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Armed Militia Guard Yellen’s Residence in Georgetown! Why?

June 30, 2014

Today’s WSJ presented an interesting article about our Fed Chairwoman, Janet Louise Yellen, and her ‘armed camp’ at the gated residential community of Hillandale within the Washington D.C. area of Georgetown. It appears that some residents of this exclusive community are seriously irate at Janet and her ‘armed’ group of security personnel who have invaded Hillandale. Janet has been a resident of Hillandale for some two years. It appears that Janet needs ‘armed’ security trucks (some weighing as much as 7000 pounds) to protect her during her morning travel from home to the Washington Federal Reserve Building. Her armed guards have rented a townhouse down the block from her townhome to watch over her residence (using a special camera for surveillance). The article by Elisabeth Williamson of the Wall Street Journal reveals what our Fed elite have become as a result of their ‘private’ operation and their Central Planning policies. You can read the article called “Qualitative Easing? Yellen’s Security Detail Irks Neighbors” (front page of Monday’s WSJ, June 30, 2014).


Some famous people have lived and are living within the Georgetown community (Thomas Jefferson even lived there for a time period). Others were John F. Kennedy, Elisabeth Taylor, and Francis Scott Key. Today, John Kerry, Max Baucus, and Bob Woodward live within the Georgetown community. 

Hillandale at Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

A typical townhome in Hillandale (prices range from $1.3 million to $3 million). Community consists of some 42 acres with great amenities. See this website:

Reflection (a photo) from a security vehicle operated by Federal Reserve Police at Hillandale. Armed guards dressed in blue uniforms rent a townhome nearby for purposes of camera surveillance (and…)? Someone is paying $5000-$6000/month for the rental (according to William Shawn who lives nearby).

Armed police (a type of militia) also guards the New York Federal Reserve Bank at 33 Liberty St., N.Y. It appears that our Fed needs lots of protection even though they have NO physical money in their possession! Very interesting! Who and what are these police protecting? Can Americans observe the trading room inside this facility? Why not? Who is trading what and when?

The Fed Reserve Bank in San Antonio, Texas also appears to need ‘armed’ security (even though this institution is private and has No physical money to protect). Today, our money consists of ‘digital’ units within our computer screen (also called cyber-dollars)! Cyber currencies are metaphysical units! Did you know this? Watch:

In conclusion, it is interesting that our private Federal Reserve Banks and our Fed Chairwoman, Janet Louise Yellen, need a type of armed militia (specially trained security personnel with heavy trucks and special surveillance cameras) to protect their private interests from the American people. It is also interesting that Janet Yellen, our Fed Chairwoman, has NO physical money in her possession or within her Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C. All her so-called ‘money’ (today’s money is within cyberspace) is really now within her personal CONSCIOUSNESS (her Mind). American tax payer money is now also mostly cyber-units (called dollars) and these units derive from the consciousness…Authority/Decision-making (within the MIND of Janet, et al). This means that her ‘armed’ militia is really not protecting her or our ‘money’, BUT merely her AUTHORITY to create/destroy ‘money’! This seems rather similar to the ‘armed’ militia over in Iraq (called ISIS). Guns protect those who have special PRIVILEGE AND AUTHORITY! What has America become? Our Fed is NOT Federal (legally owned by our elected Government) and this private/independently operated entity has NO physical Reserves! Very interesting! The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 authorized this private (independent) legal entity! Does our elected Congress understand what transpires within this independent entity?

The U.S. Federal Reserve building in Washington, D.C.

Our Federal Reserve Building in Washington D.C. (guarded by ‘armed’ security personnel)! What are they ‘guarding’? Where is the ‘money’ stored in this facility? Is storage within CYBERSPACE (the computer screen) the same as ‘physical’ space? Who creates our ‘cyber-dollar’? Who created $ trillions of QE cyber-dollars for circulation? Is this official ‘counterfeiting’ operation creating a more prosperous America? What do you think?

Central Planning is what our Fed does! Is this what Americans desire going forward? Let’s give these questions some serious reflection! Enjoy! I am:

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