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Continuation: My Open Letter to Janet Louise Yellen!

June 23, 2014

After additional reflection, I now would like to continue the blog dialogue with our Fed Governor, Janet L. Yellen, et al. Hopefully, she will receive this blog message from some source within our greater internet family. She and the key Fed policy-makers can not be contacted directly…and this is unfortunate for us common Americans who desire to communicate with our Central Planners in realtime. I imagine, however, that to control information and understanding (to the greater American public) it is necessary to restrict direct access to most Americans. Thank God for our open Internet (as of today)! There are a few additional items which need to be revealed about our Central Planning Institution called the Federal Reserve Banking System (and it’s not really Federal and it has no physical Reserves). The five points which I reviewed in my prior missive should provide you with a background for discerning these additional issues. Let’s also review some items about our economic model!

One motto of John Maynard Keynes: “In the Long Run we are all Dead”! What kind of thinking is this?

A brief comparison of two economic models and their core differences! Note the above key points! The issue of accounting also needs to be understood to comprehend Keynesian philosophy! How has it evolved?

Americans, it seems, have different points-of-view on many issues of money, banking, and economic philosophy. Today, we live with what many call the Keynesian model of economics. This model started with the Administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt and it became dominant and global after the international monetary agreement called the Bretton Woods Monetary Agreement of 1944-46. After President Nixon closed the gold window in 1971, this Keynesian economic model became ubiquitous and globalized for the world. All currencies became ‘fiat’ and later paper currencies were replaced with mere ‘numbers’ (math) within the computer screen (our current cyber-dollar is now promoted as our legal tender currency). Let’s focus on a few additional issues which relate to the Ponzi Accounting System administered by our U.S. Central Bank called The Fed. What kind of accounting logic does our Fed administer? How did it evolve? Why is this logic fallacious? Let’s explain!

Janet Louise Yellen replaced Ben Shalom Bernanke in 2014 as Chairperson of our Fed. Does she understand the origin and history of money, banking, and the accounting trickery used by the Fed for their operations? Probably not! She was just recently appointed Fed Chairperson and the Fed has its origin back in 1910 – 1913! Janet is likely unaware of many details when it comes to how our Ponzi Fed operates! Let’s explain!

1. The Fed (our short name for this Ponzi institution) now has about $4.4 trillion of ASSETS on their balance sheet as of today (in 2008 the number was less than $900 billion). You can witness the precise numbers at: Since the Financial Crisis of 2008, our Ponzi Fed has added some $3.5 trillion of new so-called ASSETS to their cyber balance sheet. These so-called assets are mostly cyber Securities from our Treasury Department and cyber Mortgages purchased from Fannie, Ginnie, and Freddie. Where does our Ponzi Fed get its cyber dollars so they can purchase all these new cyber ASSETS (called Securities)? Think! Our Fed has NO physical reserves of their own (silver/gold or even paper). Also, our Congress provides the Fed with NO appropriations (revenue from our taxes). So what do these elite administrators do in realtime? They simply create ‘phantom’ cyber legal tender units (typed-in computer numbers/dollars) and they then call these ‘units of nothing’ their NEW CYBER MONEY (official legal tender ‘dollars’ is another ‘name’)! Their new legal tender money is created from nothing (their inner consciousness and then money emerges as cyber ‘numbers’ within the System’s computer screen)! What a Shell Game (which few discern). What else to they do which is hidden from the eyes of most Americans?

2. Think about the $3.5 trillion of new CYBER ASSET PURCHASES in the past 5 years (the Fed has NO LEGAL TENDER UNITS…so-called ‘money’ OF THEIR OWN) for these asset purchases in their financial account (called the SOMA). This does not matter to our Ponzi Fed. They just create their  NEW cyber-dollars via their computer keys at the New York Federal Reserve computer DESK. They also get to RECORD their fraudulent ‘interest’ income from their newly acquired ‘cyber assets’ (some $3.5 trillion of asset purchases) as their REVENUE (income for spending and such). Some $90 billion of interest income is fraudulently recorded on their books as ‘earned income’ in 2013. The year of 2014 will likely be more! So-called ‘money’ is created from their consciousness and then ‘typed’ into the computer screen to represent an accounting ‘liability’ in their fraudulent cyber account (the CYBER SOMA). Who designed the fraudulent accounting system for the Fed? Does anyone know? Why are Americans unaware of this fraudulent accounting system? What else does our Ponzi Fed do with their accounting books which is hidden to the eyes of most Americans?

3. They (the Fed) use all these Ponzi profits for their salaries, travel, equipment, overhead, etc. and also get to enjoy a TAX EXEMPT status when it comes to Federal Income Taxes (even though they have many private interests). What a deal for this Unconstitutional entity from yester-year (1913)! These details are probably all hidden neatly in the legal jargon of the Federal Reserve Act (which only select legal personnel can interpret/understand) and which most Americans have no comprehension of…as this Ponzi Fed is hidden mostly behind CLOSED doors (to any alternative media). Ron Paul and many others have desired that alternative media be allowed to expose this institution to the American public but the powerful internal elite (within our Congress and the private sector) have chosen not to allow any real ‘light’ to shine upon the internal workings of this operation. One accounting gimmick which favors our Treasury Department is what is called a ‘return of the Fed’s fraudulent profits’ to the Treasury’s account. Since the start of the QE operations our Treasury has received some $400 billion of fraudulent cyber-dollars…from so-called ‘asset purchases’ arranged by our Ponzi Fed. Think about this! Our Treasury elite benefit from the Ponzi bookkeeping gimmicks used by our Fed! Who discerns these fraudulent accounting gimmicks?

4. Those of us who understand the history of our Ponzi Fed, also understand that the beginnings of this institution emerged from a ‘slight of hand’ deception…a  type of Shell Game Trickery. The Game starts with the LOGIC of accounting and bookkeeping where ‘assets’ are off-set with so-called ‘liabilities’. This logic deceives the slow of thought as it appears and sounds LOGICAL on the surface. In reality, however, this bookkeeping LOGIC is more like a Shell Game when played out in realtime. I might ask (to start this shell game) that you provide me with a ‘phantom’ Government Bond as my accounting ‘ASSET’ and then I will give you a ‘phantom’ Note called the Federal Reserve Note as my ‘LIABILITY’. The FRN than gets to be called ‘money’ (per my logic) and the Bond gets to be called ‘collateral’ (per my logic). We then trade ‘phantom paper’ for ‘phantom paper’ and we call this logical/legal bookkeeping (it’s all devised for the masses who do not discern the deceptions). The public, it seems, is much too unaware to catch on to this Shell Game as they are mere ‘sheep’ outside the control of these financial ‘artists’. And if this Shell Game works (in realtime), then these Shell Game artists can acquire financial/political POWER, PROSPERITY, RICHES, FAME, HAPPINESS, AND LIBERTY (for themselves). What a great deception upon mankind!

Everyone who is involved in the Shell Game can benefit and the slaves (you and I) who are outside the GAME don’t know what is happening! At the core, folks, money is a game of trickery, gimmickry, and deception. ‘WORDS’ DO DECEIVE AND OUR INITIATORS OF THE SHELL GAME ARE ARTISTS AT DECEPTION AND TRICKERY! Life is mostly a ‘word game’ with the powerful in control of ‘word meanings’! Yes, money does rule our planet and those in control, as Barron Rothschild has said, could care less about who holds political office. What matters is who controls the MONEY! All office holders are mere ‘puppets’ when it comes to the BIG PICTURE. Our alternative media is now recognizing that we need to ‘follow the money’ if we desire to understand realtime events on this planet! Wars EMERGE because of ‘money’! Politicians use money to get themselves ELECTED! Crony Capitalist’s (Goldman Sachs, et al) use their fraudulent units of currency to MANIPULATE prices, values, and special interests! Lobbyists use money to influence the definitions of our LAWS! Etc., Etc.

Do we now need a NEW SYSTEM for corruption to be reduced? Are the words in the Declaration of Independence (see following) now relevant for Americans? I am:

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