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Why does ‘Democracy’ lead to Dictatorship? Let’s talk!

June 24, 2014

Our American foreign policy desires to create a World of so-called ‘Democracy’ for everyone. The word ‘democracy’ is bandied about as if this word is equal with the word ‘freedom’ or ‘liberty’. In reality, however, the concept of a ‘democracy’ is a realtime world of voters electing their favorite rhetorician via a majority of the votes cast (say 51%). Who are these 51% who elect their leaders under the banner of the word ‘democracy’? Are these 51% of voters seriously informed about the issues of the day? Are they aware of the economic and political views of the candidates prior to voting…and the rhetorician’s inner goals and plans? Are they aware of the broad knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of their rhetorician/candidate? Are they persons who understand the inner beliefs, psychology, and philosophy of the rhetorician/candidate they are electing? Let’s look at some recent examples in realtime (that which we witness in the news today) to see if a ‘democracy’ leads to ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ for the people of this world or to a form of DICTATORSHIP.

The people’s choice via a free ballot! Morsi received some 51.7% of the votes cast. What happened shortly after?

A select group of strongmen decided that Morsi’s election was flawed! The mob of voters who elected Morsi were over-ruled by another mob. Why did the so-called ‘democracy’ vote lead to ‘dictatorship’?

Yingluck Shinawatra was elected in a landslide victory via the ballot box in 2011. What happened and who rules Thailand today? What were the issues which led to her demise?

Thai junta ruled out democracy and initiated military rule! Guns over-powered the elected regime! Is so-called Western DEMOCRACY any different?

Libya wants ‘democracy’ and the USA has helped by killing Gaddafi. What is now developing in Libya? Will the people attain ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ or another Dictatorship? 

The country of Iraq had ‘democracy’ in 2013, but who and what rules today? Does Might make Right? Who ultimately wins in the battle of Might and Guns?

Who rules Iraq, Kerry or Maliki? Has the War over Iraq created ‘democracy’ or ‘dictatorship’? Are the goals of American foreign policy experts being realized in realtime?

The bottom line seems to be economics and beliefs when it comes to who rules a Nation. If the economy is strong and the people have jobs and growth, then the existing administration generally can survive. The other strong actor when it comes to rulership is one’s core ‘beliefs’. Why do the Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites all differ in their beliefs? Why are Western beliefs not necessarily desired by a belief system such as fundamental Islam? Does the West (primarily the USA and Europe) create a strong image of success in the mind’s of others who look at our Western Nations and our beliefs)? In other words, is so-called DEMOCRACY actually working in our Western Nations? Why did our Founding Fathers choose a Republican form of Government rather than pure DEMOCRACY?

Did Jefferson understand ‘human nature’ better than most of today’s leaders? Just what is DEMOCRACY (when played out in realtime)? Have Americans ever had any real ‘liberty’ or ‘freedom’ as outlined in the Declaration of Independence? Are we now heading for ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ or servitude under Marshall Law (a form of Dictatorship)? It may be time to think about more than slogans and meaningless WORDS! I am:


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  1. June 30, 2014 4:19 pm

    When, where, to whom, has Jefferson said/wrote what you claim he did ?

    Democracy was invented and implemented by the same forces who gave you the money power; for the purpose of making sure that the people will never get a good government


    • June 30, 2014 4:35 pm

      Do you have concrete evidence that T.J. did not say the words? D


      • June 30, 2014 4:57 pm

        How typical of your kind

        so you simply invented something and blamed on Jefferson


  2. June 30, 2014 5:38 pm

    Did I invent this or are you assuming (without evidence) that T.J. did not support the concept of ‘democracy’. Why did he support a ‘republic’? What is a ‘republic’ compared to a ‘democracy’? What do we have today which T.J. would not support? Think about the philosophy of T.J. on politics and money! D


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