that these numbers (within our computer screen) are real and that they exist within spacetime (our material universe). Is this assumption valid and scientific? Are these numbers (which we assume as real and existing) really REAL and EXISTING? Do numbers derived from the consciousness of banksters which enter our computer screen as numbers (called dollars) represent that which is REAL and MATERIAL? In reality, I would suggest NO! All the numbers within our cyber banking accounts, our mutual fund accounts, savings accounts, and checking accounts are NOT ‘real’ nor do they actually EXIST in our spacetime continuum (our material universe).

Banksters have deceived us and few recognize the grand DECEPTION! In reality, our current American dollar is an ILLUSION of our mind/consciousness. The unit (called our ‘dollar’) is actually NOTHING and is located NOWHERE! Try to find, discover, or locate this illusion called the DOLLAR? Where is it within our realtime material universe? Can anyone discover this illusion and the source of this illusion? Yes, the ‘dollar’ does APPEAR to exist for those who lack a full understanding on this issue. The vast majority of mankind is unable to differentiate between that which is IMAGINARY and that which is REAL (material). Most of us look at our computer screens and we think that the images/text within this virtual space are real THINGS. We witness the numbers within our financial accounts and assume that these numbers are lasting material units of wealth. In reality, this is a gross deception! A deceived person, however, is unaware of his/her deception. This is unfortunate but this seems to be our situation today!

Take the time to think about the nature of cyberspace and also realtime material space. Observe the stars above and ask yourself if these stars exist. If you conclude that they exist as material objects in space, then ask yourself what ‘name’ you would like to call a specific star. Then think about this ‘name’ and ask yourself if this ‘name’ is derived from your consciousness or not? What is a ‘name’ and where does it originate? I would suggest that our current ‘dollar’ is merely a ‘name’. What does this ‘name’ denote or refer to? Is there some ‘thing’ which you can discover (within our material universe) which corresponds to this ‘name’? If not, then what is a ‘dollar’ with no denotation or referent? What would be your conception? Is our current ‘dollar’ an ILLUSION? A DECEPTION? What do you think? Enjoy the exercise! I am:

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