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Philosophy 401: Objective reality vs. Subjective reality!

July 17, 2014

I live within two realms of reality (and I presume you do also)! Objective reality is what I observe outside my ‘consciousness’ as I observe nature within our material world! Subjective reality is what emerges from my inner ‘consciousness’ as I think and contemplate about what I am observing! The ‘words’ which I (you) speak derive (I suggest) from our inner subjective ‘consciousness! The images that we use (visualize) within our mind/consciousness…to create objects in our space/time universe (say our ‘money’) also derive from my/your subjective ‘consciousness’. In reality, there is NO SUCH THING as ‘money’ within our outer space/time universe. The ‘word’ MONEY has no outer referent which I can locate within our material universe! We humans, however, ‘invent’ money (and our currency unit) as a tool for encouraging ‘labor’ to produce…and to ‘value’ the things which ‘labor’ produces! All these operations derive from our subjective/metaphysical CONSCIOUSNESS! A good overview of the issues of consciousness can be reviewed here:

David Chalmers giving his presentation on the subject of CONSCIOUSNESS at the TED conference in Monterey, CA. Watch to get enlighten on the difficult issues of your own inner movie called ‘consciousness’!

David Chalmers is one of my favorite philosophers when it comes to the issues of consciousness. David recently presented an overview of consciousness and the issues involved during a TED conference in Monterey, California. Listen to the presentation by clicking the above link. Personally, I do not agree with David on the ‘hard’ issues of consciousness. David is a scientific Materialist and I am a philosophical Dualist. My view is that my subjective ‘consciousness’ is metaphysical/spiritual whereas David tends to view all of reality as within the materialistic realm (his one world reality of matter/energy). To me, reality is much more that material objects within our material universe. My thinking and my inner words, concepts, notions, images, visualizations, etc.,  derive from the non-material world of my metaphysical consciousness! I presume that your situation is similar!

A good example of OBJECTIVE reality might be the object in our sky which we call the MOON. This object is objective in that we all can look up at the object and agree that it EXISTS. This past April, I watched as our moon turned a red collar as our earth created a lunar eclipse. A new lunar eclipse will arrive in the month of October for many to observe a second time. See this link for details: All that I observe which is ‘outside’ my subjective consciousness I would call OBJECTIVE reality. The meaning which emerges from a lunar eclipse, however, is subjective and may be different from person to person. Objective reality can be applied to all objects which we observe within Nature (our material/scientific world). Matter and energy create this objective world of material objects. I call this world by the name, reality #1 (things within nature)!

An example of OBJECTIVE reality is the object in our sky called the MOON!  What other objects are part of our objective reality? Are concepts within our MIND objective or subjective?

The other world which I (and I presume you) live within is this inner SUBJECTIVE world called ‘consciousness’. A good example of this inner world is our current cyber money which we call our DOLLAR. The origin of our American dollar goes back to the Coinage Act of 1792. At that time our first Congress ‘invented’ from their consciousness the idea of an American dollar. There was no official American dollar prior to its ‘invention’ by our Congress (our elected representatives at that time). The American dollar came into reality from the subjective consciousness of people (our representatives) in Philadelphia in 1792. The official unit which we still call our currency and our legal tender was ‘invented’ from consciousness and has evolved into our current cyber dollar (which we witness within our computer screen). This cyber unit is really imaginary and without any material SUBSTANCE. You can witness this unit by clicking on this link:

Our cyber dollar is derived from our SUBJECTIVE consciousness! Our credit cards create cyber money! Our Federal Reserve Bank creates ‘cyber money’ via their market manipulations! Computer trading is now totally within cyberspace! Checking and Savings accounts are now mostly within cyberspace! Our subjective ‘cyber dollar’ is now ubiquitous globally! Cyberspace, as our Consciousness, is outside of objective reality!

Take the time to give some thought to the nature of reality as we live it! Dualism is the philosophy to understand. A good starting point, however, is to review the above presentation by David Chalmers given recently at the TED conference in Monterey, California. David makes a strong case that CONSCIOUSNESS is fundamental to all of reality. I fully agree! Enjoy! I am:


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