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Philosophy 101: ‘Words’ and ‘Names’ are not THINGS!

July 9, 2014

In philosophy, the word ‘thing’ is suppose to represent that which can be identified specifically and which is composed of matter/energy (a material substance). Our World is composed of ‘things’ derived from matter/energy. Gold is a ‘thing’. Silver is a ‘thing’. A paper note is a ‘thing’. A metal coin is a ‘thing’. All that I observe within Nature (and that which is created from substances within Nature) are composed of ‘things’ (our planet, sun, moon, stars, oceans, trees, plants, houses, cars, satellites, bombs, computers, human bodies, animal bodies, our brains, etc.). Things exist within space/time and we can identify ‘things’ via a definition/description. But are ‘words’ derived from my consciousness (mind/mouth) a ‘thing’? Are ‘names’ derived from my consciousness (mind/mouth) a ‘thing’? What we need to recognize is that our DOLLAR today is NOT a ‘thing’. Our unit of CURRENCY (called the American ‘dollar’) is no longer a ‘thing’! What we now use as our ‘funny money’ globally is now NOT a ‘thing’. Let’s review some history on this ‘word/name’ that we call DOLLAR.

The ‘word’ Dollar needs to be defined in terms of a material ‘object’ to have meaning! Otherwise, what is it?

After our Revolutionary War with Great Britain we desired to drop the British money from our new American economic system. We no longer desired the British pound, the shilling, or the pence as our units of currency/money (when valuing goods in the marketplace) . We wanted a new currency/money system which could be labeled American. Thomas Jefferson was mostly the person who established our new American system of currency/money. He adopted the idea that a mathematical system broken into units of ten would be superior to the British system of fractions (where we valued goods using 1/6th of a shilling, 1/8th of a pound, etc.). T.J. established the idea that units of ten (dollar, dime, penny, etc.) would be better for the valuation of goods within the marketplace. He also realized that the ‘word/name’ called dollar, dime, penny, etc. were meaningless without a definition in terms of some THING. What is a ‘dollar’ with NO referent to a material ‘thing’? It’s merely a MENTAL abstraction or a unit of CONSCIOUSNESS!

All our British American colonies (New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, South Carolina, etc.) created currency notes using the British Currency System prior to the Revolutionary War for Independence! Afterwards, the American currency units emerged!

So what did T.J. and our Congress create as our new American currency/money via the Coinage Act of 1792? If you Google the Coinage Act of 1792 you can observe the definitions which Jefferson/Hamilton and our Congress created for our American currency/money. The ‘word/name’ DOLLAR was defined in terms of an element from Nature called Silver (specifically 371.25 grains of Ag). This new definition created an American dollar which had materiality/substance and which could philosophically be called a THING. This same thinking created all our other currencies units (half-dollar, quarter, dime, nickel, penny) and each were defined in terms of some element which came from Nature (a real ‘thing’). T.J. was a philosopher/scientist/economist as well as one of the greatest MIND’S among all our founding Fathers. He recognized that the ‘word’ DOLLAR has no meaning or substance if it is not defined in terms of some material element from Nature. Can you discern what T.J. created for our American currency/money in 1792? Why did T.J. define the word ‘dollar’ (and the other subsidiary units) in terms of an element from Nature?

Congress defined the ‘word/name’ dollar in terms of an element from NATURE. Without a definition for this word ‘dollar’ what is it? Do mere ‘WORDS’ have any meaning without specificity or reference?

Over the years from 1792 to 2014 the ‘word’ DOLLAR has changed many times in terms of its DEFINITION. It wasn’t until August 15, 1971, however, that our DOLLAR  became merely an abstract unit of our CONSCIOUSNESS (a no ‘thing’ unit). We could say that our DOLLAR became merely a WORD and a NAME (described as a symbol/number within our mathematical mind). We could say that the symbol $ and the number 1.00 became our currency unit. Are you aware that symbols, numbers, names, and words are NOT material ‘things’? Where do we get our symbols, numbers, names, and words from? I get mine from my CONSCIOUSNESS (also called my ‘mind’). Where do you get yours? What are these units of CONSCIOUSNESS (in reality)? I would suggest that my symbols, numbers, names, and words are METAPHYSICAL (also called ‘spiritual’)! They derive from my non-physical CONSCIOUSNESS! What about yours? Where do your symbols, numbers, names, and words derive from?

The above currency ‘symbols’ are now our so-called ‘money’! They are mere units of consciousness (not material ‘things’)! All this emerged after the closing of the ‘gold window’ on August 15, 1971!

What we need to recognize is that our American currency has evolved into a UNIT of nothing; composed of nothing; it refers to nothing; it is located nowhere; and it is derived from nothing! There is no ‘thingness’ (materiality) to our currency unit which we call our DOLLAR. This is why we can create this ‘non-thing’ from the THINKING MIND (also called the Fed’s ‘consciousness’) and our centralized policy-makers can create these units of nothing merely by punching computer keys on their official SYSTEM computer. What evolves from the computer (now within cyberspace) are digits which appear within our VIRTUAL computer screen. Do you discern how our currency (so-called ‘money’) has changed over the years? We started with the ‘word/name’ DOLLAR (nothing) and then DEFINED this ‘word/name’ by relating the word to a real/material/physical/element from Nature (silver). The definition of the ‘word/name’ DOLLAR made our currency unit a ‘thing’. What do we have today as our currency unit? Think!

Our original American ‘dollar’! A physical coin composed of 371.25 grains of silver!

Today, our currency units are merely METAPHYSICAL units within our ‘metaphysical’ CONSCIOUSNESS! We then punch computer keys to create a cyber-dollar (a digital unit) which appears as an IMAGE within our computer screen. We then transfer these computer images (numbers) from computer to computer for all our valuations/pricing. All our ‘prices’ today are virtual/digital/images with NO MATERIAL foundation within our material world of reality! We ‘value’ all our goods/services/activities with a METAPHYSICAL currency unit derived from our SUBJECTIVE consciousness. Can you discern where this is leading and WHO controls this subjective non-system for the World/Globe/Planet? Who has the MASTER computers which CONTROL the entire global currency system (now totally within cyber-space)? Think! Where is this leading?

What we call ‘money’ is now a unit of consciousness! We ‘think’ and then ‘spend’! Why is this a non-system and why is this non-system subjective and dangerous for those of us who desire economic freedom and liberty?

Today, global Capitalism evolves from a shadow Central Planning Room(s) where digits are ‘typed’ into a computer (and then called legal tender currencies). Who is favored with this type of non-system? Can this operation be called a SYSTEM? 

The Central Bank of our future could look like this? Who will manipulate this type of ‘system’? Who will be favored and who will be a slave to those in CONTROL? Think about the philosophy which is now emerging?

Imaginary ‘funny money’ (today’s currencies) allows our CENTRAL banks to administer all our global currencies via the ‘punch’ or ‘click’ of a computer mouse and within the COMPUTER SCREEN for their further distribution/circulation/manipulations! Is this a viable system for valuing/pricing all our assets, collateral, goods, services, activities, investments, savings, etc.? How can a centralized group of elite BANKSTERS operating in secret (their private shadow trading rooms) administer a global valuation/pricing system for the entire global marketplace? Do we all desire to be financial SLAVES and ROBOTS of these elite/private/shadow banksters? Do we all want our prices, interest rates, savings, assets, CONTROLLED and MANIPULATED via this type of monetary/economic NON-SYSTEM? Think about the above philosophy which has emerged mostly since the closing of the GOLD WINDOW (by Richard Milhous Nixon) on August 15, 1971! Why is this METAPHYSICAL house of cards about the collapse? Think! I am:

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