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World War III is emerging rapidly! Who wins?

July 2, 2014

Today’s global events along with ‘human nature’ (the desire to create a Final Solution for our planet) could soon lead our World into another global holocaust! The mindset(s) of a select Trinity of World leaders (al-Baghdadi, Benjamin Netanyahu, and John Forbes Kerry) could create (be the catalyst for) another World War. These three World actors (now in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East) could create an environment where everyone ‘shoots’ for a FINAL SOLUTION and a New World Order for our planet! Human nature is at the ‘core’ of reality and today’s leaders seem to desire to play the game of ‘MIGHT MAKES RIGHT’ until their version of a FINAL SOLUTION is realized. Does the End justify the Means? What are each of these World leaders attempting to SOLVE AND CREATE? Is there any compromise within the ‘human nature’ (the mindset) of these Leaders (this Trinity of Darkness)? Let’s review the mindset of each ACTOR to see if we can discern their FINAL SOLUTION for our planet and for you and I! Events are now being played out daily by this Trinity (and a few others) who desire that their personal version of reality (moral philosophy) prevail (for everyone)! Where is this leading us?

Mr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (also called Caliph Ibrahim) desires that an Islamic Caliphate be created for all Muslims and eventually for our entire planet. His ‘human nature’ (mindset) desires that this Caliphate be realized NOW as this is his FINAL SOLUTION for his people and the World. He has received his calling (according to him) from ALLAH, the ultimate Authority over planet Earth! This appears to be his view of reality! The beginnings of his Caliphate are now emerging over in the Middle East and who will stop this emergence which originates from the God, Allah? To understand Abu Bakr’s philosophy and perspective go to this link: I don’t think he is bluffing when he enunciates his perspective and World View! WATCH OUT!

Al-Baghdadi is believed to have been born in SamarraIraq in 1971. Reports suggest that he was an imam at around the time of the US-led 2003 invasion of Iraq.[5] He holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Islamic studies from a university in Baghdad.[12]  On 29 June 2014, the establishment of a caliphate was announced. Al-Baghdadi was named its caliph, to be known as Caliph Ibrahim, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant was renamed the Islamic State.[1][6] The declaration was ridiculed by Middle Eastern governments and even other terrorist groups. [11]    

Benjamin Netanyahu has offered plenty of tough talk about Iran lately. Recently, he attacked the U.S.’s policies towards Iran, saying, “those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don’t have a moral right to place a red light before Israel.” Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu is an Israeli politician and the current Prime Minister of Israel. In 2013, he was ranked third on the list of the “Most Influential Jews in the World” by The Jerusalem Post.[12] He had been ranked first on the list in 2012 and 2010.[13][14]. Apart from his relationship with the Obama administration, Netanyahu has close ties with the U.S. Republican Party and its leadership in the House of Representatives.  This leader views anyone who is seriously against his Nation as a ‘terrorist’! Netanyahu has written four  books on the issue of ‘terrorism’ and how to ‘win’ this battle. He views Al-Baghdadi (Iraq), Bashar al-Assad (Syria), and Hassan Rouhani (Iran) as ‘terrorists’. Who else are terrorists (what is his mindset and World View)? This World leader has nuclear weapons and may use them to defend his philosophy and perspective! WATCH OUT! 

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John Forbes Kerry (born December 11, 1943) is an American politician who is the 68th and current United States Secretary of State. He has served in the United States Senate, and was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Kerry was the candidate of the Democratic Party in the 2004 presidential election but lost to George W. Bush. This politician wants ‘democracy’ (the American version) for everyone on our planet! He has the support of his Administration and the backing of the most powerful ‘military’ on our planet. He can create global destruction via the philosophy of Might makes Right (a Final Solution for America). Does his version of ‘democracy’ appeal to the human nature (mindset) of Caliph Ibrahim or others (say Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Thailand, Indonesia, Cuba, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, etc.)? Can this global leader create a FINAL SOLUTION for our planet? I have serious doubts! WATCH OUT!

Kerry’s mindset:  Following the August 21, 2013 chemical weapons attack on the Ghouta suburbs of Damascus attributed to Syrian government forces, Kerry became a leading advocate for the use of military force against the Syrian government for what he called “a despot’s brutal and flagrant use of chemical weapons.”[131]  In a speech before the Organization of American States in November 2013, Kerry remarked that the era of the Monroe Doctrine was over. He went on to explain, “The relationship that we (America) seek and that we have worked hard to foster is not about a United States declaration about how and when it will intervene in the affairs of other American states. It’s about all of our countries viewing one another as equals, sharing responsibilities, cooperating on security issues, and adhering not to doctrine, but to the decisions that we make as partners to advance the values and the interests that we share.”[137] 

Do his actions, as a leader,  create equality among the people’s on this planet? America has military bases (some 800) in some 134 countries on our planet. We patrol the oceans, the land areas, and the sky above our planet. We have the most sophisticated surveillance machinery on this planet. We still have the Reserve Currency (the dollar) for the planet. We created the key International institutions which govern this planet (the IMF, WB, UN, WTO, NATO, and the Fed). We desire to impose our American form of beliefs upon all people’s on this planet (it appears). What is our FINAL SOLUTION? Can American democracy be implemented for those who reject us? Those who view us as THE GREAT SATAN?

Who will RULE…assuming our system of governance is imposed on the whole planet? Can KERRY rule our planet for the benefit of all 7 billion? Who can? Is our American democracy working in our own Nation? If not, what kind of example are we setting for others? Does our MIGHT MAKE RIGHT philosophy (our ‘Means’…create the ‘End’ which we contemplate)? Take the time to think about the BIG PICTURE! Will ‘human nature’ (the mindset of the above Trinity or similar) create a better world? How? Why? What do you think? Enjoy! I am:

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