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Code ‘words’ used by Dictators to maintain POWER/CONTROL!

June 28, 2014

I have been observing human nature all my life and I have discerned that life is mostly a ‘word’ game at the core. I have noticed key ‘code’ words which persons in high positions of Authority (political, military, educational, financial, and religious) use to deceive the masses under their CONTROL. Maintaining power and control is the objective of all human leaders who desire to RULE over others. We witness this mindset (in spades) over in the Middle East today with those who rule the Group called ISIS. This absolutist mind (behind the Group called ISIS) has determined (within himself) that his perspective on reality is ABSOLUTE AND FINAL. All must bow to this mind and his concepts of reality or DIE. What are some ‘code’ words which emerge from a mind which views himself/herself as ABSOLUTE and FINAL? The reader of this missive will need to think with a discerning mind to recognize the deceptions within these ‘code’ words (used by most rulers and anyone who desires that their view be absolute and/or singular FOR EVERYONE). Let’s think about the following ‘code’ words which rhetoricians/RULERS use for maintaining their POWER AND CONTROL over their sheep (followers):

Do human beings have TWO opposing metaphysical spirits within their consciousness? Can anyone derive Certain/Absolute Doctrines if this is our Reality? What is the battle that we all face as we live our lives on this planet? Who is the ONLY absolute when it comes to Rulership?

1. UNITY…the word ‘unity’ is at the core of my thinking (assuming that I want to RULE/DICTATE over others). I must have ‘unity’ of thinking from the Group that I desire to Rule (on the big issues which provide me with my Power and Control). I can not allow another mind to challenge my core assumptions about Reality (my logic for being absolute and certain). This would be anathema to my maintaining my position of Power and Control. I must have ‘unity’ in the core doctrines of my philosophy (think about this concept of ‘unity’). To allow contrary points-of-view would destroy my reasons for being Powerful and Controlling. My status as Global Leader/Ruler would be destroyed if my core assumptions about my reality were challenged as being uncertain and/or false! There must be NO UNCERTAINTY! I must be ABSOLUTE about my logic and my assumptions! Why is this mindset so deceptive, yet prevalent, within so many Leaders/Rulers/Gurus/Dictators on planet Earth?

2. INCLUSIVENESS…the word ‘inclusiveness’ means that I want everyone to join my Group Think organization (my political/educational/financial/religious group) and to adopt my core DOCTRINE and/or assumptions about Reality! This sounds so ‘right’ and ‘appropriate’ doesn’t it? Inclusiveness for everyone (provided they agree to my core assumptions about Reality)! Watch as Rulers enunciate the ‘code’ words of ‘unity’ and ‘inclusiveness’ as they promote their agenda for their particular Group, Community, Church, Club, Organization, or Institution. These ‘words’ sound so ‘right’ and ‘proper’ to the masses (the sheep) who do not think deeply about the person who is enunciating these ‘words’! Why are these ‘words’ so important for a Leader/Ruler/Dictator? Why are ‘words’ of uncertainty and relativity not allowed for these deceptive rhetoricians/deceivers (when it comes to their CORE agenda)? Why must I (a Dictator) maintain a belief that I KNOW everything about my desires and my reasons (logic) for everyone within my Group? Think about the ‘words’ which emerge from rhetoricians and rulers over groups (often called their ‘sheep’)!

3. DOCTRINE...this word called ‘doctrine’ is meant to create CERTAINTY and ABSOLUTENESS. Political leaders, Religious leaders, and Philosophical leaders like to determine what is final reality for their Group Think entity. The ‘words’ which emerge from a Dictator’s mind must be CERTAIN and FINAL. The word ‘doctrine’ is meant to convey this certainty, absoluteness, and finality! Beware of this word called ‘doctrine’ as it derives from those who demand allegiance to a set of Group Think ideas, thoughts, or absolutes! Most people (called sheep) desire that their thinking be locked in CERTAINTY and ABSOLUTENESS. Dictators realize this trait of HUMAN NATURE and they appeal to this human weakness when they enunciate their DOCTRINE. BEWARE! The profession of SCIENCE is also often locked into this mindset of desiring FINAL UNIFIED DOCTRINES (called scientific theories)! Beware of scientists (and educators) who espouse fixed and final perspectives about the nature of Reality!

Socrates was found guilty of both corrupting the minds of the youth of Athens and of impiety(“not believing in the gods of the state”),[22] and subsequently sentenced to death by drinking a mixture containing poison hemlock. ‘Know Thyself’ is what Socrates advocated! Questions reveal one’s ‘uncertainty’…discovered Socrates!

The best and most realistic philosopher (from our history) which recognized these fallacies of human nature was Socrates, the classical Greek philosopher of 470 to 399 B.C. Socrates desired to learn about Human Nature and Reality! Unfortunately, Socrates had to die for challenging the ‘certainty’ and ‘absoluteness’ of leaders during his day. Socrates went into the marketplace and asked probing ‘questions’ about doctrines and beliefs. What he discovered in the marketplace of ideas is that all leaders (political or otherwise) did not really KNOW anything with CERTAINTY. All those who THOUGHT they knew were really deceivers at the core! Keep asking ‘questions’ of any person on this planet and you will discover that every person is UNCERTAIN at the core of his/her BEING! What does this show about Human Nature and all the Group Think organizations which most people join and follow? Is there any CERTAINTY or ABSOLUTENESS when it comes to living on this planet? Does Science create absolute certainty? Does Religion create absolute certainty? Does Military Might create absolute certainty? Do Thought Leaders within our educational institutions create absolute certainty?

Why do Dictators and Rulers (today) desire to portray that their perspective about Reality is Certain/Final/Absolute? Why do the sheep (those who choose not to THINK for themselves) fall into the TRAP of following Gurus and Dictators who ASSUME that their view or perspective is Certain and Absolute? Is Reality (in Reality) uncertain, changing, relative, and less than ABSOLUTE? If reality is uncertain at the core than what does this MEAN for all of us? Don’t we all have a relative PERSPECTIVE about Reality? Wasn’t Thomas Jefferson correct in the Declaration of Independence about the ‘word’ EQUALITY? Should not Dictators, Rulers, Science, Religion, and Education recognize that Reality is uncertain and relative? Should not ALL leaders view their particular concepts as relative and subject to some fallibility? Should not everyone’s POINT-OF-VIEW be given EQUAL  weight and relevance when discussing Reality (how we live our lives on this planet)? Who can play GOD on this planet? WHO? Isn’t that the message of this missive? Give these ideas some serious reflection at your convenience! Enjoy! I am:

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  1. paul permalink
    June 28, 2014 4:47 pm

    I couldn’t agree more. I can’t believe how many people have no thinking ability.


  2. Marianne Ferrari permalink
    June 29, 2014 8:04 am

    Don, your piece, today, reminded me of something from the book, Escape from Freedom, by Eric Fromm. He said it’s far easier for humans to decide everything we DON’T like, from a finite group of choices, than to choose one thing we like best, from an infinite array of possibilities.

    Looking at my own life experience, I realized he was right, because such a decision is too momentous, too time-consuming, too effortful, for daily life, which requires us to make most decisions, without sufficient information to substantiate them.

    Anyone who has had to go to the yellow pages and choose a plumber, for a small emergency, will know what I mean. We make arbitrary decisions that have nothing to do with our real convictions,regarding which is the best plumber–knowing, the whole time, that it’s a toss-up, whether the one we choose will do a horrible–or a great–job. In the moment of decision, we snatch at false certainties, perhaps by choosing the plumber who’s office is nearest our home, or the one that doesn’t charge for late-nite calls, or the one that emphasizes friendliness in his advertisement. Even before the plumber arrives, we know we have consigned ourselves to the ravages of Murphy’s Law. But, if we took the time–while the water rose on our bathroom floor–to choose the very best possible plumber, it would take far too long.

    Your point about ambiguity hits the mark, because the only sane way to make a decision, without sufficient information, is to make it tentatively. Make the decision to act on the inferior information, right now, but be ready to change your mind about it, and act on that change. It is also important not to embrace the decision as a real decision. Withhold judgment on whether it was the right decision AND keep watch for new information that might clarify the decision. This is what I decided to do, way back when I read Fromm, because I took what he said very seriously. This method requires constant attention and effort, but one can make headway, over time. One can learn, by socking away the random truths that constantly arrive. These stack up. They categorize and file themselves away, and pop to mind, when a similar situation arises. There may be only one similar element, but is sufficient to provide a bona fide reason to decide something, as opposed to the alternative of tossing the outcome fully into the hands of chance.

    The same is true of political decisions. As a nation, we are learning, as we watch the advancement of totalitarianism across America, that grasping for certainty and trusting chance are easy, but not healthy, choices.


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