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Philosophy 301: Cyberspace now ‘reveals’ our ‘Imagination’!

July 15, 2014

What we now need to recognize is the ‘nature’ of cyberspace. What is cyberspace and why does this artificial space reveal our subjective thinking and imagination? The ‘word’ cyberspace is meant to reveal text, numbers, words, and images which derive from my/your thinking. I type into my computer screen text, numbers, etc. and these units of consciousness get revealed within the ‘pixels’ which make up our computer screen. Thousands of ‘pixels’ defined as:  a minute area of illumination on a display screen (one of many from which an image is composed) reveal my inner thinking and imagination on the computer screen. We now live in a new world of artificial ‘pixels’ which get created from our inner thinking/consciousness. Our mobile devices consist of a screen full of computer ‘pixels’. Our TV screen is composed of images, words, and text which derive from computer ‘pixels’. Our laptops and desk computers reveal our imagination via computer ‘pixels’. All this is called ‘virtual reality’ and is within what we call Cyberspace! Who understands what has emerged in recent years?

Pixels (units of illumination) create our ‘numbers’ and ‘images’ within our computer screens! Our ‘dollar’ is revealed as a series of pixels within cyberspace. We can call today’s ‘dollar’ a cyber dollar (a unit derived from consciousness and displayed within our computer screen)!

Images in our computer screen (and TV screens) are created from illuminated ‘pixels’. Pixels create our ‘dollar’ image ($1.00) which appears in our checking, savings, IRA, and trading accounts (now stored in cyberspace)! Who understands? Who controls the creation of our dollar ‘pixels’?

Our currency unit (called the ‘dollar’) is now created from the imagination of policy-makers at our Central Bank who type numbers into the computer screen (which then get converted into ‘pixels’ which derive from pulses of light sent via electronic signals). Our electro-magnetic spectrum produces frequencies (at various speeds) which create our ‘cyber’ dollar (which we call by the name MONEY). What we now have for our ‘legal tender’ currency is a unit of consciousness which gets displayed (within cyberspace) via ‘pixels’ (pulses of light energy). All these images within our computer screen derive from the subjective THINKING of our Central Planners within our banking institutions. Commercial lenders can now create our cyber money (numbers and math) by merely typing into the computer screen imaginary numbers (which get converted into pixels of light on our computer screen). Our bankers can then send these pixels of light from computer to computer under the label of ‘monetary transactions’!

Trading, speculating, buying, selling, lending, and dollar creation is now a computer driven operation! Think and grow rich might be a good motto for today’s markets! Cyberspace is where information is now stored!

Yes, we now live in two realms of reality as we act out our economic lives in realtime. We ‘imagine’ and then ‘create’! We ‘think’ and then ‘act’! We ‘type’ and then ‘distribute’! Communication and information is sent from computer to computer in realtime at the speed of light via pixels within our computer screens. Pixels are artificial units which appear as virtual images, text, and numbers within our computer screen. Our so-called money can be thought of as ‘pixels’ (artificially created from consciousness) and distributed from computer to computer at near the speed of light. High frequency trading is now ubiquitous globally. All retail trading is now mostly electronic trading. Most of our financial instruments (stocks, bonds, derivatives, cash, etc.) are virtual images of text and numbers within our computer screens. All our National Debt is now composed of virtual numbers within cyberspace. All world currencies are now mostly cyber currencies (displayed as pixels) within our computer screens. What a world we live within! Is any of this REAL?

Today’s markets consist of electronics, pulses of light, high frequency computers, and virtual financial instruments! What is REAL? Who Controls this cyber system? Are we now robots of machines?

If we go back a few units of TIME (prior to 1971) we can think of our ‘dollar’ as a physical object within REAL space/time. Most of us viewed our ‘dollar’ as a physical ‘thing’ composed of silver and/or gold. The ‘name’ DOLLAR was thought of as a real physical ‘thing’! We could hold this DOLLAR in our hand and exchange it via a trade to another person. This has now changed totally! Today, we merely THINK and then swipe a magnetic strip via a card reader and then BUY whatever we desire. Our DOLLAR is no longer a ‘thing’ within real space/time. Our dollar has evolved into an illuminated number (made up of pixels) within the virtual computer screen. Banksters now can create this cyber currency merely by typing or speaking this unit of consciousness into virtual reality. Cyberspace is where this imaginary ‘dollar’ emerges after banksters complete their typing and/or speaking. So-called ‘money’ emerges from nothing and nowhere and becomes available for circulation within the greater market of computer screens! Is any of this REAL?

Welcome to CYBERSPACE! Welcome to the INNER world of CONSCIOUSNESS! Imagination can now emerge from everyone who is connected to the INTERNET. Central Planners can now CONTROL consumer financial transactions! Where is this leading us and our global society of 7 billion people?

What is now emerging is a type of cyberspace CONTROL system over all consumers who must BUY/SELL and TRADE. Historical Capitalism is turning into a Centralized Control System where artificial machines and central planning has emerged as our future economic non-system. The decentralized economic system of our FOUNDERS is now being abolished in favor of a centralized CONTROL SYSTEM. Machines and centralized monetary polices (a type of central planning) now CONTROL the average consumer via artificial ‘numbers’, ‘names’, ‘images’ within their mobile devices! Illuminated ‘pixels of nothing’ have emerged as our ‘money’ going forward! Cyberspace has replaced REAL space/time as our means of communication! Americans are now becoming slaves/robots of high frequency computers (machines)! Our future is now subservient to our CENTRAL PLANNERS at the Federal Reserve System and the other Central Banks of this planet! Who is AWARE! Who understands what is happening to all of us! Where is our freedom, liberty, and happiness going forward? THINK! I am:

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