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Our Declaration of Independence was rather ‘Incomplete’! Why?

July 5, 2014

We have now celebrated our ‘Independence’ from Great Britain for some 238 years. The Declaration of Independence was a great achievement from our Nation/State’s point-of-view. America became one of the ‘independent’ Nation States on this planet (along with Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, etc.) after this Declaration of July 4, 1776. Our new Nation could grow and achieve its destiny as one of the many ‘independent’ Nations on our planet. Our young and mostly ‘decentralized’ political/economic system could operate more effectively with this new INDEPENDENCE from Great Britain and from Britain’s political/economic/social/religious manipulations of our people. Our achievement, however, was totally ‘INCOMPLETE’ when we think about the core ‘words’ within our Declaration. Let’s think about the core ‘words’ within our Declaration and what these ‘words’ were meant to create! Where are we ‘today’ with respect to this ‘word’ called INDEPENDENCE?

The core ‘words’ of our Declaration have not as yet been achieved; namely, the ‘INDIVIDUAL’ has not been set free from the State and the elite who administer this STATE! Think about the real meaning of the above ‘words’ written by Jefferson and our Founders. The real meaning of the above ‘words’ are meant to apply to each ‘INDIVIDUAL’ (not ONLY the Nation/State). What significance do these ‘words’ have if ‘INDIVIDUALS’ are made totally DEPENDENT upon the STATE (forever). How can ‘INDIVIDUALS’ relate as EQUALS if we have STATE control over commerce, laws, regulations, education, philosophy, and thinking…in conjunction with a CENTRALIZED bureaucracy of elite running our Government and interpreting this document called our CONSTITUTION? Can this be called INDEPENDENCE or LIBERTY or HAPPINESS? Can ‘I/You’ have real ‘INDEPENDENCE’ when we are CONTROLLED by the elite running our STATE? What is real ‘liberty’, ‘freedom’, and ‘equality’ for the American people (and the World)?

How are ‘we’ being made DEPENDENT upon our STATE and the elite who administer our STATE? Let’s just look at a couple of factors which are ubiquitous today in America. First of all, we don’t have any real ‘original’ intent being used when ‘interpreting’ the words within our CONSTITUTION. Was a health plan like what Obama has implemented part of the ‘original’ intent of our framers? Was the STATE meant to be a ‘CENTRALIZED’ bureaucracy which would administer a ‘CENTRALIZED’ system of medical and health programs for every American? Where are the ‘words’ within our CONSTITUTION which would support this type of ‘CENTRALIZED’ bureaucracy for all medical and health issues? Who should be responsible for MY health and well-being according to our Founders and those who created our CONSTITUTION? Why do today’s elite desire that Americans become totally DEPENDENT upon the STATE (and the elite who administer this entity called the STATE)?

Another important issue which WAS anathema (to our Founders and our Constitution) when it comes to ‘INDEPENDENCE’ is the issue of our MONEY and the administration of our economic/monetary system. Our FOUNDERS desired that Americans enjoy a DECENTRALIZED system of economics and monetary administration. Our daily commerce was meant to be ‘decentralized’ and ‘private’ and our money was meant to be ‘decentralized’ and controlled by the people (via a physical silver/gold standard). There was no provision within our Declaration of Independence or our Constitution for a CENTRALIZED (elite administered) system like we experience today under the label called Keynesianism (administered by our Fed). What we have today is totally anathema to the thinking of our FOUNDERS and to anyone who desired that the people have ultimate INDEPENDENCE. Today, we are totally DEPENDENT upon an UNCONSTITUTIONAL Fed and we are DEPENDENT upon a CENTRALIZED group of elite running our economic/monetary system! Where is all this leading? Where is our INDEPENDENCE?

Is it now time for a NEW DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE from a STATE which has become UNCONSTITUTIONAL and CORRUPT? Should the INDIVIDUAL be the CORE focus of the NEW DECLARATION? What do you think? I am:

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  1. Marianne Ferrari permalink
    July 7, 2014 7:38 am

    Dear Don: In a word, yes.


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